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11 Real-life Thank You Page Examples to Improve Your Business Strategy [+Bonus Tips]

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When you order pancakes, you naturally expect maple syrup and butter to come along, right? The way pancakes are incomplete without maple syrup, your service is incomplete without a thoughtful appreciation to your audience.

So, just like maple syrup compliments a stack of pancakes, genuine appreciation whenever they use your services, compliments your visitor’s expectation. genuine appreciation.

A thank you page or a confirmation page isn’t just a warm-up; it’s a powerful approach to boost conversion rates. You probably have ideas for your page, but reviewing examples can refine your vision.

Let’s dive in and get inspired!

What is a Thank You Page?

A thank you page or, a confirmation page is the web page that customers or leads are directed to right after they complete a form or make a purchase on your site. In other words, a thank you page is a page that confirms user actions by expressing gratitude.

Unlike confirmation emails, viewers don’t need to open these pages, even though they serve similar purposes. You can consider this page as the final step in the conversion process and the initial step in customer retention.

When to Use a Thank You Page?

Timing is the most important of all. Now timing in this case is pretty simple.

Whenever your clients take any actions such as: signing up, making a purchase, submitting a form, downloading content, or registering for an event, they deserve heartfelt gratitude.

Now, consider: One of your visitors has submitted the form, so how do you confirm their action and redirect them to a custom confirmation page?

We have assembled some steps to help you understand how to redirect users to a custom thank you page!

Benefits of a Thank You Page

A well-crafted thank you page can have the same positive impact as a leading page. Yes, it’s that important!

By appreciating your visitors, you increase the chance to leave a lasting impression on your visitors and eventually turn them into a loyal customer.

A few of those benefits are:

  • Confirmation and Clarity: It provides transparency and reassures customers that their transaction was successful.
  • Everlasting First Impression: A simple act of gratitude can produce a positive impression and encourage visitors to return.
  • Gather Feedback: Use your page to invite customers to fill out a quick survey. Their insights can help you improve and grow.
  • Upsell Opportunities: This page is a prime spot to suggest related products or services. Your customers are already in a buying mood, so showcasing something they might love will increase your upsell opportunities.
  • Social Sharing: Encourage customers to connect with you on social media directly from the confirmation page. It’s free advertising and builds your brand’s online presence.
  • Add Strong CTA: Add a personal touch, such as a discount code for their next purchase. It’s a small incentive that can turn one-time buyers into repeat customers.

As you can understand the importance of it, add one today and watch your business thrive!

Check our form confirmation message to get the setup guidelines if you need any.

11 Thank You Page Examples that Drive Engagement

Learning theory is good but without analyzing examples it can be tough to understand. So, we have assembled a few examples to learn from analyzing them.

Without further adieu, let’s dive in!


Fluentcrm thank you page

FluentCRM is a powerful self-hosted email marketing automation plugin for WordPress, integrating lead management, email campaigns, automation sequences, and user monitoring effortlessly within your WordPress dashboard.

Now, on their confirmation page, they confirmed the subscription with a very sweet thank you. They also guide their clients seamlessly to their latest blogs to keep them updated about FluentCRM.

  • FluentCRM expressed their gratitude genuinely just like you would to your friends
  • Highlighted their latest work – in this case, their latest blogs
  • Asked their audience to try their product for free
  • Transparently confirms subscribers will get newsletters, tutorials, and tips in their email


Mailmunch thank you page

Mailmunch is a leading platform for growing email lists and engaging subscribers. On their page, they thank clients for signing up and provide clear instructions to get started.

Not just that, they promise to fix the link and email you if there’s an issue. Plus, they’ve included a convenient download button for easy access.

  • Mailmunch created a visually appealing page with minimal elements
  • Added a download now button and highlighted the button
  • Didn’t direct their clients to any other links. As a result, their customer’s buyer journey ends here.

The New York Times

new york times thank you page

The New York Times is a renowned American newspaper known for its comprehensive and high-quality journalism. This page of The New York Times confirms clients’ requests with a direct appreciation saying ‘Thank you’. 

Not only that, they added a CTA with an offer of 10% off, on the client’s first order.

  • The New York Times included options to learn more about their newspaper, just in one click
  • Kept their newspaper’s typography consistent
  • Added a sign-up or subscribe button with an additional incentive


target thank you page

Target’s motto is- Don’t let customers go. You can see that right after confirming their client’s action with a Thank You pop-up behind the cute puppy with the Target logo, they add several social links for customers to stay connected.

One thing Target nails at is their compelling visuals and emphasis on their logo.

  • Target used light humor with their visuals to create a comfortable space
  • Creatively presented their brand theme with minimal elements
  • Focused on their brand motto with concise writing
  • Added several options to connect to by customer’s preference

Marks & Spencer (M&S)

thank you page examples,what is thank you page,thank you page,thank you page design,confirmation page

Marks & Spencer, often abbreviated as M&S, is a well-known British multinational retailer with a rich history and a diverse range of products. Their specialty lies not only in clothing but also in their marketing strategies.

Their order page assures customers with a thank-you message and promises a donation to charity with each purchase, which is a very unique initiative that sets them apart. Along with that, they maintained a great brand presence with properly organized elements.

  • Mark and Spencer, included a strong CTA to encourage reordering
  • Provided an option for registration to enhance user engagement
  • Maintained consistent brand colors throughout the page
  • Added a social service element, such as a charity initiative, to stand out even more


dribbble thank you page

Dribbble is a go-to platform for designers, artists, and creative professionals to showcase their work, share projects, and connect with the design community. So, it makes sense that their pages would be packed with amazing visuals to keep clients engaged.

But here’s the thing—they don’t offer much beyond that. Without any link to connect with the community, the buyer’s journey pretty much ends right there.

  • Dribble made a creative with your approach with their design
  • Just added a button without any social proof, which is not a good practice
  • Didn’t add any social links, which decreased credibility

Monk Manual

monk manual thank you page

The Monk Manual is a productivity planner designed to help users integrate mindfulness into their daily lives. On their page, this motto is clearly visible through the display of their planner and genuine expressions of gratitude, setting them apart from others.

Their most effective strategy involves offering users free items for inviting a friend, while also providing options to track whether their friends have joined or not. Monk Manual even added a tracker with an additional offer that increases with the number of friends subscribed.

  • Monk Manual provided several options to choose from
  • Included an invitation link for easy referrals
  • Sweetened the deal with a special offer when users add their friends

The Name Stamp

the name stamp thank you page

The Name Stamp is a shop that makes customized stamps to imprint a person’s name or signature onto documents or other materials. On their confirmation page, they express gratitude for choosing them.

They didn’t just stop there, they even added a CTA with 20%, and sweetened the deal with cute suspense saying ‘secret offer’.

  • The Name Stamp created a cute suspense to keep their audience’s anticipated
  • Kept their page’s visual soft that compliments their products
  • Did not social media links, or any social proof, which is not suggested at all
  • Added a desirable discount offer with a code, but only for the customer’s next purchase

Pink Salt Riot

pink salt riot thank you page

Pink Salt Riot is a faith-based jewelry brand for Christian women that takes personalization to the next level. On their confirmation page, they address each customer by name, making them feel truly special. They also offer enticing options to add more items to the order or continue shopping, keeping customers engaged and appreciated.

This personalized touch not only welcomes clients but also encourages them to explore more of what Pink Salt Riot has to offer.

  • Pink Salt Riot overloaded their Thank You page with too many elements, which is not a good practice
  • Added a few more personalized items for their clients to choose from
  • Added an option to view all the products


mailbekary thank you

Mailbakery is a service that designs and codes email templates for marketing campaigns. On their confirmation page, they instructed their clients to take the next step right away and they mastered the art of personalization like a pro.

  • Mailbekary kept the page concise with few elements
  • Overly lengthy content made it easy to lose focus
  • Added a login button but with no social links, it is less credible

World Bicycle Relief

world bike relief thank you page

World Bicycle Relief fights poverty by giving people in developing communities durable bikes, empowering them to access education, healthcare, and economic opportunities.

While not a volunteer organization, World Bicycle Relief relies heavily on donations. They express their sincere gratitude with a user-friendly confirmation page that complements their mission. This minimal page features a design theme that reflects the organization’s work.

  • World Bike Relief thanks visitors for donations and mentions a receipt will be sent via email
  • Encourages to share about the gift and the positive impact of bicycles
  • Allow sending an e-card or print a card to share the news
  • Promotes fundraising and has a clear button to see organization policies

Traits of a Good Confirmation Page

thank you page elements example

Creating an effective confirmation page is the key to turning your audience into loyal clients. Now that you have seen so many real-life examples with in-depth analysis, you probably have a clear idea about the elements.

But just in case, here are a few essential elements for a well-crafted thank-you page:

  • Clear Confirmation Message: Start with a clear, heartfelt message. Appreciate your customers and acknowledge their actions.
  • CTA/Next Steps: Don’t end the buyer’s journey here. Include a call-to-action or guide them on the next steps to keep engaging with your brand.
  • Contact Information: Provide your contact details and social media handles. Invite customers to join your community.
  • Additional Offers: Engage customers with special offers. Keep their interest and encourage further interaction.
  • Social Proof/Engagement: Social proof builds trust. Include links to your client community or social media to increase engagement and show your value.

Implementing these elements will help you create a thank you page that shows heartfelt gratitude and keeps customers engaged with your brand.

But, remembering all this information can be tough! The solution?

Here’s a glimpse at a few of the dos and don’ts while creating the page:

Confirm the actionDon’t discuss financial details unless they are fully committed customers
Express direct gratitudeDon’t swamp the page with too many elements
Place your call to action or text above the foldNever neglect mobile optimization
Add social proof or referralNever leave them hanging

Following these tips, you can make a great page in a jiffy!

Creating a compelling confirmation page isn’t just about politeness—it’s a strategic move! By confirming actions, expressing genuine gratitude, and offering additional value, you can turn one-time customers into loyal customers.

Remember to keep it clear, concise, and optimized for mobile to ensure every interaction leaves a lasting impression. Implement these tips today and watch your business thrive!

Thank You Page Meme

Now, we thank You for being with us! Best of luck in creating a good thank you page!

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