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8 Best Email List Cleaning Services in 2024

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What’s the point of sending emails to non-existent email addresses?
– there’s none!

Unfortunately, this is a common affair in every email marketer’s life, with most email lists containing hundreds of inactive contacts!

Email list cleaning services are blessings in this regard. They help increase email deliverability by removing bounced and inactive email addresses from your email list. However, choosing an email list cleaning service may not be everyone’s piece of cake.

Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. In this piece, you’ll learn about the best email list cleaning services to help you decide. But before kicking off let’s take a quick overview of the best cleaning services:

Email List Cleaning ServicePay As You GoMonthly
5000 Credits15,000 Credits50,000 Credits5000 Credits15,000 Credits50,000 Credits

Now let’s start by understanding the importance of keeping your email list clean.

Importance of maintaining a clean email list

It isn’t really easy to build an email list. You construct one with your unwavering devotion and dedication. However, what matters most is effectiveness, not numbers. So there’s no point in keeping email addresses that won’t convert.

Cleaning your email list will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Improved email deliverability: Removing all inactive email addresses from your list will boost email deliverability– ensuring greater and more effective reach for your email campaigns.
  • Lowering bounce and spam rates: Email deliverability and bounce rate are strongly interlinked. As a result, cleaning your email list will also result in lower bounce rates.
  • Risk-free email marketing: Spammers and hackers commonly use fake email addresses to gather information about your company. Regular email list cleaning will help you avoid such threats by removing suspicious email addresses from your list.
  • Better CR and CTR: By cleaning your email list, you’ll significantly improve your campaign’s click rate and click-through rate. Since CR and CTR clearly indicate that people value your emails, your email deliverability reputation will also improve among regular email clients.
  • Better engagement: Engagement is the cornerstone of any email marketing campaign. Cleaning your email list also means higher engagement, as you’ll send emails to a clutter-free email list.
  • Improved data accuracy & protection: The email list contains valuable customer information and there’s no point in keeping dead leads in your database. Eliminating invalid, outdated, or incorrect email addresses will improve your database accuracy and protect sender reputation.
  • Reduce email marketing expenses: Most email service providers base their fees on the number of subscribers or emails you send. Email list cleaning will reduce these expenses by deleting the pointless email addresses from your email list.

To sum up, cleaning the email list will significantly boost your email marketing strategy, ensure better email deliverability, and reduce the spam rate. However, doing it manually can be hectic and email list cleaning services will be a blessing for you in this regard!

What is an email list cleaning service?

Email list cleaning is the process of cleaning your email list to keep it up to date. By doing so, you’ll be able to avoid sending unnecessary emails to addresses that don’t want to hear from you or are nonexistent.

Email list cleaning services are well-designed tools that help you clean your email list by removing invalid, suspicious, unsubscribed, and spam-trap email addresses. They have only one core goal, determining whether an email address is valid or not!

If not, they will automatically remove them from your email list and free up storage space. Doesn’t that sound disheartening?

But that’s the exact way it should be done! Inactive email addresses will only add to the total number of emails and harm your email deliverability reputation. By using an email list cleaning service, you’ll save money and avoid harming your email deliverability reputation.

Email Cleaning vs. Scrubbing vs. Email Verification:

  • Email cleaning: Email cleaning refers to removing inactive or invalid email addresses from your email list.
  • Scrubbing: Scrubbing is the process of deleting email addresses that never open or click your link.
  • Email Validation: Email validation identifies whether or not an email address is deliverable.

How do email list cleaning services work?

An email list cleaning service focuses on maintaining the health of your email list by removing invalid, expired, or misspelled email addresses. But how do they actually work?

Email list cleaning services take a variety of factors into account when cleaning your email list. They assess various metrics to determine whether or not an email address is deliverable.

The email list cleaning services work as follows:

  • Email list cleaning services remove all disposable or one-time-use email addresses.
  • They are experts at detecting spam traps. Not only that, but they also assist you in removing it and protecting your email list from spammers.
  • These email verification services determine domain validity and whether it meets all MX records requirements by checking MX records.
  • Our email list often contains a large number of role-based email addresses. Email list cleaning services remove these role-based email addresses from your list and offload them.
  • Misspellings can be the cause of your email not being sent. It is common to have many misspelled addresses in your email lists, such as [email protected] or [email protected]. Email list cleaning services eliminate such email addresses by reviewing email address syntax.
  • They also send SMTP pings to all of the email addresses on your email list to confirm their existence.

Thus, email list cleaning services clean and update our email list and ensure that our email list contains only decent email addresses.

8 best email list cleaning services

Now that you know how an email list cleaning service tool works, it’s time to discover the best services for your business. However, going through many options can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you. So let’s get to the best email list cleaning services in 2024!


The name ZeroBounce alone can give you a good idea of what this email list cleaning service is all about! Because of its multiple email checkers, fooling or misleading this magical tool is nearly impossible. The accuracy of this service will astound you! ZeroBounce is 98% correct!

best email list cleaning services - zerobounce

ZeroBounces is a market leader that has surpassed most of its email list cleaning competitors and is constantly improving. It detects everything, whether it’s an abusive email, a disposable email, a spam trap, or any other type of invalid email. And because of its consistent, accurate services, organizations such as Inc., Forbes, BuzzFeed, and others have placed their trust in this software. 

What’s more fascinating?

Well, while most email list cleaning services remove email typos instantly, ZeroBouce suggests correcting them.

ZeroBounce’s fundamental qualities are as follows:

  • It deletes all invalid, expired, and disposable emails
  • It adheres to GDPR, SOC 2, CCPA, and PCI compliance standards
  • AI scores email addresses to estimate their engagement likelihood
  • There is MX record verification available
  • It employs greylisting verification technology
  • API is available for extensive email validation
  • Integrated with all the popular email marketing services
  • It supports blocklist monitoring

Pricing: Along with a wide range of extra features, ZeroBounce’s pricing is also flexible.

  • Pay as you go: 
    – Cleaning up to 2000 email addresses costs $16
    – Cleaning up to 5000 email addresses costs $39
    – Cleaning up to 10,000 email addresses costs $65
  • Monthly: $15 per month for 2,000 emails

Although email list cleaning is not the main focus of, the platform has quickly become well-known for its fantastic email list cleaning services. Despite being new to the industry, it has quickly become one of the top names in the minds of email marketers.

Best email list cleaning services - assists you in maintaining the effectiveness of your email campaign by offering accurate vital metrics like conversion rates, open rates, and many more. Additionally, this magical tool will enable you to collect email addresses from LinkedIn per your needs.

Regarding email list cleaning, we would classify it as a fantastic tool that efficiently removes all the invalid or abandoned emails from your bulk subscriber list and keeps your email list free of any form of bad email addresses.’s fundamental qualities are as follows:

  • It helps you keep your email list accurate by eliminating outdated or weak emails
  • It supports real-time verification
  • It can operate bulk email verification
  • It boosts the deliverability of your emails
  • You won’t need to add a business email during the log-in process
  • Email list cleansing outcomes are always authentic with the help of its anti-greylisting technology

Pricing: makes you a free offer. Up to 50 credits can be claimed free each month. Additionally, much like all other cleaning services, it has a monthly price.

  • 1000 credits will cost $39 monthly 
  • 5000 credits will cost $99 monthly 
  • 20000 credits will cost $189 monthly 
  • 50000 credits will cost $369 monthly 
  • 100000 credits will cost $738 monthly 


MailGet, just like all the other email list cleaning services, concentrates on expanding email deliverability by lowering bounce rates. Until now, they have been doing it effortlessly and are regarded as one of the market’s best.

best email list cleaning services - MailGet

MailGet’s setup and navigation are very simple and straightforward. Simply purchase a plan, upload your email list, and click clean list! That’s all you need to do to have your newly updated email list!

Mailjet’s fundamental qualities are as follows:

  • Experts at detecting all types of errors and junk emails, such as syntax errors, spam traps, disposable emails, etc.
  • It can detect DEA & Spam-trap
  • Mailjet improves inbox placement by up to 99%
  • The MX server verification feature is now available
  • You have the option to incorporate multiple drip emails and autoresponders
  • It has a straightforward drag-and-drop feature
  • There is intelligent segmentation based on bounces and clicks
  • It integrates with Wufoo, Zapier, and Google Analytics

Pricing: MailGet email list cleaning service comes with various pricing options. You can select a customized price plan for up to 10 million emails, and the cost will be calculated accordingly. Here are some fundamental plans –

  • Cleaning up to 1000 emails will cost $5
  • Cleaning up to 5000 emails will cost $15
  • Cleaning up to 10,000 emails will cost $25
  • Cleaning up to 15,000 emails will cost $37
  • Cleaning up to 50,000 emails will cost $84


Xverify is yet another solution that can meet your requirements intelligently and effectively. In fact, it is a choice that will benefit you throughout your entire email marketing journey.

Best email list cleaning services - Xverify

Regarding response time, Xverify is lightning-fast, and its super-fast mechanism keeps it ahead of the competition. Because of this quality, many digital and email marketers consider them first.

Xverify also looks after your security. If anyone provides false information, it will detect it immediately and notify you. Furthermore, it does not immediately remove an email address for a typo error but suggests that you make a change.

If you are from Europe, we strongly advise you to go for it!

Xverify’s fundamental qualities are as follows:

  • It detects all types of invalid emails and efficiently recognizes the spam trap
  • Email verification in website forms through real-time API or integration with Fromstack and Jotform
  • Xverify protects you from scams and attackers
  • It is completely accurate
  • It provides detailed report on email address blocking
  • Very simple to use
  • Improve email deliverability effortlessly

Pricing: Xverify’s pricing structure is straightforward. However, its plan has several pricing tiers.

  • Cleaning 5,000 emails will cost $40
  • Cleaning 10,000 emails will cost $70
  • Cleaning 15,000 emails will cost $105
  • Cleaning 20,000 emails will cost $140
  • Cleaning 25,000 emails will cost $150


EmailListVerify is one of the best options if we consider user-friendliness and cost. When it comes to accuracy, EmailListVerify claims to be 99% accurate. Besides, their user has given them a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Best email list cleaning services - EmailListVerify

EmailListVerify provides its users with a nice and well-decorated dashboard. Not only that, but it is simple to use and requires no established expertise.

EmailListVerify provides a free tool for obtaining email addresses from any text document. Besides, it has many dynamic extra features that will assist you in checking the health of your email sending domain, MX records for any domain, and many other necessary metrics.

 EmailListVerify’s fundamental qualities are as follows:

  • It efficiently filters out invalid email addresses, including incorrect syntax, disposable emails, and expired addresses
  • It supports bulk email verification
  • You can use API integration to instantly verify emails in your signup forms
  • It is capable of detecting and removing duplicate emails
  • Integrates with a variety of email marketing services

Pricing: EmailListVerify also outperforms most of its competitors in terms of pricing! When you register for the first time, you will receive 100 email cleaning credits for free.

  • Pay as you go:
    – Cleaning up to 1,000 emails costs $4
    – Cleaning up to 5,000 emails costs $15
    – Cleaning up to 10,000 emails costs $24
    – Cleaning up to 25,000 emails costs $49
    – Cleaning up to 50,000 emails costs $89
  • Monthly: EmailListVerify offers six monthly subscription plans. The first package costs $139 monthly for cleaning 5,000 emails daily.


For any email marketer who prioritizes a small but powerful email list over one with a ton of inactive subscribers, Emailable is yet another reliable choice. What does Emailable say about its services, by the way? It claims to have cleansed more than 19 billion emails so far.

Best email list cleaning services - emailable

Leading corporations like Box, Seagate, Matrix, and others have placed their trust in Emailable, and if you read the customer reviews, you’ll see that most of its clients are satisfied with its services.

Because it integrates API keys, Emailable will save you a ton of time. You won’t be wasting time on additional filtration. Furthermore, it works with all email service providers. 

 Emaichecker’s fundamental qualities are as follows:

  • It helps you to maintain a clean contact list by instantly identifying any weak email addresses
  • Provides real-time verification service for both individual addresses and groups of addresses
  • It can verify 30K+ emails per minute
  • It provides a comprehensive B2B cloud platform
  • You can improve your email deliverability by up to 99%
  • It is highly skilled at identifying spam traps

Pricing: Emailable offers numerous adjustable price options depending on your email list-

  • Pay as you go: It offers multiple options starting from $30 for 5000 credits
  • Monthly: Monthly plan starts from $25.50 for 5000 credits


The name of this email list cleaning service should be enough to reassure you about their services. NeverBounce claims that the list it provides you after cleaning is 99.9% deliverable! Isn’t that what we look for in an email list cleaning service?

Best email list cleaning services - NeverBounce

NeverBounce continuously validates, verifies, and cleans your email list. It detects and deletes all idle, duplicate, and disposable email addresses automatically and permanently. As a result of their effective and awesome email cleaning service, big names like Dell, Indeed, Yelp, and others have placed their trust in them.

Never Bounce’s fundamental qualities are as follows:

  • It uses 20+ processes to clean your email list
  • NeverBounce lets you customize and download your cleaned email list based on deliverability and undeliverability
  • It is the only email list cleaning tool that removes duplicate and incorrectly formatted emails for free
  • It can monitor the live status of your domain
  • Ensures complete data privacy and security
  • Provides a comprehensive set of APIs in eight programming languages
  • It generates report in five categories: valid, invalid, accept all, unknown, and disposable

Pricing: Just like other cleaning services NeverBounce offers services in two categories-

  • Pay As You Go:
    – Cleaning up to 1,000 emails costs $8
    – Cleaning up to 5,000 emails costs $40
    – Cleaning up to 10,000 emails costs $50
    – Cleaning up to 15,000 emails costs $75
  • Monthly:
    – Cleaning up to 1,000 emails costs $10
    – Cleaning up to 10,000 emails costs $49
    – Cleaning up to 25,000 emails costs $99


Now comes, Clearout, yet another great email list cleaning service! It is one of the market’s most user-friendly email list cleaning services. In terms of efficiency, Clearout claims to be 98% accurate.

Best email list cleaning services - Clearout

Clearout performs 20 validation checks while cleaning your bulk email list. As a result, there would be no way for invalid email addresses to go undetected! At the end of the day, you’ll have a clean and efficient email list, and your email deliverability will earn the boost you’ve been hoping for!

 Clearout’s fundamental qualities are as follows:

  • Find all of the incorrect email addresses right away
  • Clearout guarantees your domain network’s validity
  • It contains autosuggest functions and will autocomplete spelling errors, reducing typos
  • Compliant with GDPR
  • Customer service is available round-the-clock

Pricing: Clearout provides three different pricing plans (pay as you go, monthly subscription, annual subscription). With the pay-as-you-go rate, 3,000 credits cost $21 and 10,000 credits cost $58. A monthly subscription for 5,000 credits costs $31.50 and 10,000 credits cost $5

Things to consider before choosing an email list cleaning service

With the multiple cleaning services mentioned earlier, you might get lost in the crowd due to multiple alternatives and become confused about how to pick the best email list cleaning service. So what things should you consider before making the final call?

 Let’s find out!

  • How easy is it to navigate?

    This is a consideration if you are not an expert in handling complex tools. In fact, the majority of us aren’t. We recommend choosing an easy-to-use service.
  • Is it genuine?

    Building an email list takes a lot of time and effort. You simply cannot afford to lose an email address due to incorrect data. That is why you should consider the accuracy before making your call.

  • Is real-time verification present?

    Real-time verification is important to check the authenticity of your new subscribers. When you enable real-time verification on your subscription forms it ensures that only verified emails are accepted.

  • Does it support bulk email verification and cleaning?

    Bulk email verification is very important if you own a large email list. It’ll help you to distinguish between valid and invalid emails on a large scale. It also lets you clean your list via file uploads, with the best ones integrating directly with your email service provider for effortless subscriber import/export.

  • Can it identify toxic domains?

    Toxic domains hold negative impressions due to spam or abusive activities and can hamper your email deliverability and reputation. So make sure the provider supports the identification and elimination of toxic domains.

  • Blocklist monitoring present?

    Blocklist filters spam emails from reaching the target audience. If your domain or IP appears on a block list then it’s a red signal. This can hurt your email deliverability. But blocklist monitoring feature will inform you if your domain/IP is entered in a blocklist.
  • What are the users saying?

    Don’t let the volume of blog posts in your search feed overwhelm you. Read the user reviews to determine whether what these blog posts are saying is accurate. Besides, check to see if they have been thoroughly tested.
  • Is the pricing fair?

    Pricing for email list cleaning services is extremely fuzzy. Keep in mind that you don’t have to clean out your email list every month. So you should select a service offering a pay-as-you-go option instead of a monthly or annual plan.

Bonus: Email list cleaning best practices

Prevention is better than cure, right? So, as an email marketer, we recommend that you take some tried-and-true steps to keep your email list clean.

Keep in mind that we’re not talking about an email list with exactly zero weak or abandoned email addresses but rather an email list with the fewest weak or abandoned email addresses.

To keep your email list as clean as possible, keep the following things in mind:

  • Maintain email list health: Quantity adds no value without quality. So regularly clean your email list to enhance its quality by removing duplicates, typing errors, inactive users, bounced emails, and other unnecessary elements.
  • Employ double opt-ins: Use double opt-in verification to confirm if users want to receive emails from you. FluentCRM sends automatic confirmation emails, allowing users to reconsider and reduce spam and fake submissions.
enable double opt-in

This will help you keep your email list clean and improve your email deliverability.

  • Manage bounce rate: Regularly check your email bounce rate to identify typos or invalid addresses, ensuring a clean and active email list.
clean email list using advanced filtering

You can easily identify and manage your inactive contacts by simply selecting the advanced filtering option from FluentCRM.

  • Provide an “opt-down” option: Remember not everyone wants all updates after subscribing. So let them choose the frequency by offering an opt-down option to improve email delivery. This keeps them on the list without overwhelming them with unnecessary emails.
  • Delete inactive subscribers: Do not simply overload your email list with inactive subscribers. Subscribers who never open, click, or interact with your emails are worthless. Remove them from your list without hesitation!

Keep your email list clean!

Email marketing is like the goose that laid the golden eggs. However, she must be properly fed to ensure a consistent supply of eggs!

Create your own email list, employ a list cleaning service, and keep it clean for the best results. We hope our list of the best email list cleaning services was useful in making your decision. Did we miss any that you like?

Let us know in the comments section!

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