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7+ Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugins to Supercharge Your Growth [Free + Pro]

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Nothing screams growth like a steady stream of new leads. They are like the seeds that you plant in hopes of enjoying fruits someday. And once you get the fruits, you plant more to get more!

Yes, that’s how lead generation works.

The term “lead generation” refers to the steps used to identify potential customers whose interests complement your own. By implementing a lead generation funnel, it’s possible to connect with people who are highly likely to become your customers someday. And that’s the reason people use lead generation plugins.

So, whether you’re here for a lead generation plugin that can uplift your growth or you’re just interested in learning more about how they can help, this article is for you. In this article, we put together some of WordPress’s top lead generation plugins. The best part, you have both free and pro options to choose from!

What it’s good for?
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Fluent Forms 
Conversational forms
Payment collection  
Integration facilities
Customizable optin Forms
Built-In analytics
Lightbox popups
Advanced automations
Contact Management
35+ Integrations
Ninja Forms
Drag-and-drop interface
Extensive integration options
Conditional logics
Forms and popups
Livechat and chatbots
Integration and analytics
Versatile lead generation
Advanced targetting
Extensive customization
Thrive Leads
Optin forms
A/B testing and analytics
Targetting and triggers
Data driven insights
Browser push alerts

But before that, let’s take a glimpse into how lead generation plugins can help you.

How Can WordPress Lead Generation Plugins Uplift Your Marketing?

Lead generation is the heartbeat of any marketing strategy. Without a steady stream of leads, your business can get stuck in limbo —not growing at all or even declining steadily. This is why 37.1% of marketers address lead generation as their number one challenge.

There are many methods for gathering leads, and you are likely acquainted with a few. While opinions vary on the most effective lead generation technique, a universally valued method is utilizing a WordPress lead generation plugin. Utilizing lead generation plugins can assist in generating leads from your website in the following ways:

  • Assists in creating appealing forms for gathering information
  • Empowers you to create pop-ups and CTAs such as scroll boxes, lightboxes, floating bars, welcome mats, and more
  • Seamlessly integrates with other plugins to simplify audience segmentation and targeting
  • Helps create newsletters and registration forms
  • Enhance customer service by offering live chat and call support
  • Deliver automated emails to the appropriate recipient at the optimal moment

8 Best Free + Premium WordPress Lead Generation Plugins

Now that you know how many ways a lead generation plugin for WordPress can help your business generate more leads, it’s time to familiarise yourself with some of the best in the market. While there are quite a lot of options available to choose from, we’ve compiled a list of the best for you. 

Fluent Forms

fluentforms wordpress lead generation plugin

Fluent Forms stands out as one of the top choices among form builder plugins. Easily create advanced and intricate forms with the simple drag-and-drop feature form builder and access a wide range of customization options with over 60 pre-designed templates. On top of everything, you can maximize the potential of Fluent Forms by effortlessly connecting it with well-known plugins such as Zapier, Active Campaign, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Hubspot, SendinBlue, FluentCRM, and more.

These integrations enable you to handle extensive databases and execute diverse marketing campaigns efficiently. Guess what might cost you to avail all these features?

Well, you can start with Fluent Forms for free. To access the premium features such as payment options, quiz modules, and signature add-ons, a subscription fee of $59 per year is required. 


Mailoptin wordpress lead generation plugin

MailOptin plugin is possibly the only one that offers all the possible lead generation features you can ask for. This includes a call to action, email opt-in forms, WordPress popups, and newsletter functionality. It’s a good lead generation plugin for WordPress that combines marketing and customer acquisition into one neat package. Its integration with the Elementor drag-and-drop page builder makes creating forms and popups accessible for the users.

MailOptin offers both free and premium versions, much like many of the WordPress lead-generating plugins on this list. Lead generation and newsletter features are included in the free version, while event-triggered newsletters and A/B testing are included in the premium package.

For $69 a year, you can receive a lot of features with the Standard package (such as page targeting, notification bars, and site opt-in triggers). Advanced statistics, returning visitor recognition, and a conversion backup are included with the $169/year Pro package. An Agency version is also available for $269 a year.


fluentcrm lead genration plugin

FluentCRM is designed to help you grow your email list and automate email marketing activities within your WordPress dashboard. The primary benefit of using this plugin is its wide range of features including lead generation, 360° contact overview, creative visual builder, email campaign builder, email automation, recurring/newsletter campaigns & email sequencing.

With FluentCRM, you’ll not just have an effortless lead generation plugin but also get a complete email marketing system for growth and sustainability. It offers a tight integration with WordPress and 35+ popular plugins. This means you can segment and reach out to your audience in a more meaningful way. Overall, FluentCRM is packed with features for seamless customer, sales, and marketing management. It is ideal for quick setup and intuitive use.

The best part? FluentCRM provides a free plan with customer segmentation and email campaigns. The premium plans start from just $129 for a domain.

Ninja Forms

ninja forms wordpress lead generation plugin

Ninja Forms is another form builder plugin on our list. This drag-and-drop form builder plugin is a must-have for our list due to its user-friendly interface. From simple contact forms to lead generation pages, multi-page forms, conditional forms, and more! This plugin allows you to create a wide variety of forms.

You can also process payments and design polls or surveys to gather leads. Experience seamless integration options to easily connect this plugin with various email marketing plugins, CRMs, Zapier, Webhook, and more. Ninja Forms is available for free initially and provides several paid plans starting at $49 per year. 

HubSpot WordPress Plugin

hubspot wordpress lead generation plugin

Hubspot consistently stands out as a top contender in several categories within the WordPress industry. The core CRM plugin is free, and Hubspot offers three methods to generate leads. Utilizing forms, live chat, and popups.

Building a form is a breeze with the drag-and-drop functionality offered by this plugin. You can implement personalized popups and chat boxes to ensure visitors don’t leave your web pages without subscribing. To enhance your lead generation process, Hubspot allows you to seamlessly integrate their plugin with other plugins from this list, such as WP Forms or OptinMonster.

While the basic Hubspot plugin is free for all, access to premium features will require a monthly payment of $45. 


icegram wordpress lead generation plugin

Icegram has made a solid place for itself by offering tons of features for free in the lead generation category. You can get welcome bars, opt-ins, and other lead-generating tools by using the Icegram plugin.

If you are in the early stage of your business, the free version might be enough for you. Given that you get almost everything in the free version, including toasts, action bars, and messengers. After you upgrade, the Pro plan—which includes exit-intent targeting, campaign metrics, badges, and inline messages—will cost you $97 annually.

Lastly, some of the more sophisticated features, such as opt-out exit animations, geo-targeting, and A/B testing, are included with the $147 annual plan. And Icegram has some cool features to make them stand out as well. That’ll include Stickies, ribbons, messengers, badges, and stickies. 

Thrive Leads

thrive leads wordpress lead generation plugin

Popups are highly effective in converting visitors into leads, and Thrive Leads stands out as one of the top popup plugins for WordPress. Aside from popups, you can create appealing option forms and landing pages.

Ready-made templates are available to simplify your tasks, and A/B testing can be conducted to determine the most effective option. Additionally, you can access a wide range of customization options for personalization and targeting purposes. For just $97 a year, you can access all the features that Thrive Leads offers. Regrettably, they do not offer a free plan.


sumo wordpress lead generation plugin

Sumo is also one of the highly popular plugins for lead generation for people working with a smaller audience. You’ll get access to email collection tools with autoresponders, visitor targeting, and email campaigns. But, as that free plan is only available to 200 users, you will run out of space if your business expands quickly.

The Sumo suite is pretty damned impressive after that. But the prices go up quite fast. For example, bloggers and consultants are the target audience for the Professional plan. Even though it costs $24 a month, there can only be 750 users. However, increasingly sophisticated capabilities like click triggers, A/B testing, and browser push alerts appear in the paid plans. 

It would be best if you upgrade to the $59/month Small Business plan for unlimited subscribers. This includes a chat window for customer service and certain content improvements. The last level, dubbed eCommerce, is priced at $199 a month. It integrates with Shopify and offers discount codes. You can see that Sumo is not inexpensive. But it’s designed to convert leads into consumers and persuade them to purchase more frequently.

Things to consider before choosing lead generation plugins for WordPress

Now that we have introduced you to some of the best lead-generation plugins, it’s time to tell you how to choose one for your business. You obviously don’t need to know a lot of technical things, but a key point you must have to carry in your mind. And that’s what we will tell you. 

  • Form customization features: The style and identity of your website should be reflected in your lead-generating forms. Make sure you can quickly change the form’s color, style, and content using this plugin.
  • Integrations: Verify whether your chosen plugin is compatible with the plugins you already use for email marketing or customer relationship management (CRM). This will help you integrate leads into your sales funnel and marketing automation system without a hitch.
  • Mobile friendliness: Websites are increasingly being accessed using mobile devices. For optimal lead capture across all platforms, ensure that the plugin offers responsive and mobile-optimized forms.
  • Spam protection features: Unwanted contributions might clog your database. To prevent unsolicited submissions, use a plugin that has spam prevention already installed, such as CAPTCHA, reCaptcha, or Turnstile.
  • Split testing: Split testing is a necessary feature for lead generation plugins. If your lead generation plugin offers this feature, you’ll be able to test different versions of your contact forms, pop-ups, and other lead magnets. 

Before wrapping up, let’s answer some common questions related to WordPress lead generation plugins

WordPress is a highly optimized content management system that can help you embed contact forms, pop-ups, and more. Apart from that, you also have access to tons of lead generation plugins with nifty features to convert a visitor into your subscribers. If you’re considering WordPress for lead generation, you can’t go wrong!

Most WordPress lead generation plugins are free to use —with premium options. If you’re just getting started, a free version should do the job well. Once you scale up, it’s best to invest in one that offers all the features you need.

Yes, it is possible to bind your plugins together to turn your website into a lead generation machine. For example, the Fluent combo (FluentCRM and Fluent Forms work like magic —with Fluent Forms capturing leads through opt-in forms, pop-ups, and conversational forms, and FluentCRM nurturing the leads with automated email marketing.

If marketing is a soccer match, lead generation is the kick-off call. WordPress lead generation plugins are like the finishers who score goals to help your business win over its competitors. Identify which ways you can score leads and choose a plugin that lets you score those all-important winning goals.

We wish you all the best!

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