FluentCRM 101

New to FluentCRM and not sure where & how to get started? This article will walk you through everything you need to know to get started with FluentCRM.

Getting started with your audience

Getting started with your audience

Import all your contacts into FluentCRM and you will be able to see meaningful insights about your audience.

After importing the contacts, you might want to segment them which will give you new ways to analyze the people and reach to more likely minded peoples.

No contacts?

Let people sign up for your marketing with an opt-in form.


FluentCRM optin form

Set up SMTP so that you can send emails more reliably, and they are less likely to end up in user’s spam folders.

You can use FluentSMTP to connect Fluent CRM with any sending service including Amazon SES, SendGrid, SparkPost, MailGun and any other. FluentSMTP is completely free and always will be.

Email-Campaign in FluentCRM

Create your first email campaign

With FluentCRM you can create meaningful templates for all types of messages—choose an email template based on your goal or just create one along the way.

Once you’re done with the email, you need to choose the recipients. You can send the campaign to all your subscribers or to one small list.

Once you are happy with the email and your selected list, start sending the emails. FluentCRM will make sure everything’s ok before sending it to the users. Use the email service providers of your choice for example Amazon SES.

Automation Funnel

Email automation funnel is the right way to create the right emails that reach the right people with the right message at the right moment—without doing the work manually each time.

A marketing funnel is a powerful key to generating leads and converting likelihoods. Using FluentCRM, design, and automate customized funnels for your visitors into lifelong customers.


Funnel in FluentCRM

3rd party integrations in FluentCRM

3rd Party Integrations/Triggers

FluentCRM allows you to integrate with several apps including Woocommerce, EDD, LifterLMS, Paid Membership Pro, AffiliateWP, and Fluent Forms, etc with which you can increase productivity and conversions by syncing data across apps.