Campaign Actions

After running an Email Campaign, you can see all the campaign stats from the Campaign Details screen. You can check each recipients interaction, whether they opened the email or nor, if they clicked on the link that you added on your email body.

Using the Campaign Actions, you can Add/Remove Tag of your Contacts based on email interaction.

Action Type: You can add a tag or remove a tag based on the filter.

Select Tags: You can select single/multiple tags in which the user will be assigned to.

Filter Subscribers: You can filter the subscriber based on:

  1. Select Subscribers who open the emails: You can filter the subscriber who did opened the campaign email.
  2. Select Subscribers who did not open email: You can filter the subscriber who didn’t opened the campaign email.
  3. Select Subscribers who click selected links: If your email body has links, you can filter the subscriber based on each link they clicked.


  1. Hello, I have problems getting the campaign to activate.

    I create the email, assign it a list and a label.

    I schedule it to be sent x day at x hour

    But it is not sent at the scheduled time and it is not sent to the contacts that are added to the list using the form after the email has been scheduled.

    With the sequences I have discovered that they are not activated if an automation is not created, how can I do the same with a campaign?

    What I want to do is create an email so that it is sent to the users of a list, with a label, the day and time that I want, but that also affects the users who are added to that list with that label. after I create the campaign.

    As long as I can not solve that, I will have to continue with mailpoet, but I want to change as soon as I have these problems solved, I hope answers

    1. Please check your website’s date and time settings. FLuentCRM depends on your website’s time settings to deliver scheduled messages.

    2. Hi Juan! Can you resolve this issue of contacts not being added after campaign saved?

      In fact, without it, it’s impossible to stay here!

    1. You can’t filter unsubscriber contacts in campaign actions. but you can filter out all your unsubscribed contacts in the contact screen. to do so, go to the contact screen and filter them via contact status.

  2. I ran a email campaign. On campaign dashboard there is no email open rate section. I can not see how many people open the email or not but there is open click rate section which i can see. Is it a bug? Please fix it.

    1. Hi Rahim, You get to see both the open rate and the number of opened emails is shown in the bracket. Please submit a support ticket if that’s not happening with your FluentCRM installation.

    1. Hi Italo, not sure what you’re talking about. Email campaigns are one-off emails so once sent, they can’t be called back. We have automation for canceling both email automation and email sequence. So it would be best if you explain your use case.

      1. So, I’ll explain my case better. I have 4 emails to be sent to a customer, the purpose of these emails is for the customer to respond at least 1.

        If the customer responds to email 2, the other emails should not be sent.

        If the customer responds to the first email, the others do not need to be sent.

        This automation is what I want to do. A condition so that when the customer responds to 1 email, the others are not sent

  3. Do you have any more concrete answers to the first question asked by Juan?

    As a matter of fact, this is the minimum that an autoresponder needs.
    Without that, we cannot work.

    1. Hi Robert, you need to set a time based on your website’s time. If it’s in 24h format, you need to set time on that format.

  4. Hello, first of all, thank you very much for your work with the creation of these plugins, it makes our lives easier.

    My question is, is it possible with fluent CRM to schedule a newsletter every Monday and only send it if there are new posts from the blog feed? It’s how mailchimp does it, programs every Monday (or whatever day it is) a mailing to your entire list with the new posts that mailchimp reads from the feed.

    It’s possible? or if there is any trigger after the creation of a new post and create an automation on a weekly basis.

    Thank you so much in advance

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