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Make the Best Use of Your CRM in Valentine’s Day Email Campaign

Business-wise, this year is vital. Not only because the past year has been ridden with the pandemic, but also because it’s a year of showing love and affinity towards everyone. And the upcoming valentine’s season is the perfect time for doing so.

CRMs have taken customer relationships to a whole new level in the last few years. They have enabled businesses to communicate and engage with both existing and potential customers to ensure impressive business growth. 

With the rise of WordPress CRM tools, customer relationship management systems can now be within your website. This helps you understand your audience’s interests to reach them with personalized messages, the perfect way to spread love while keeping your business in mind. And in this article, we’ll tell you exactly how to utilize your CRM this Valentines season.

Ready? Let’s begin!

Preparing your CRM before the valentine’s season

CRMs come with a wide range of features for data organization, marketing, and analysis. It allows you to:

  • Score leads
  • View comprehensive contact profiles
  • Segment contacts for better understanding and personalization
  • Launch campaigns and message sequences
  • Run automation to tie everything together
  • View analytics to check campaign, sequence, and automation performances

These features can be incredibly efficient in understanding your leads so that you can reach the right people with the right offers to maximize your revenue. The following tips will help you better understand your leads and tailor communications accordingly.

Collect meaningful leads

When you acquire a CRM for the first time, the general ideology is to collect leads via forms, product purchases, membership registrations, student enrolments, etc. In our opinion, this approach doesn’t let you tailor your communications or personalize your list according to the requirement of the occasions like valentine’s day. If you’re only collecting leads for the sake of collecting leads, you won’t have the necessary information to reach out with the right approach.

It’s vital to learn as much as possible with your audience before getting in touch. If you think asking your customer to share more information can harm your user experience, you can start with minimal information and then ask for more or encourage them with free items.

Another option is to learn their interests as they join your list. CRMs allow you to track which pages of your website are driving more people to join your mailing list. So try to discover as much as you can, and you’ll have more meaningful leads who are ready to get engaged and persuaded with any offer you avail for this valentine’s day.

Segment your audience

Apart from collecting meaningful leads, you also need to create segments within your contact lists. Why? 

Segmentation allows you to create separate contact groups within your contact list according to your audience’s demographics, behavior, and interests. This in turn enables your business to establish an emotional connection. According to Mailchimp’s study, segmented email campaigns achieve 14.31% higher open rates and often earn 2X clicks than non-segmented email campaigns. Besides, segmentation is often the only difference between personalized and non-personalized emails.

Valentine’s day is all about spreading love. Equipped with meaningful leads and a  well-segmented list, you can be well-prepared to build new relationships or strengthen exis†ing ones or re-establish the old ones with your customers.

How to engage with the audience this valentines day season

Valentine’s day is a special occasion, not only for lovers but also for retailers around the world. The US National Retail Federation’s report suggests that shoppers were expected to spend $27.4 billion in 2020 valentine’s season. Such staggering statistics only puts more importance on polishing your valentine’s campaign so that you can engage and serve your audience’s special occasion, and make your business flourish!

With that said, let’s find out the best ways to engage with your audiences in this valentine’s season:

1. Start with an occasional alert

Sure, people already know valentine’s day is around the corner, and they will need to start shopping for their special ones. This makes it an excellent practice to start with an occasional reminder for valentine’s day.

This helps you in two ways. First, you can create interest in your offerings for Valentine’s day. And second, you will help your customers plan their shopping before valentine’s day arrives. So in a way, you are helping your customers achieve their goals and fulfill your business goals in the process.

Since you’re just trying to put a reminder, try to create a tempting yet simple email copy. This can trigger your customer’s lizard brains and help them remember you when the day arrives.

2. Find your special subject line

If the valentine’s day season is as important for your business as your customers, then there’s no alternative to getting your emails noticed. 

Undoubtedly, the subject line plays a vital role in getting higher open-rates and clicks. Or in other words, subject lines help your emails get noticed. A/B testing is the perfect module for testing out your subject lines. It allows you to test out multiple subject lines for a small portion of your mailing list so that you can choose the perfect subject line for larger audience groups.

Hence, we recommend brainstorming a few unique subject lines and testing them out with the A/B testing module before rolling out the big campaign. This removes the fear of not getting noticed and ensures your campaign’s ROI maximization by taking care of one of the crucial aspects of your valentine’s campaign.

3. Launch personalized valentine’s day campaign

If you’ve followed our tips for collecting meaningful leads, segmented your mailing list appropriately, and have found your perfect subject line, you’re all set to launch your valentine’s day email campaign.

Remember the valentine’s day reminder you used for attracting people? It has already set the path for you to engage with your audience. 

Your email campaign’s success depends a lot on the email copy you’re creating. That’s why you need to create engaging, personalized email copies to delight your audience. You can follow the tips mentioned below to create great email copies:

  • Remind your user of how special the occasion is. Emphasize on the beautiful relationships they have built and why they need to celebrate their relationship. After all, it’s all about telling a story and selling the dream!
  • Focus on the copy’s color and theme; try to match valentine’s day’s color or use your colors to match valentine’s theme.
  • Go for personalization. Emails that start with “Hi there,” “Hi Customer” don’t work now. Similarly, sending an email that includes generic mentions for both men and women doesn’t convert.
    Knowing your store attracts both male and female visitors, you need to design personalized emails that say “buy gifts for him” and “buy gifts for her” based on your customer’s gender. To avoid creating multiple copies for such emails, you can use FluentCRM’s conditional content blocks.
  • If the valentine’s color or theme doesn’t fit your branding, don’t force it. Instead, use stable charm to infuse romance. For example, you can start calling your customers by “Hi gorgeous!” or “Hi handsome!”.
  • Often you’ll have a few popular products that are selling more. You can put special focus on those products to get more clicks.
  • Is your niche too boring for valentine’s day? Don’t worry; love can be found everywhere! Try to figure out what connects your products to love and then use fun, triggering words to grab your audience’s attention.
  • If possible, make a promise and fulfill it. For example, saying they will deliver valentine’s day gifts on valentine’s day itself can trigger your audience’s decision miraculously!

4. Try to upsell and cross-sell

Making a direct sell via email marketing is excellent. But if you don’t have an upselling or cross-selling policy, you’re missing out on excellent revenue. Upselling and cross-selling boost revenue, reduce customer churn and increases the customer’s lifetime revenue (CLV). Besides, having an upsell or cross-sell policy generally increases the customer retention rate. It’s easier to sell something to an existing customer than to selling something to a potential customer. Hence, it’s wiser to have an upsell/cross-sell strategy than not to have one.

The best way to achieve your upsell or cross-selling goal is to send them with the transactional email because transactional emails generally have higher open rates. However, if your customer didn’t pay much attention to the transactional email, you can still send a marketing email for upselling or cross-selling your products.

5. Send a reminder for offer expiration

“Failure is the pillar of success” –  if you’re into email marketing or internet marketing, you have to trust this sentence by all means. It’s not wise to give up after one failed attempt. However, that also doesn’t mean you can push your customer too hard. Because if you do so, you will end up triggering spam filters.

A gentle reminder before your valentine’s day offer ends can be a great conversion booster. It won’t mean that you’re pushing your customer too hard. But if they missed out on the earlier email, they can still grab your offer. Customers will appreciate the fact that you’ve taken your time to remind them of the offer expiry, making them feel more part of your business and strengthening the bond in the process.

This can also trigger some classic holiday procrastinators that wait till the last moment to order gifts and grab offers.

6. Show your love with a valentine’s day email

Good customer relationship is priceless. And valentine’s day is among the best days to cherish the wonderful relationship you’ve built with your customers. A small yet powerful valentine’s day wish can strengthen the bond between you and your customer. Most customers tend to stay with the existing organization. As a result, small but important wishes on the special days can help your business in the long run by increasing customer retention. 

To make your email even more encouraging and special, you can plan small rewards for your loyal customers on valentine’s day and reach out to your past customers with greetings.

7. Don’t forget those who missed the discount

Email is the highest converting communication channel in marketing. However, the fierce competition in marketing means that there will always be people who’ll pass on your discount. But that doesn’t mean you cannot convert them in any way.

You can adopt some fantastic ways to make those non-buying customers love you again. We love the idea of giving an after-offer discount to the non-buyers. Because customers didn’t make a purchase when the offer was available doesn’t mean an after-sale discount wouldn’t trigger them.

Thus, you can give your non-buying customers a small discount even after the sale ends. By doing so, you can make the non-buying customers feel special and honored. They will appreciate such gestures by your business and think twice before opting for someone else’s business in the future.

Want to use FluentCRM’s automation for the campaign?

FluentCRM comes with all the features you need to set up an automated email campaign. And if you want to replicate the above-mentioned valentine’s email campaign using FluentCRM, we can help! With our tutorial and screenshots’ help, you can easily create the above automation or tweak it according to your requirements.

To illustrate the above automation, we need to create three automations using FluentCRM. Note that you need to do A/B testing using a separate email campaign in FluentCRM. Before we begin, let’s have a quick rundown of the scenario:

The scenario

We run a WooCommerce store. Our valentine’s day offer starts three days before valentine’s day and lasts till Valentine’s day.

Our objective is to remind our WooCommerce customers about Valentine’s day three days before our offer starts and launch our email campaign right when we avail the offer. For every customer who purchases, we want to send an upsell email.

For every customer who didn’t purchase from our first email, we want to give a reminder email 24 hours before our offer ends. If the customer has purchased after our second attempt, we want to send a marketing email for upselling our product.

We also don’t want to forget the customers who didn’t purchase during the offer. Hence, we will send them a special discount after our discount offer ends.

With that said, let’s see how you can create these three automations within FluentCRM:

The ideal automation- Sell and then cross-sell

Our initial automation will convince the customer to buy a product at our first attempt and try to upsell if they have bought the product. For this automation, you need to start an automation that will be triggered when a list is applied to the contact. 

valentines email automation, valentines automation campaign, valentines email campaign
  • Once you’ve put your valentine’s day campaign contacts into the list, FluentCRM automation will run for them.
  • Immediately after the automation starts, you need to Apply a Tag to create subcategories as the automation progresses.
  • After the initial tagging, you would want to send the valentine’s reminder three days before the offer starts and add a wait Action block for three days.
  • Next, you need to add your first email campaign to the automation, telling your offerings.
  • Then you’d want to add an Order Received in WooCommerce benchmark and make it a necessary action so that the automation only continues if someone purchases your products during the valentine’s day campaign.
  • If the customer has purchased your product from the first attempt, you need to remove their existing tag and add a new tag to sub-categorize them and send an upsell email.

Going the extra mile- Convert the non-buyers

The second automation will run before the valentine’s day offer expires for those who didn’t buy any product at our first attempt. Again, we will try to upsell if the customer purchases the product.

valentines email automation, valentines automation campaign, valentines email campaign, valentines day upsell
  • Again, you need to trigger the automation with your first list’s remaining contacts by putting them into another valentines day list and adding your “last call” email campaign to the automation.
  • The rest will go as the first automation. You need to add an Order Received benchmark that will be marked as required so that whenever someone makes a purchase, we can apply a buyer tag and remove them from our existing list (to find out the non-buyers). Again, we’ll send an upsell email to persuade them into buying.

Automation 3- Looking for the bonus sells

The third automation will run for those who didn’t purchase your product at all. This automation needs to be triggered by the tag you created with your remaining valentine’s day leads. You can publish this automation a day after your offer ends so that it sends out the missed offer email immediately.

valentines email automation, valentines automation campaign, valentines day email campaign

Again, we can follow our previous upsell method to upsell more products!

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Wrapping up

For many retailers, the occasion of valentine’s day can be a great sales booster. By following our tips, you can make the best use of your CRM and maximize your valentine’s campaign revenue. However, not all businesses will align with this strategy. Hence, it would be best if you make changes to match your valentine’s campaign’s strategy with your business’s objectives.

So if you think something else fits your business more, don’t forget to let us know in the comment section! With that said, we wish you all a Happy Valentine’s day!

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