Email Templates

An email template is a pre-designed and/or prewritten email that can be used to quickly and easily write and create emails. To create an email template hover over Email Campaigns and choose Email Templates from the dropdown and then click on Create New Template.

FluentCRM Email Templates

Now you need to set up couple of things. Give an appropriate title to the template so you can identify it for later use. It’s for internal use only. Give a catching Email Subject & Email Pre-Header which has an important role for opening the email by end user.

Now from the tiny setting icon of the Email Body set up basic styling for the email for example the font size and colors. Choose a template for the email located right after the Basic Email Setting Icon. There are three templates available to choose from, Simple Boxed, Plain Central, and Classic Template, or code your own template by choosing the Row HTML Template located after the three predesigned templates.

FluentCRM create email template

It’s time to write the body content for email. Start writing the body with the Block Style Editor. Add texts, images etc into into your email body.

FluentCRM Email Body content using block editor

When you are done with the body content click on the Create Email Template from the top right and your template is ready for use. You can send a test email to check your all setup of the template.


  1. I create custom field (your_url) for contact. Then using webhook to add a contact.
    But I use Email Template, I don’t see {{contact.your_url}}.
    How can I get custom field in Email Template? Do you have document for it?

    Thank you so much

  2. Hi, is there a way to ajust the padding on the mail content? I find the text very close to the edge and would like there to be more space around it (but still the text must be left aligned).
    Best Marie

  3. Umm, how do you save an email template? LOL
    I’ve just been through the process of creating one but then wasn’t able to save anywhere. I thought maybe it’s automatically saved, but, umm, that wasn’t the case either. :/
    I couldn’t find a ‘save’ button anywhere, and trust me, I looked.
    Help? 🙂

  4. A slight change to the functionality of this might be helpful.
    After creating a losing email templates a couple of times (because I couldn’t see or find a ‘save’ button), I have just discovered by pure accident that we need to press ‘+Create Template’ twice! before the save button appears. ie. pressing ‘+create template’ once permits the creation of an email template, but no ‘save’ button is displayed.
    Nice work with the new plugins, but a small change to this workflow might be warranted. 🙂

  5. Hi there,

    I don’t have the option to add emoji’s to my email subject lines like that which is displayed above. Is it another plugin i need to install?

    Is there any way to add emoji’s to the email body?

    I also don’t have RSS, spacer, table or verse in the backslash options, are these also additional plugins that i need to instal before they show up in the list?


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