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FluentCRM 2.7.1 Update – Improved Recurring Campaign & More smartcodes

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Hello everyone, We just released another maintenance update of FluentCRM. This update comes with improvements to the newly released recurring campaign, more smart code for your dynamic data, and some under-the-hood improvements.

So let’s get to it without wasting any time!

Fixed: Recurring Campaign timezone issues

As you already know, we released a recurring campaign feature in our last update where you can easily send emails based on your recent post-publishing activity. It enabled you to send emails every week automatically or manually.

However, a drawback of setting up manual updates is that you wouldn’t know when the draft is ready for delivery. In this version, the system will email you when a new email is drafted in the background.

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We also noticed some users faced issues with different timezone and we have fixed the issue in this version too.

Elastic Email bounce handler added

Bounce handling is crucial for your email delivery reputation and we understand that. This is why we have added bounce handling for tons of email service providers. Similarly, this version brings you a bounce-handling facility for Elastic Email. Now, you can set up Elastic email bounce handler in FluentCRM.


With this integration when an email address got bounced or a contact unsubscribed from ElasticEmail, FluentCRM will automatically change the status in your WordPress site’s contact status.

Please read the detailed tutorial here.

New Smartcode for latest post title and Custom Date Format

In this new version, we have added two new smartcode.

  • {{other.latest_post.title}} : This smartcode will return the latest blog post title. It will be very useful for you to set the email subject from the latest published blog post.
  • {{other.date_format.PHP_DATE_FORMAT}} : – If you want to show the current date dynamically with your own custom format then you can use this.

You can use any PHP-supported date format and replace the PHP_DATE_FORMAT part in the SmartCode.

Here are a few examples that you can take a look at:

format characterDescriptionExample returned values
dDay of the month, 2 digits with leading zeros01 to 31
DA textual representation of a day, three lettersMon through Sun
jDay of the month without leading zeros1 to 31
l (lowercase ‘L’)A full textual representation of the day of the weekSunday through Saturday
NISO 8601 numeric representation of the day of the week1 (for Monday) through 7 (for Sunday)
SEnglish ordinal suffix for the day of the month, 2 charactersstndrd or th. Works well with j
wNumeric representation of the day of the week0 (for Sunday) through 6 (for Saturday)
zThe day of the year (starting from 0)0 through 365
WISO 8601 week number of year, weeks starting on MondayExample: 42 (the 42nd week in the year)
FA full textual representation of a month, such as January or MarchJanuary through December
mNumeric representation of a month, with leading zeros01 through 12
MA short textual representation of a month, three lettersJan through Dec
nNumeric representation of a month, without leading zeros1 through 12
tNumber of days in the given month28 through 31
LWhether it’s a leap year1 if it is a leap year, 0 otherwise.
oISO 8601 week-numbering year. This has the same value as Y, except that if the ISO week number (W) belongs to the previous or next year, that year is used instead.Examples: 1999 or 2003
XAn expanded full numeric representation of a year, at least 4 digits, with - for years BCE, and + for years CE.Examples: -0055+0787+1999+10191
xAn expanded full numeric representation if requried, or a standard full numeral representation if possible (like Y). At least four digits. Years BCE are prefixed with a -. Years beyond (and including) 10000 are prefixed by a +.Examples: -005507871999+10191
YA full numeric representation of a year, at least 4 digits, with - for years BCE.Examples: -005507871999200310191
yA two digit representation of a yearExamples: 99 or 03

For a full list please take a look here.

Wrapping up

Thank you for always being there for us. We trust that your support and our efforts will carry us far in the future. However, that is our side of the story, and we would love to hear from you as well. If you enjoy our efforts, please leave a review on the WordPress repository.

If you haven’t used FluentCRM yet, you can do so with the free edition. We’re confident you’ll enjoy what we have to offer.

Please take a look at this latest offer if you wish to upgrade to Pro.

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  1. Luis Avatar

    Hi, please add the possibility of only showing posts from a specific tag/category (ideally also custom posts).
    We would like to start using this feature but we have posts from different subjects and are not able to segment those posts into different recurring campaigns.

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