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FluentCRM Year In Review 2023: The Future is Here!

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The time has come. 2023 is coming to an end and it’s time to look back at a wonderful year of beautiful accomplishments.

In 2023, we have made some major advancements toward making FluentCRM a fully-fledged CRM. And with 35,000+ businesses trusting FluentCRM as their go-to CRM, we look forward to 2024 with some hot plans (I bet you’re not expecting these!).

But before I reveal the big plans, let’s recap what happened for FluentCRM in 2023.

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At a Glance: FluentCRM in 2023

→ FluentCRM is now helping 35,000+ businesses automate email marketing
→ 12 product updates (with 6 major updates), including recurring newsletters, company module & more
→ Our customer support team resolved an astonishing 99% of the 6000+ tickets we received this year
→ We’ve released FluentBooking —the newest member of the Fluent family!
→ Our free SMTP plugin, FluentSMTP is now powering 200K+ websites
→ We’ve got our 3rd consecutive WP Awards silverware!
→ Our content and video team published 70+ helpful blog articles & videos this year
→ We’re stepping into the future!

The new member of the Fluent family: FluentBooking

Most businesses rely on an appointment booking solution these days. From 1-on-1 communication with a lead to providing after-sales service, an appointment booking solution serves all kinds of purposes. So, the necessity of an appointment booking solution seemed imminent for most businesses we serve.

However, when we wanted to integrate FluentCRM with one, most WordPress solutions fell short of our requirements. While some of them were complicated, some of them just didn’t have the features. Thus, we built a new appointment booking plugin named FluentBooking. It’s sleek, simple, and powerful —just like most Saas appointment booking solutions.

fluentcrm year in review 2023

Since launch, this plugin has been the talk of the town and we have big plans for this in the upcoming year.

By the way, we launched FluentBooking LTD for our existing users a few days ago and it’s been selling like crazy. Only a few licenses are still up for grabs. If you haven’t purchased yet, grab your LTD ASAP!

One step closer to a fully-fledged CRM

At first glance, this might sound audacious. But with FluentBooking and the features we’ve developed this year, have you noticed a pattern this year?

If not, let’s look at the things we’ve been working on—

Recurring Campaign and Latest Post Notification

Our first major update of the year started with some features that went missing on FluentCRM for a while. The recurring campaign is a much-needed feature for people who like their automation engine running. For some, it’s the newsletter engine that keeps their audience engaged through the latest posts. We released both in FluentCRM 2.7.

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Company Module

As promised to help you compete with the big boys who can afford enterprise-grade CRMs, the company module was our first big step towards making FluentCRM the centerpiece of your business. It is a feature that will have a significant impact on your everyday operations in the future. We have a lot of plans to improve this feature and it will surely make your b2b operations simpler.

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Advanced customer overview

Customer interaction data is one of the primary reasons why one may use a CRM. This year, we’ve made the customer overview module more advanced —with company data, purchases, course information, and more. Plus, we’ve been working on logging some events which we’ll roll out pretty soon.

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Automation improvements

Automations are at the heart of FluentCRM. This year, we went the extra mile to refactor FluentCRM and improved its automation functionalities significantly so you can have more flexibility while creating automation.

  • Add New Steps: Our refactored automation means you can now add new steps and re-apply them for your subscribers
  • New Triggers: We have added a lot of new triggers (e.g., RCP Membership Expiration, Surecart new order). Most of these are plugin-specific triggers so you’ll see them if you have the plugin installed.
  • New and improved actions: Automate more with our actions as we’ve developed not only new actions but also refactored some of the actions you previously had.

More Integrations

Yes, your favorite CRM is more enriched with a lot of integrations.

  • WooCommerce subscriptions: If you’ve been using WooCommerce subscriptions to sell memberships now you can create automations with 3 powerful triggers.
  • Surecart Integration: We’ve integrated FluentCRM with a new, popular eCommerce solution —Surecart. Turn new orders into repeated ones using this integration!
  • FluentBooking Integration: FluentBooking is our in-house advanced appointment booking solution tailored for WordPress users. This integration lets you automate a lot of booking actions so that you can keep your subscribers engaged throughout their purchase journey.

We’ve also upgraded the Tutor LMS integration and added loads of automation capabilities. And just like every year, we have some new integration partners who helped extend FluentCRM’s capabilities.

  • Suretriggers – Suretriggers is the best tool to integrate 300+ apps and plugins and automate workflows
  • Flowmattic – An excellent automation plugin to streamline your workflow with 150+ plugins and apps
  • GetGenie – GetGenie helps you write FluentCRM emails via its powerful AI

New security best practices

image 41

Another major update year is our new security best practices. We know what importance a CRM tool holds for anyone who uses it. And we want to ensure we’re taking the best possible precautions to keep FluentCRM a step ahead in terms of security.

  • We’ve partnered with Snicco. Their enterprise-grade security consultancy will help us build solutions that follow enterprise-standard security best practices.
  • We’ve also started our own bug bounty program and taking community assistance. Get a special bug bounty of up to $500 when you help us identify any security issues!

Developer Documentation

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We always mentioned that FluentCRM is highly extendable. If anyone wants to extend the plugin’s functionality or integrate their system with this plugin, they can do so easily. But this year, we went the extra mile to share our public developer documentation.

The developer documentation includes examples for creating any kind of elements, code snippets, and more. That said, if you’re a developer, now you have everything to build and extend FluentCRM!

Delivering information at scale

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If you follow us closely, you know we hate bombarding you with emails or paid ads. This is why we’ve been looking for ways to reach more of you without disrupting anything. Fortunately, now we know how, and this year, we’ve been reaching out to you.

If you signed up for our email list, you’ve been getting valuable tips, tricks, and information in your email inbox. If you’ve been considering FluentCRM, we helped you make a decision. The entire marketing team was focused on one goal —delivering information at scale.

We have been creating new pages, posts, videos, documentation, and many more to help you learn email marketing and FluentCRM to its maximum potential. And while doing so, we learned a lot about your interest and necessity. Thus, we have decided to do more.

So stay connected to us and if you haven’t subscribed to our blog yet, hit that subscribe button right away (we won’t spam you)!

Fast and reliable customer support

We take pride in having one of the best support teams (as well as the best support tool) the entire ecosystem has to offer. Thanks to an intense bunch of tech geniuses, most queries get solved within 4.6 replies.

Another perk —is having a lot of them. So no matter when you’re asking a question, you’re getting the necessary information within 12-16 hours (yep, we’re fast). As a result, our experts have accomplished 99% success in resolving 6000+ of your queries!

Another year, another award

We’ve won numerous awards throughout our journey (all thanks to you!). This year is no different. We’ve been crowned The WP Awards winner (again). Winning is a habit. But what amazes me most is the way we’re winning.

image 43

We’ve won by around 60% more votes than the second competitor. It only goes to show how much you love us and advocate for us. Honestly, we can’t ask for more. Thank you!

Attending, volunteering, and speaking at WordCamps

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FluentCRM is run by humans. We’re social and we love connecting with people from time to time. This becomes easier when you operate inside the WordPress industry. Hundreds of WordCamps take place every year and this year, we’ve been attending WordCamps all over the globe.

But we didn’t just attend WordCamps for the sake of attending them. We’ve met a lot of our users and people from the industry. Some of our team members spoke at WordCamps, and some volunteered in it. And do you know what was the best part of being at WordCamps?

We’ve heard a lot of kind words about how FluentCRM is changing their business, got real feedback on improving the plugin further, and understood how we can build solutions that truly make an impact. Thank you WordCampers!

A happy family of 35,000+ users!

What happens when all parts of a software development team work together? They build a great product.

And what happens when the same team gets a beautiful community to speak for them? They thrive!

That’s what happened in case of FluentCRM. Our team works hard, not just to develop a great product, but also to help users in every way possible. Consider the features we develop, or the support we provide, or the content we create —we do our best to give you an unforgettable experience.

And just as we do our best, you return the favor by being our true spokesperson. Our team loves to stay engaged with the WordPress community and it gives us great joy when they see people mention FluentCRM whenever someone asks for a CRM or email marketing automation tool recommendation. As a result, the team works twice as hard, to keep the faith intact.

That’s how we became a family of 35,000+ members, you and us, together!

Bring it on, 2024!

No more recaps, it’s time to bid farewell to a beautiful 2023 and set an expectation for 2024. As I mentioned before in this article, we are a user-centric company and we love connecting with people for valuable feedback. And in 2024, we’ll try to put most of the user feedback into effect.

Connecting with the users gave us some new perspectives. There were a lot of positive comments regarding FluentCRM however, two drawbacks the users pointed out are:

  1. FluentCRM has a steep learning curve
  2. There aren’t any email or automation templates

Thus, unlike other years, we’ll work on fixing those by simplifying FluentCRM’s onboarding system. Here’s what we plan to work on in 2024:

Sales Pipeline

If you’ve been following our community, you already know that we’re working on FluentBoards. This will be a next-generation sales pipeline tool designed not only to help you close more sales but also to do a lot more. Go sign up for the waitlist now!

Email template library

We work with email and automation. Last year, we added the visual builder to aid your email composing experience however, a head start would be even better. So, this year, we plan to create an email template library with lots of pre-built templates.

Automation template library

Automation templates are harder to find compared to email templates. And because we operate in WordPress, we can have even simpler automation templates that are nearly impossible to find. Thus, we will add some excellent automation templates. 

Simplify onboarding and migration

Next up, we will simplify the onboarding and migration process in a way so that anyone can start using FluentCRM from day #1. This is going to be a surprise, so you’ll have to wait.

Autoresponders (in consideration)

Sometimes you don’t need to build a complete funnel inside an automation. All you need are small rules such as “If this happens, do this”. Thus, we are considering adding this feature to FluentCRM.

That’s it, that’s all for today!

2023 has been a wonderful year of numerous achievements. 2024 will unfold more. Your unwavering support helps us take on newer challenges and I hope you will be with us. Together we’re making small business simpler and I hope the same continues in 2024.

A Happy New Year to All of You!

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