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10 Best Valentine’s Fundraising Ideas to Inspire More Donations

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When we hear the word Valentine’s, it automatically brings feelings of love and kindness to our minds. People spend the most on occasions such as Valentine’s. According to recent research, Americans spent almost $23.9 billion on Valentine’s Day 2022.

Now, you may be wondering how Valentine’s Day can impact your non-profit, right?

A lot! Organizing a perfect fundraising plan can boost your fundraising during the season of love. If you’re looking for some Valentine’s fundraising ideas, look no further. In this article, we outlined some of the top Valentine’s fundraising ideas to boost donations for your non-profit organization.


Let’s start!

What is Valentine’s Fundraising?

Valentine’s Day is a day of love, romance, and kindness. It is one of the biggest untapped days of giving of the year. Valentine’s Day provides a fantastic opportunity to raise funds for your cause.

For example, the rose has been the symbol of love since medieval times.  So, selling roses on Valentine’s Day can be an excellent way to source more funds. Along with selling roses, there are other ideas to raise funds and in this blog, we will share some helpful fundraising ideas that work like magic.

How Valentine’s fundraising ideas can help a non-profit?

Asking for money is not always easy and pleasurable. People who’ll donate and the person who will receive both need kind hearts.

Now, people won’t want to do charity every day of the year. As a non-profit organizer, you always have to find a way to make any occasion fruitful. and Valentine’s Day is a great time for fundraising because people have the mood to spend. Such days are also when you have the scope to make emotional relationships with people. Keeping that in mind, it is only ideal to make a plan to start a fundraising campaign.

But before creating any fundraising plan, organizers must also think about the donor. Your plan must be cheerful for the donor. If your plan can’t attract donors, then it will become just another unsuccessful campaign. Remember, any fundraising plan has to start early. As Valentine’s Day happens in mid-February so, organize your plan in early February and start promoting as soon as possible.

10 Best Valentine’s Day Fundraising Ideas

Just as we mentioned, Valentine’s season is the time when people will want to be kind and giving. Thus, there are plenty of ways to raise funds during the Valentine’s season. So, here we listed some of the best Valentine’s fundraising ideas to spin the day of love into a day of giving!

Raise Funds with Flowers

Flowers are the most demanded thing on Valentine’s Day. So you can start a campaign to raise funds by selling flowers. You can include a card with each flower that tells the story of how every penny of their donation can help people. The card will encourage people to donate some extra money minus the value of the flower.

Design a T-shirt 

Every person loves to buy something for their special person. Design a smart and eye-catchy t-shirt for Valentine’s Day that people would like to buy. Maybe add a message too!

If people like your T-shirt, there is a good chance they’ll recommend it to their friends. This strategy can help you to raise more funds and promote your message to a greater audience.

Bake with Love

How can Valentine’s be celebrated without baking something?

Bake some heart-shaped cakes, Valentine’s cookies, cupcakes with romantic notes, heart-shaped chocolates, and more. Then sell them in a restaurant or in front of your organization to raise funds for your cause!

Prepare Customized Cards

Cards are something that people are looking for on Valentine’s Day. Most people like to give cards with special notes on this event. You can sell customized Valentine’s theme cards. It will be a great idea if you take orders for a Valentine’s special personalized card and use the surplus for your fundraiser.

Host a Candlelight Dinner

Who doesn’t want to spend quality time with their loved ones? Especially on Valentine’s Day. 

Candlelight dinner is something that every person loves. So you can host a candlelight charity dinner with soft music. And try to convince people in a comfortable environment to donate some money to your cause.

Organize a Friendly Fundraising Event

Valentine’s Day often feels like a holiday. So if you organize a friendly event, there is a chance of people joining. You can organize any friendly fundraising event, such as a movie night, magical show, musical night, and more. Sell tickets at a minimum price to enjoy these events.

Arrange a Photo Booth

People like to roam here and there with their loved ones on Valentine’s Day. So it is a chance to attract people by arranging a fancy photo booth. If your photo booth looks attractive, it can encourage people to take photos in your booth. You can then charge a donation for each click and add it to your non-profit funds!

Valentine’s Dance Competition

This is one of the most exciting fundraising ideas, especially for Gen Z. Find a venue and host a Valentine’s dance competition. Then decorate it with a Valentine’s theme and sell tickets. You can also raise funds with additional fundraisers for this event.

For example:

  • By selling food and drinks.
  • Or by selling dance costumes.

School Fundraising

School is one of the best places to fundraise for your cause. Students like to be involved with good things. Fundraising in school is a great way to teach students the importance of helping others. If you give them something like chocolate or a flower as a return donation, then it will inspire them to donate more.

Social Media Fundraising

Social media is the easiest way to raise funds rapidly. This platform can help you to reach thousands of people. If you start selling goods through social media, there is a huge chance of increasing sales. You just need to pick some Valentine-hyped products and make a beautiful presentation of these products to sell on social media.

How to Start Valentine’s Special Fundraising Campaign?

As a non-profit organizer, you always need to be aware of raising more funds by focusing on any event. Though Valentine’s Day is coming soon, let’s take a look at how you can start Valentine’s special fundraising campaign.

Launch a Donation Website

To launch a fundraising campaign, you need a donation website to get in touch with your supporters. A website is your campaign’s online presence. It will work as a mirror of your campaign. 

A website is crucial for raising awareness among supporters. It also encourages to give donations and maintains relationships with contributors to keep the all-important funds flowing. The first step to creating a donation website is to select a platform to build it. You can use self-hosted WordPress to build your website. It comes with thousands of website designs and extensions.

Choose a Plugin to Collect Funds

After creating a website, it’s time to embed a third-party plugin to collect donations. You may find dozens of plugins to raise funds. However, not all of them are easy to use and offer advanced functionality. On top of that, every plugin does not have the capability to collect funds securely.

Keeping all of this in mind, try to choose an intuitive fundraising plugin. Your plugin needs to be a dynamic fundraising tool that has all you are looking for in your donation plugin. We suggest Paymattic, it’s a plugin with ready-to-use prebuilt donation templates that allow you to create a donation form in a minute!

Promote Campaign

When the big day is here, you have to promote your campaign strongly to make your event successful. Promoting your campaign is not only essential for your existing supporters, but it can also help you to gather new ones!

It’s true that non-profit organization has limited resources to promote their campaign. In this situation, email marketing would be the best solution to promote your campaign. If you aren’t sure of how to plan your email marketing as a non-profit, you can check our non-profit email marketing strategies guide.

Email marketing can be a cost-effective method to promote your campaign and communicate with your supporters. But before choosing email marketing software, a non-profit organization needs to consider its budget and expertise.

Not every non-profit is ready to use Mailchimp as their email marketing tool because it might be too expensive. So we’ve also prepared a list of the best MailChimp alternatives for non-profits!

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with fantastic fundraising ideas!

To make any fundraising event successful, the first thing you need to do is connect with your supporters. A perfect fundraiser can help you to engage your contributor.

You don’t need to use all the fundraising ideas we mentioned above. Pick those that seem ideal for your non-profit organization and be creative with them. Valentine’s Day is a day of love, so try your best to encourage people to show some love for your incredible cause.

Good luck with your fundraising campaign, we hope these fundraising ideas give your non-profit a massive boost.


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