how betterdocs is elevating customer support for FluentCRM

How BetterDocs is Elevating Customer Support for FluentCRM with a Powerful Knowledgebase?

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Today’s digital ecosystem places an extensive focus on not only how well software works but also on how easily it can be used. To improve user experience and ensure efficient customer support, providing step-by-step guidelines or documentation on how to operate the tools should be of top priority for all businesses.

But doing so can be a little difficult; but no worries, because we are here to help!

As a popular name in the field of customer relationship management, here at FluentCRM, we understood the importance of this detail, and so we chose BetterDocs – a powerful WordPress knowledge base plugin that helps create organized documentation on WordPress websites.

Dive deeper into the blog to know how BetterDocs has improved customer support for FluentCRM.

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BetterDocs helped us document FluentCRM’s functionalities and elevate customer support with advanced features such as advanced search bar, categorized documentation, sticky table of content, and comprehensive analytics. If you want to do the same, use coupon code: WPManageNinja30 for an exclusive 30% discount!

BetterDocs for elevating customer support: things you should know

BetterDocs emerges as a dynamic solution, adapting itself to the specific requirements of each enterprise, to address the difficulties that businesses face in conveying complex information seamlessly to a business’ customer base.

BetterDocs is empowering 30,000+ businesses worldwide to manage and project information precisely through a well-organized knowledge base and FAQ sections; that too as envisioned and without complex configurations!

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However, the actual indicator of BetterDocs’s success is user testimonials. They frequently praise the platform’s speed, simplicity, and usability as BetterDocs appears as a game changer in the world of documentation, promising to increase user experience and satisfaction.

At our parent company WPManageNinja, we use BetterDocs to create knowledge bases and elevate customer support for our 500,000 users under 6 different brands, including FluentCRM. This makes BetterDocs a standard for successful knowledge-base solutions!

how wpmanageninja uses betterdocs

Among the solutions of WPManageNinja, FluentCRM has an epochmaking impact on the way businesses approach email marketing, by bringing the power of sophisticated automation right to your WordPress dashboard.

We understand the importance of letting our users know how to easily use our solution and that’s when BetterDocs came into play. This powerful knowledgebase documentation solution helped us immensely elevate customer support for FluentCRM.

How BetterDocs is elevating customer support for FluentCRM?

Before integrating BetterDocs, FluentCRM grappled with the challenges posed by a lack of a comprehensive, easily accessible knowledge base. Employees, customers, and users often found themselves in situations where swift solutions to issues or quick answers to their queries were elusive. 

This deficiency not only prolonged response times but also escalated user frustration, leading to a notably diminished user experience. An additional strain was placed on support teams, who found themselves inundated with repetitive, basic inquiries, magnifying their workload.

Prior to utilizing BetterDocs, FluentCRM recognized the power and necessity of a robust knowledge base in streamlining access to information, fostering efficiency, and facilitating informed decision-making. Once they acquainted themselves with the transformative features and advantages BetterDocs had to offer, the shift was immediate.

It’s time to dive deeper into the blog to know how BetterDocs is elevating customer support for FluentCRM by helping us develop our own knowledge bases using this powerful knowledgebase plugin. 

Top features of BetterDocs that are elevating customer support For FluentCRM

BetterDocs provides advanced features, ensuring visitors swiftly pinpoint the exact documentation solution they require. For businesses keen on continuous improvement, BetterDocs comes integrated with Analytics, allowing you to track, analyze, and optimize your knowledge base’s performance seamlessly.

Let’s have a quick look at the features of BetterDocs that are elevating customer support for FluentCRM.

🔎 Exclusive advanced search bar for quick search

The live search bar on BetterDocs makes it easy for users to find what they need. It will give you all the possible answers that contain the focus keyword as soon as you type a character. They will be able to find what they are looking for without having to contact your customer service team. 

betterdocs live search feature

📑 Categories for more organized documentation

In BetterDocs documentation, pages that are similar can be grouped together broadly using categories. Additionally, you can employ tags to focus attention on a certain topic. Together, these two enable you to build a solid taxonomy for your documentation page, which eventually raises your SEO rating. 

betterdocs category organization

📋 Sticky table of content for better reading experience

BetterDocs allows you to add Headings inside a Table of Contents (TOC) that will float above the Documentation Page if you use multiple headings. This feature is really useful for somewhat lengthy documentation, and FluentCRM has made use of this wonderful BetterDocs feature.

sticky table of content feature

🚀 BetterDocs analytics to evaluate performance

You can monitor the status of your knowledge base with BetterDocs. This premium analytics feature of BetterDocs makes it simple to examine how many people have seen your content, how they have responded, and even what keywords people have used to find it. It has a wonderful graphical user interface for reviewing the collected data and comments.

betterdocs analytics

BetterDocs isn’t just about managing knowledge-base; it’s about presenting it with efficiency. With a suite of stunning premade templates at your fingertips, organizing your knowledge base becomes not just functional but visually captivating.

For those seeking advanced customization, BetterDocs grants the flexibility to refine documentation pages using shortcodes and page builder widgets. But it’s not just about the aesthetics and organization; it’s about ease of use. 

Now it’s your turn to explore!

In addition to elevating customer support for FluentCRM, we are using BetterDocs to generate and manage our top WordPress solutions’ knowledge base documentation. You can also explore BetterDocs to check how it ensures an advanced documentation experience along with efficient customer support.

So what are you waiting for? Give BetterDocs a try and get started right away!

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Get 30% Off on BetterDocs!

BetterDocs helped us document FluentCRM’s functionalities and elevate customer support with advanced features such as advanced search bar, categorized documentation, sticky table of content, and comprehensive analytics. If you want to do the same, use coupon code: WPManageNinja30 for an exclusive 30% discount!

With BetterDocs at your disposal, your overall customer satisfaction will surely skyrocket in no time. We wish you all the best.


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