Capturing Leads from Other Domains(via Webhook)

FluentCRM is a Self Hosted Email Marketing Automation Plugin for WordPress. Manage your leads and customers, email campaigns, automated email sequencing, and monitor user activities, and many more in one place!

This tutorial will show you how to collect leads from other domains and centralize them within your FluentCRM dashboard

For this purpose, we will use Fluent Forms webhook integration. But if you want, you can use any other plugin that supports outgoing webhooks.

1. Create an incoming webhook in FluentCRM #

From your FluentCRM dashboard, navigate to the settings tab and select Incoming Web Hooks. From there, click the Create WebHook button.

fluentcrm webhook configuration, fluentcrm incoming webhook

Give a name for your webhook and select the lists and tags you want to assign to contacts through the webhook integration. Based on your preference, you can also set the contact Status.

*Note: It is recommended to set up opt-in confirmation before sending marketing emails to your contacts. So if you haven’t acquired subscription confirmation from your contacts, you need to set contact status to Pending so that FluentCRM can send an opt-in email to your contacts.

fluentcrm webhook configuration, fluentcrm incoming webhook

Click Create to save the webhook. Upon creating the webhook, FluentCRM will automatically map the contact fields and show you the details. You can also add or change the selected list, tags, or status here. 

fluentcrm webhook configuration, fluentcrm incoming webhook

Close the pop-up to get you your webhook request URL. To copy the URL, simply click the copy button we’ve shown below. If you want to change the webhook configuration or delete it, you can also do it here.

fluentcrm webhook configuration, fluentcrm incoming webhook settings

2. Send an outgoing webhook request with Fluent Forms #

At first, enable the webhook module in Fluent Forms. Go to Fluent Forms>Integrations and enable the WebHooks module.

*Note: This may vary between form plugins. In order to enable the webhook module on the form plugin you’re using, please check your form documentation.

fluent forms webhook module

Create a subscription form. Here you can see a basic subscription form we’ve created using Fluent Forms. However, we haven’t configured any integration for this form yet.

fluent forms, creating a form with fluent forms

In Fluent Forms, go to Settings and Integrations>Webhook and click Add New.

fluent forms webhook module

Click the Add New button, and you’ll see the webhook integration menu:

fluent forms webhook configuration

This is where you need to create the integration feed. Here’s how you need to configure the integration feed:

  • Name: Anything you want to name your integration feed (we’ve named it FluentCRM integration)
  • Request URL: The incoming webhook URL you’ve acquired from FluentCRM
  • Request Method: Post
  • Request Format: JSON/FORM

You can leave the rest as they are.

Once you’re done configuring the webhook feed, click Create WebHook Feed.

fluent forms webhook configuration

3. Mapping form fields #

In order to map webhook data, FluentCRM provides you with prefix keys of the contact field data you store. You can find these prefix keys in the incoming webhook feed you created in FluentCRM:

fluentcrm webhook fields mapping

Let’s add a Country field in our subscription form first and go back to editing the webhook integration feed. 

fluent forms webhook settings

In order to map fields with FluentCRM, choose Selected Fields in the Request Body. Then you need to map the fields with prefix keys provided by FluentCRM. Here’s how our field mapping looks like:

fluent forms webhook body request

Click Update WebHook Feed, and your form data will be mapped within FluentCRM.

*Note: Field mapping may work differently on other form plugins. Most form plugins allow prefix/parameter key mapping. So look for that on your form plugin to properly map fields.

In this way, you can create as many WebHooks as required and collect leads from various domains using this feature.

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