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FluentCRM 2.9.0: Dynamic WooCoupons, Enhanced Contact Segmentation, Company Module Modification & Bug Fixes!

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It’s been a while since our last update, but trust us, we’ve been anything but idle.

Since user satisfaction is our top priority, our tech wizards have been working hard to ensure your FluentCRM experience is as smooth as possible.

So now, we’re back with another exciting update!

Let’s dive into what’s new in FluentCRM 2.9.0 without further ado.

Dynamic Coupon Creation (WooCommerce)

As you probably know, FluentCRM’s integration with WooCommerce allows you to automate various tasks, from creating contacts to managing marketing automation, making your life easier.

And guess what? It just got even better with the new “Dynamic Coupon Creating” feature!

Previously, you had to prepare WooCommerce marketing coupons for discounts, gift cards, and more. With FluentCRM, you can use the Create Coupon tag to generate unique WooCoomerce discount coupons for your contacts.

Create Coupon Tag - WooCommerce

This new coupon tag allows you to:

  • Configure from scratch
  • Use existing coupon as template

Let’s consider: You want to create a new coupon from scratch, simply add a “Coupon Code Prefix”, and a random six-digit suffix will be added automatically. Then, set your preferred discount amount, along with its type and your coupon will be ready to share.

Coupon Smart Code

Once you’ve created a coupon using the tag, you’ll find a dynamic smart code in the coupon configuration panel. Just paste this code into your custom email to send the coupon to your contacts.

Additionally, by enabling the coupon restriction box, you can limit the coupon usage to specific contacts you choose.

Contact Bulk Actions

Now you can filter contacts and select all the contacts for your bulk operations. This will simplify your overall workflow and saves lots of time for the bulk actions. No matter how many contacts you have, FluentCRM will apply the bulk actions to all the selected contacts!


Company Module Enhanced 

With each update, we not only try to bring new features but we bring major modifications to existing features. These modifications are sometimes brought as per user request or to bring more convenience for users.

In 2.9.0, we have brought some modifications to the company module.

Custom Field Creation 

Imagine you have additional data to add to your company details. So far, FluentCRM doesn’t have any designated field for adding additional information. But with FluentCRM’s Custom Field feature, you can do it within a few clicks!

Company Module: Custom Field

Custom Fields will allow you to configure customizable fields in your company details to provide more data or information to your company details.

Company Module: Custom Field Details

To find this, go to the Company module then select an existing company details, you will find the option to create an additional field. Moreover, the custom field will be added below the social links panel.

Company Module: Custom Field Addition

Company Filtering Improvement

By filtering data based on specific criteria, you can create highly targeted campaigns. This increases the effectiveness of your efforts.

With the latest update to our company module filtering option, you can now effortlessly filter companies by industry and company type.

Company Filtering Improvement

This means – you can quickly pull up a list of all companies from your database as per your needs.

Advance Contact Segmentation

Contact filtering based on specific criteria is crucial when you wish to send personalized or targeted campaigns to your users.

Now, imagine you want to send customized emails to the decision-makers such as CEOs and CTOs of a financial industry. After this update, you can do something similar.

With this update, you can filter your contacts based on their industry and type. To use this feature, go to contacts then enable the advanced filtering option after that select contact segmentation to filter contacts based on industry and type.

Advance Contact Segmentation

Create Tags & List on the Fly 

Previously, in individual contact details, you could only assign contacts to existing lists or tags, creating new tags or lists from the contact details panel wasn’t possible.

However, with FluentCRM 2.9.0, this task has become much simpler. Now, you can create tags or lists directly within the contact details panel and assign your contacts to them on the spot.

Create Tags & List on the Fly

This new feature is designed to make list and tag creation more convenient for FluentCRM users.

Global Automation Activities

Up until now, monitoring or individually checking automation activities in FluentCRM has been the norm. However, a new feature has been introduced: Activities checking option now appears above the automation panel.

Global Automation Activities

This enhancement enables users to oversee all automation activities globally from one centralized platform. Keeping track of various automation tasks, providing a full view of the workflows.

Bricks Builder Integrations

A lot of our users use Bricks Builder to build their sites. In this version, you can now use FluentCRM tags/lists to show or hide your content elements.

image 1

PHP API & REST API Improvements

FluentCRM is used by different types of users including advanced users who build custom solutions using the PHP API and REST API. In this version, we have combined a few data attributes to reduce the API calls and simplify the overall developer experience. Now you can use a single API call (PHP / REST / Webhook) to attach/detach tags or lists. Now, the API also accepts dynamic strings for your tags so it will create the tags/lists if not available. Please checkout the updated PHP Documentation here and REST API Documentation here.

Bug Fixes & Enhancement

As mentioned earlier, our commitment to user satisfaction drives us to improve our product based on user feedback continually.

In FluentCRM 2.9.0, we’ve addressed several issues to enhance your experience:

  • Better CSV import
  • Custom usernames now work in WP user creation
  • Fixed Issues with Thrive Suites Plugins
  • Merged API Requests to boost performance
  • Fixed CSV uploads for different PHP versions
  • Corrected WP user merge code for multiple password reset links

Enhance Your Marketing Game

We believe that features like dynamic coupon creation, and industry-specific contact segmentation will help you optimize your marketing efforts more standardized way.

Additionally, the bug fixes and improvements in FluentCRM 2.9.0 will enhance the user experience, making our plugin more user-friendly for our existing customers.

Finally, we appreciate your continued support and feedback.  And, look forward to bringing more exciting updates.

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