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Presto Player – A Complete Media Player Plugin for WordPress

It’s no wonder that video marketing is growing crazy fast! It helps educate people, feels more human, and it’s easily digestible. If done correctly, video marketing engages people like nothing else does! 

Statistics also suggest something similar, 88% of people prefer to stay on websites decorated with a video. In fact, 95% of people prefer to learn about a product or service through videos.

Hence, video is the latest trend for content marketing!

What is Presto Player?

When it comes to adopting new trends, WordPress users are second to none! Therefore, you’ll mostly find videos on WordPress sites. People upload their videos on websites like Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc. and embed them into their website.

There’s nothing wrong with embedding a video from Youtube. But if branding is a priority for you, Youtube might not be the right choice for you. It always includes that Youtube button on the bottom right corner and tries to lure people into Youtube. Apart from that, Youtube shows up more video suggestions that may include your competitor’s videos!

While you can rely on video hosting services like Vimeo or Wistia, they are very expensive. Vimeo’s business plan costs $50/month while Wistia is beyond small businesses’ reach and costs $99/month!

That’s exactly where the Presto Player comes in. It’s an inexpensive, self-hosted video player for WordPress that gives your branding and privacy top priority!

Presto Player Lifetime Deal

Presto Player is running a lifetime deal. It’s ending real soon. Grab it before it’s gone

Who’s behind Presto Player?

Presto Player is developed by Prestomade. Adam Preiser from and Andre Gagnon are the people behind Prestomade, and they are very popular in the WordPress arena. You may know Adam Preiser. He is a vastly trusted figure in the WordPress arena For his beginner-friendly WordPress tutorials. 

Andre Gagnon is a very promising plugin developer who made some cool plugins like ProjectHuddle Client Site and Docket WP.

Why is this important?

Because plugins play a crucial role in a website’s speed and security. It’s vital to use fat-free plugins that will only help you enjoy excellent features while you can focus on optimization.

Fortunately, we had a chance to look at Presto Player’s code before it was released, and we were impressed with the way it was coded. It’s fat-free and coded very elegantly. So you can use Presto Player without worrying about anything!

Want to know Presto Player’s features?

Presto Player comes with a wide range of video player customization and privacy features. It works default with the Gutenberg blocks and integrates well with the Elementor page builder. 

Muted Autoplay: This one is especially for brands that want to grab people’s attention instantly. If you’re a brand that’s looking to subtly slip into your audience’s psyche without causing any annoyance to them, this feature is a must-have!

Sticky video: Another feature that allows people to keep watching your videos when they are scrolling on your website.

Overlay on video: Got a nice image or want to engage your customer with catchy texts? This feature is for you! You can overlay an image or text with this feature!

10-sec skip: Want to allow your users to skip video as they can do on Youtube or Facebook? Well, Presto Player has got you covered!

Playback speed control: Lets your audience choose a video speed that’s comfortable for them.

Video Analytics: Analytics will show you the number of video views, top videos, top users, unique views, average view time, audience retention rate, etc., metrics that’ll help you understand how your videos are performing.

Save play position and volume preference: An innovative feature that allows Presto Player to remember your audience’s volume preferences and Video play position. So next time your users resume watching the videos, they can begin from where they left off!

Shortcode: Apart from the Gutenburg blocks, Presto Player also allows you to place your video anywhere using shortcodes. Although this isn’t an optimal solution, they’ll work with any page builders. Besides, the Prestomade team will be rolling out more native page builder integrations soon!

Timestamp: Want to make your videos more user-friendly? You can add timestamps to your videos!

Lazy load: Want to improve page speed by controlling if the video is played or not? This feature will help you do so!

Add video Caption: Needs no explanation. However, Presto Player also allows you to edit your video caption style and background colors!

And more, Presto Player comes with awesome integrations! It works with Elementor page builder and integrates with Google Analytics so that you can check video plays, watch times, and many more!

The future

Presto Player is already a very polished plugin in terms of features. However, the Prestomade team isn’t stopping here. They will polish the player even more in the future and are planning for advanced features like video caption search, username overlay, and after video action.

Their current road map includes integrations with more page builders like Beaver Builder, Divi, Oxygen Builder, and more video hosting site integrations such as Amazon S3.

In addition, Presto Player will also integrate with more WordPress themes and plugins like WPFusion, Uncanny Automator, Buddyboss, LifterLMS, Learndash, etc.

FluentCRM Integration!

If you’re using FluentCRM, you can Presto Player’s FluentCRM integration to capture leads and segment users. This allows you to display an opt-in form as your users are watching your video’s, helping you score more leads and making the most of Presto Player’s integration with FluentCRM!

With such an excellent roadmap on the line, we believe the plugin will indeed become more robust, secure, and solid feature-wise!

Does Presto Player come with hosting?

One of the questions you’ll all ask is if this plugin comes with hosting the videos on a cloud server. Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Presto Player is self-hosted, and the videos will be hosted on Youtube or on your hosting space. Now you might be wondering if Presto Player will make your website slow because it will use your hosting. Well, your fear is understandable if you’re using shared hosting or you don’t want to fill up your hosting space with videos.

However, Presto Player works out of the box with Bunny CDN. What’s so great about it?

You can host gigabytes of data for less than 0.05 cent! Check Bunny CDN Pricing.

Bunny CDN has servers in 53 different locations of the world. This essentially means there will never be a playback or page speed issue!

Who is Presto Player for?

Presto Player is for anyone who’s looking to add videos to enhance their website. It can be used on streaming platforms, video sharing sites, eLearning platforms, e-commerce sites, brand websites, etc.

However, in our opinion, the Presto Player should be the first choice for marketing and eLearning websites. You can use this plugin to create better marketing and branded videos, while some features are favorable for learning management websites. With Presto Player, you can use your branding. It won’t start auto-playing or suggesting your competitor’s videos right after the video ends, and users won’t be lured into visiting Youtube instead of exploring your landing page or the actual product.

Learning management sites have even better functionalities. They can create lessons using timestamps, and their lessons will remain secured within WordPress. Suppose students exit in the middle of a video; they can start from where they left off!

Hence, we highly recommend Presto Player for marketers, brands, and learning management sites.

Presto Player Pricing:

The launch of Presto Player allows the users to grab Presto Player for a cut-price deal. As per the early announcement, the launch prices are as followed:

Single site: $69/year

25 site: $99/year

25 sites lifetime update: $299

So hurry up and grab Presto Player now!

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    1. Hi Debo, they have updated the pricing yesterday. the deal is 25 sites lifetime update+3 year support for $199.

    1. Hi Jon, yes, they updated the deal yesterday and it’s time for the launch price (25 sites lifetime update+3 year support: $199).

    1. Hi Michal,
      No estimated release date yet. But the Presto team is working on the integration and we are helping them. So you can expect an integration very soon.

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