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550+ Email Spam Trigger Words to Avoid: Keep Your Mails Out of the Spam Folder [+ Alternatives]

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“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”

– Philip Kotler

From the quote of Philip Kotler, the father of Digital Marketing, we can clearly understand the importance of “unhappy customers”. But again, as long as they are ‘customers’.

So, you want to engage with your clients but again, you don’t want to spam their mailbox and lose them forever. Do you? 

If your answer is No, let’s take a look at what you can do to keep your mail out of the spam folder and keep your ‘customer’ as ‘your customers’. And the easiest way of all is to write an email without spam words. 

But first, you need to know what spam trigger words are.

Let’s dive in then!

What are Spam Trigger Words?

Spam trigger words are the keywords and phrases that notify email providers (Gmail, Yahoo, Zoho, iCloud, etc) that a mail can be spam. After the email service gets a notification, the mail is sent to the receiver’s spam folder. And then your email is lost in the darkness of the spam folder, forever!

Some of the common email spam words are “free”, “act now”, “get rich quick”, “winner” etc. Though many email marketers use these words frequently, you don’t want to be one of them if you want your mail to reach your customers. Stay with us and find out how to prevent this tragedy from happening to you! 

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Traits Every Spam Triggering Words or Phrase Have

More than 46.8% of emails sent and received in December 2023 were spam! – Statista

It Is never possible to make a comprehensive list of all email spam trigger words or phrases. But the spam-triggering words or phrases have some common characteristics, by which mail can be easily distinguished.

Some of the traits are:

Manipulative Words

While what email marketing requires the most is CTA (Call for Action) for its target customers, overdoing it might make it seem fake. You can take advice from Aesop’s Fables Shepherd Boy’s story and keep it to a minimum. Urging them too much will cause your company’s email marketing KPIs to decrease. 

Some words that hold this trait are-  Urgent, Act now, Immediately, etc.

Outlandish Claims

Email marketing contains the key idea that ‘you have to sell your product’. But you should know the difference between selling and overselling. Claiming something improbable will only result in mistrust. 

Some words with this common trait are- Once in a lifetime, Reverse aging, Money-back guarantee,  No hidden costs, Free money, etc. 

Inappropriate Greetings

Every email marketing strategy starts with warming your clients up. While this process is lengthy, you shouldn’t try to make it fast by ‘pretending’ to be their friends. It’s 2024, and customers know you are not their ‘friends’. 

When you address your customers ‘Dear’, their mailbox instantly knows you’re lying. Therefore, try to avoid- Dear, Hello (with no name included), etc words as greetings.

Needy and Spammy Subject Lines

Being reliable is the first rule of thumb to be a good marketer. You may end up in the spam box if you are overly polite or needy to your recipient or email provider. So, rather than using ‘please open this mail’, ‘click here’, and ‘can we have a moment of your time?’ try to be honest and concise. 

Words that Say Your Email Isn’t Spam

No liar ever says he is a liar. So why would an email say it is ‘not spam’ if it is not spam?

So, rather than using ‘Not spam’, ‘Not junk’, or ‘Spam free’, try to let the mail speak for you. This will keep your mail directly crash-landing into your client’s spam folder. 

Filtering spam-triggering words helps emails land safely, however, sorting through traits can be tedious. Skip the hassle by avoiding common spam triggers for a quick solution. 

To find out, take a quick look! 

Types of Spam Trigger Words

Why go through a tiring process when you can avoid certain words and save your emails from being marked as ‘spam’?

We assembled around 550+ spam words below. To make things easier, we’ve neatly organized them into categories, so you can focus solely on the niche that matters to you.

Sales & Marketing

Email Spam Triggering Words: Sales Mail Spam Words

Sales and marketing is the sector that uses the most spam mail, which accounts for 36% of all spam mail around the globe! –Mailmodo

You don’t wanna be another of this 36%, do you?  Then, here are a few words you need to skip in your newsletter or your mail. 

The spam-triggering keywords in sales and marketing are:

% Satisfied%off
NewAsseen on
Auto email removalAvoidBargain
Be amazedBonusBrand new pager
Bulk emailBuyBuy direct
Buying judgmentsCable converterCall
Call freeCall nowCan’t live without
Cancel at any timeCasinoCelebrity
ChanceClaims not to be selling anythingClearance
ClickClick belowClick here
Click to removeCompareCompare
Compare ratesCompete for your businessCopy accurately
Copy DVDsDealDirect email
Direct marketingDo it todayDon’t delete
Don’t hesitate!DormantEmail harvest
Email marketingExplode your businessF r e e
Fantastic dealFor just $(insert whatever amount)For Only
FormFreeFree consultation
Free DVDFree hostingFreedom
GetGet it awayGet it now
Gift certificateGive it awayGuarantee
GuaranteedHave you been turned down?Have you been turned down?
Increase salesIncrease trafficIncrease your sales
Incredible dealInternet marketInternet marketing
It’s effectiveJoin millionsJoin millions of Americans
Laser printerLeaveLifetime
Lifetime accesslimited timeLimited time offer
Long distance phone offerLoseLuxury car
Mail in order formMaintainedMarketing
Marketing solutionsMass emailMedium
MemberMiracleMonth trial offer
More Internet TrafficMulti level marketingNever
New domain extensionsNo age restrictionsNo cost
No disappointmentNo gimmickNo inventory
No middlemanNo obligationNo purchase necessary
No questions askedNo sellingNo strings attached
Now onlyOne hundred percent freeOne hundred percent guaranteed
One time mailingOnline marketingOpen
OpportunityOpt inOrder
Order nowOrder shipped byPasswords
PerformancePrint form signaturePrint out and fax
Priority mailPrizePrizes
ProblemProduced and sent outPromise you
QuoteQuotesRemoval instructions
RemoveReserves the rightReverses
SampleSatisfactionSave $
Save big moneySearch engine listingsSearch engines
See for yourselfSerious onlyShopping spree
Sign up free todaySolutionStainless steel
StopStrong buyStuff on sale
The best ratesThe following formThey’re just giving it away
This isn’t a scamThis isn’t junkThis isn’t spam
This won’t lastUndisclosed recipientUnlimited
VacationVacation offersVisit our website
WarrantyWe hate spamWe honor all
Web trafficWeekend getawayWhile supplies last
While you sleepWho really wins?Will not believe your eyes
WonYou are a winner!You have been selected
% freeAccept credit cardsAccess
AdAmazingAuto email removal
Being a memberBest priceBilling address
Bulk emailCancel at any timeCannot be combined with any other offer
Cards acceptedDear [email/friend/somebody]Dig up dirt on friends
Direct emailDirect marketingEmail harvest
Email marketingFree giftFree leads
Free previewFree sampleFree trial
Full refundGet started nowGift certificate
Give it awayGreat offerIf only it were that easy
Important information regardingIncrease trafficInfo you requested
Information you requestedInternet marketInternet marketing
MaintainedMarketingMarketing solutions
Mass emailMemberMember stuff
Message containsMessage contains disclaimerMLM
Multi level marketingMulti-level marketingName brand
No catchNo disappointmentNo hidden
Not intendedObligationOffer
Online marketingOrder statusPlease read
Safeguard noticeSatisfactionSatisfaction guaranteed
Search engine listingsSearch enginesSent in compliance
SolutionSpecial promotionSupplies are limited
Talks about hidden chargesTells you it’s an adTerms and conditions
The following formThis isn’t junkThis isn’t spam
TrialWe hate spamWeb traffic
Weekend getawayAs seen onBargain
Be amazedBonusBuy direct
Buying judgmentsCallCall free
Can’t live withoutCheapClaims not to be selling anything
ClearanceClick to removeCollect
Compare ratesCompete for your businessDeal
Don’t hesitate!Explode your businessF r e e
Fantastic dealFor just $(insert whatever amount)For Only
Free DVDFree hostingGet it now
GuaranteeGuaranteedHave you been turned down?
Increase salesIncrease your salesIncredible deal
It’s effectiveJoin millionsJoin millions of Americans
Lifetimelimited timeLimited time offer
Long distance phone offerMail in order formMoney back
New domain extensionsNo costNo gimmick
No inventoryNo middlemanNo obligation
No questions askedNo sellingNo strings attached
No-obligationNowNow only
One hundred percent freeOne hundred percent guaranteedOpportunity
Order shipped byProblemPromise you
SalesSave $Save big money
See for yourselfSerious onlySign up free today
Strong buyStuff on saleSuccess
The best ratesThey’re just giving it awayThis isn’t a scam
This won’t lastUnlimitedUrgent
WarrantyWe honor allWhile supplies last
While you sleepWill not believe your 

Email marketing is crucial for Sales, and it’s tough to write a mail without using any of these words. But, it is not impossible. For example: 

  • Instead of %, $, use ‘percentage’, ‘dollar’
  • Try to use ‘Reasonable’, and ‘On the house’, as alternatives to ‘cheap’, ‘free’, ‘No cost’, etc spam words. 
  • Instead of ‘Call’  you can use ‘Contact’ as an alternative. 

The simplest tip of all, you can always use synonyms. This will not only keep your mail out of the spam folder but also will give your email a unique brand tone.


Email Spam Trigger Words: finance/financial  mail spam words

While ‘sales’ aims to expand the organization’s customer base, ‘ finance’ focuses on profitability.

Additionally, financial communication walks a tightrope between compelling and spammy. While the focus on profitability makes financial terms inherently persuasive, it also makes them vulnerable to spam filters.

 Some email spam words you need to skip are: 

#1$$$Additional income
Apply OnlineAvoid bankruptcyBe your own boss
BeneficiaryBig bucksBillion
Billion dollarsCalling creditorsCash
Cash bonusCasinoCents on the dollar
CheckCheck or money orderCollect child support
Consolidate debt and creditConsolidate your debtCost
CostsCreditCredit bureaus
Credit card offersDiscountDouble your
Double your incomeEarnEarn $
Earn extra cashEarn per weekEasy terms
Eliminate bad creditEliminate debtExpect to earn
Extra incomeFast cashFinance
Financial freedomFinancially independentFor free
For just $xxxFree grant moneyFree investment
Free moneyGet out of debtGet paid
Hidden assetsHidden chargesHome based
Home employmentHome Based businessIncome
Income from homeInvestmentInvestment decision
LeaveLoansLower interest rate
Lower interest ratesLower monthly paymentLower your mortgage rate
Lowest insurance ratesMake $Make money
MillionMillion dollarsMoney
Money makingMortgageMortgage rates
Multi-level marketingNigerianNo credit check
No feesNo investmentOff shore
One timeOnline biz opportunityOnly $
Pennies a dayPotential earningsPre-approved
PricePricesPrint form signature
ProfitsPure ProfitsRefinance
Refinance homeRefinanced homeRisk free
Save up toSerious cashSocial security number
Stock alertStock disclaimer statementStock pick
Subject to cashSubject to creditThey keep your money – no refund
ThousandsUnsecured creditUnsecured credit/debt
Unsecured debtUS dollarsUS $ 
Why pay more?WinnerWinning
Work at homeWork from homeYour income

If you read the ‘Sales and marketing’ section in this article, you will see spam words from ‘sales and marketing’ are very similar to the spam words used in the ‘ finance’ section. But using alternatives to these email spam-triggering words in the finance sector is tricky. 

But, we have not one, but a few tricks for you! Those are- 

  • try a few approaches such as using synonyms
  • Instead of ‘work from home’ you can use remote job’
  •  Instead of ‘stock Alert’, ‘Stock-Pile’ etc. stock related words, mention the scenario and statistics of the stock market of that day, or month
  • always hyperlink in the stats

 This will make your email more believable and definitely out of the spam folder. 


Email Spam Trigger Words: finance/financial  mail spam words

With e-commerce, anybody can shop from home while casually surfing through Netflix. This convenience is a goldmine for business. 

 But, the goldmine might just backfire to black-hole by crash landing in a spam box if you are not careful enough about the word choice in your mail!

Some email spam words you must avoid when it comes to e-commerce mail are- 

Buying judgmentsClearanceConfidentially on all orders
Internet marketingOrderOrder status
Order todayOrders shipped byOrders shipped by
Orders shipped by shopperOutstanding valuesSample
shopperWants credit cardWill not believe your eyes
WinningWinner What are you waiting for?
While supplies lastYou have been selectedYou are a winner
You are the winner!!!!  

We all agree on the part that e-commerce is nothing less than a goldmine when it comes to business. But you consider keeping it as a goldmine for your organization or company, you better start using alternatives of the spam triggering words. For example: 

  • Rather than saying ‘Will not believe your eyes’,  try to use ‘Spectacular’, ‘Amazing’, ‘Incredible’ etc words. 
  • Instead of ‘As seen on’ try using ‘Recommended by’, ‘Featured In’ etc, and always try to present your product with client’s reviews. 
  • As an alternative to ‘Order’ and the other words related to ‘Order’, try to use ‘Purchase’
  • Instead of using words like ‘lottery’, ‘Winner’  try saying ‘Giveaway’ and try to hint toward an impartial selection process. 

And there is another strict reminder that- Never ever ask for a credit card number directly. Show them other payment options and let them choose. Following these tips will not only increase reliability but also build a long-term connection.


Email Spam Triggering Words: Medical Email Spam Words

Healthcare is a booming industry and so is the spam email related to the healthcare industry.

Health-related spam is the second most common which is around 27%! – National Library of Medicine

 You want your ‘Patients’ or ‘Customers’ to be constant to you, not to be ‘Driven away’ by too much spamming. 

Check these as spam trigger words, and next time when you send your clients any mail, consider avoiding these: 

Eradicate cancer now FASTHuman
Growth hormoneInsurance Lose weightInstant pain relief
LifeLoseLose weight fast 
MedicineNo medical examsNo age restrictions
Online pharmacyRemoves wrinklesReverses aging
Revolutionary diet Secret formula Stop
Xanax Weight Spam Weight Loss
snoringValium ViagraVicodin

Okay, so get it in your mind very clearly. Your clients need service, not false hope. So, don’t give them anything unrealistic.  

But what can you do? Don’t worry, we have a remedy for you. Try using the alternative solution stated below- 

  • In place of email spam triggering words like- ‘Reverse aging’, ‘No age restrictions’, ‘Eradicate Cancer now’, ‘Growth Hormone’, ‘Removes wrinkles’, ‘Secret Formula’, give them personalized solutions or tests based on their medical history.
  • Rather than suggesting ‘online pharmacies’, you can extend your service by mentioning ‘Home delivery’ of required meds or tests
  • In the case of ‘Life’, ‘Human’ etc words, your target is human, that is why you are mailing them. No need to remind them that they are human.
  • Try to mention specific medicines instead of just saying ‘Medicine’

Following these tips will guarantee your emails land in inboxes. About fostering trust and growth in the healthcare industry – it all hinges on your exceptional service. 


Email Spam Triggering Words: Spam Words in Legal Mail

As the legal field is surging digitally, online resources and consultations are making legal help accessible. This creates a large potential client pool for lawyers, but competition is fierce. Some resort to tempting tactics like misleading subject lines or “guaranteed win’. 

But this backfires in the trust-based legal world. Spam lands in inboxes and damages reputations. So, to save your law firm or organization’s mail reputation, try to skip the words listed below- 

Buy directClaimsClaims to be in accordance with some spam law
Claims to be legalCertifiedClearance
Collect child supportConfidentialityHome mortgage
LoansLower interest rateLower interest rates
Lower monthly paymentLower your mortgage rateLowest insurance rates
Lowest interest rateLowest rateLowest rates
No hidden feesNo interestNo investment

Every legal firm can not be another ‘Better Call Saul’ and you don’t have to be. Just building clear communication and trust is more than enough to create a surge of clients.

 Try to follow the points below to skip the spam words:

  • instead of ‘Lowest insurance rates’, try using ‘Competitive Insurance’, ‘Get Affordable Coverage’ etc phrases
  • In the case of ‘No hidden fees’, you can use ‘Transparent Pricing’, or ‘Upfront Costs’. This will build trust and credibility. 
  • In place of  ‘Lower monthly payment’ try to use ‘Affordable Options’, or ‘Budget-Friendly Plans’. 
  • Instead of ‘Claims’ use ‘Features’, or ‘Benefits’ that need to be backed by data. 
  • In case of the spam word ‘Certified’, try to use ‘Accredited’, ‘Trusted’, or ‘Recognized’ and use a relevant authority as a reference. 

And, always be clear about your service and back it up with data and legal documents. This will not only keep your mail out of your client’s spam box but also create a safe space between you and your client.

Current Events 

Email Spam Triggering Words: Current Events Spam Words in Mail

Knowing about current events lets us stay Informed, and build diverse Perspectives: They can offer a curated selection of news from various sources -giving you a broader picture, and are extremely convenient when they are directly delivered to mailboxes. 

But it won’t have even the slightest impact when the newsletters go to the spam box, in place of your inbox!

So, you might want to skip these words listed below, if you wish to reach the client’s inbox:

Cash PrizeClick right away! Just for selected few
NEW PRODUCT ALERT!!!Private island giveawaySAVE SAVE SAVE!!!

In today’s digital world, information bombards us constantly. But while avoiding spam is important, staying up-to-date on current events is just as crucial. But which words can you use as alternatives? The answer is given below: 

  • In place of ‘cash prize’, you can mention ‘exclusive Offers’
  • ‘Click right away’ is a very inefficient term. In place of ‘click right away’, say clearly what is your CTA (call for action). You can always direct them to your website, by saying “Learn more’ and hyperlink ‘learn more’. 
  • For any urgency or anything else ‘SAVE SAVE SAVE!!!’, try to explain through one lined subject that presents the danger of skipping your mail. 

Following the steps will help you to write a current event newsletter that doesn’t contain email spam trigger words.  


Email Spam Triggering Words: Science Mail Spam Words

Who isn’t curious about the latest scientific discoveries? Human beings are curious by nature. 

This is why most of us sign up for Science newsletters. But, often the recipient’s spam folder is swapped by this sort of newsletter. You might end up losing your subscribers if all your mail goes to their spam folder. 

To save your mail from landing up in spam folder jail, try to avoid these words- 

Act Now

RevolutionaryGuaranteedSecret Formula
Risk-FreeInstant ResultsUnlimited
CureExclusive Offer 

In the case of a science newsletter or mail, your recipient wants genuine information. So, giving them impossible click baits will result in mistrust in email provider service, and boom! Your mail lands in the client’s spam folder. 

Therefore try following the steps below 

  • Instead of  ‘Miracle’, ‘revolutionary’, etc spam words with words like ‘Amazing’, ‘Innovative’,’ Radical’, etc words. 
  • As a replacement for email spam triggering the word ‘Risk-free’, try to use, ‘Minimal Side Effects’,
  • Use ‘Potential solution’ as a substitute for ‘secret formula’. 
  •  Try to replace ‘Instant result’, and email spam triggering words with ‘Rapid Effect’, ‘Long Lasting Results’, etc words. 

This will let the recipient know about your intention, service and research more clearly. At the same time, this will help to build a community of loyal subscribers. 

A spam mail, spotting the reason of being identified as spam (Image Source:

A Few ‘Must Do’ to Keep Your Mail Out of Customers Spam Folder 

Just skipping the spam-triggering word in your mail is never enough. A few more must-do will secure your mail’s position in the recipient’s inbox. Those are- 

  • Don’t send mail without their permission
  • Optimize for mobile
  • Avoid subjects with spam-triggering words 
  • Check up on your sender’s reputation and spam score 
  • Don’t send too many emails 
  • Send targeted and relevant content 
  • Keep an unsubscribe option 
  • Send personalized mails
  • Maintain a clean email list 
  • Use a reputable email service provider (ESP)
  • A/B test your subject lines

And, definitely Track your results. Keep track of your email open rates, unsubscribe rates, click rates, and click-through rates. These data can help you identify areas where you can improve your email marketing efforts.

Spam Words Free Mail Example: FluentCRM
A proper mail without any spam words (Image Source: FluentCRM mail template) 

Keep Mail Out of Spam Folder with Stealth and Precision- Like a Ninja 

Armed with this knowledge, we can guess, you’re now a spam-free email writer/ maestro. But, remembering 550+ spam words every time you write an email can be tough!

So, here’s a solution: Bookmark this blog. The next time you compose emails, open it up and take suggestions. Alternatively, you can use a tool like Mail Tester to check your email copy score. It’ll help to decrease the email bounce rate and keep your emails away from spam folders.

Moreover, by applying the alternatives you’ll learn the secrets to outsmarting spam filters and ensuring your inbox remains a haven for legitimate emails.

So, grab your metaphorical shuriken and prepare to dodge the spam folder!

Frequently Asked Questions

Before wrapping it up, let’s dive into some frequently asked questions about email spam triggers.

Phishing is malicious attempts to obtain sensitive data. Spam typically involves mass distribution of unsolicited advertising for products or services. Spam is usually without harmful intent. 

A spam filter is a software program or service designed to identify and remove unwanted or unsolicited email messages, known as spam, from a user’s inbox.

Email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc use various spam mail detectors. Such as Bayesian Filtering, Sender Policy Framework (SPF), DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), IP Reputation, Heuristic Analysis, URL Reputation, and many more techniques. And, not but least- these services use machine learning algorithms to identify spam mail based on mail’s pattern.

A/B testing in email involves sending different versions of a campaign to separate subscriber groups to determine which yields the best results. This will help you in client segmentation. Sending them personalized mail will keep your mail out of their spam folder. 

Email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook typically do not identify spelling mistakes alone as spam words. However, frequent misspellings or poorly constructed sentences may contribute to an email being flagged as spam if they are part of a larger pattern of suspicious or low-quality content.

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