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80 February Email Subject Lines Your Subscribers Will Fall in Love with

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If January is the month of change, February is the month of lasting change. January is for dreamers. February is for doers.

— Marc Parent

February is a month of love, and what better way to spread the love than through your inbox? In fact, occasions are the proven days to achieve the highest click-through rate and ROI!

However, if you have already planned how you want to run your February email campaign and have created a beautiful email, it is time to focus on the fundamentals. Before you hit the send button, there’s one thing you should pay attention to, the subject line.

In this blog, we’ve gathered some of the best February email subject lines to help you write email subject lines that will immediately impress your subscribers. Read this blog, generate ideas, combine them with your creativity, and make the most of this month!

Why February is the perfect month for email marketing?

February provides email marketers with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to interact with their subscribers in a significant way. From Valentine’s Day to Presidents’ Day, there are numerous holidays and events that can be used to create relevant and engaging email campaigns. 

You can create interesting and pertinent email campaigns that will help you establish a relationship with your customer. During this month, people focus on showing their loved ones how much they care by giving them special gifts.

But what does this matter to you?

Well, more transactions equal more business opportunities. And if you don’t take advantage of it, you’re passing up a lot of sales opportunities!

Valentine's day email marketing statistics

The National Retail Federation estimates that $26 billion will be spent on gifts and celebrations on Valentine’s Day in 2023, making it the third most expensive consumer holiday. As a result, February is an excellent month to promote special offers, discounts, and promotions to your customers.

Furthermore, February is a short month! Therefore, creating a sense of urgency in your subject lines, such as “Last Chance for Valentine’s Day Gifts” or “Presidents’ Day Sale Ends Soon,” would be simple. Urgency is undoubtedly a strong motivator for your subscribers to take action!

6 proven tips for crafting the perfect February email subject lines

As an email marketer, your primary and most valuable weapon for staying ahead of your competition is the email subject line. Whether you are directly writing a marketing email to your customers or simply sending a Valentine’s Day greeting, the subject line deserves your undivided attention.

The fundamental of creating a February email subject line is very similar to those of other marketing emails. Stick to the fundamentals and inject your creativity; that’s all!

Here are some pointers for writing the ideal February email subject line:

  1. Make it meaningful: A subject line that is clearly relevant to the holiday or event you’re trying to promote is more likely to catch your subscribers’ attention. When creating your subject line, think about using words like “Valentine’s Day,” “Presidents’ Day,” or “Sale” to make it clear what the email is about.
  1. Create FOMO: Urgency is a strong motivator that can persuade your subscribers to act. To add a sense of urgency to your subject line, think about using phrases like “today only,” “ending soon,” and “limited time only.” This will increase the likelihood that your subscribers will open and interact with your email before the deal ends.
  1. Use emotional pleas: Since February is an emotional month, consider integrating emotional pleas into your subject lines. This can foster a relationship with your subscribers and increase their propensity to interact with your emails. For instance, you can appeal to the feelings of the month by using words like “Love,” “Heartfelt,” or “Affection” in your subject line.
tips for crafting the perfect february email subject line
  1. Personalize it: Nothing surpasses the significance of personalization when it comes to email marketing. Additionally, adding a personal touch can really help your subject line stand out. You can make the subject line seem more personalized and relevant by using the first names, locations, or most recent purchases of your subscribers.
  1. Keep it brief and sweet: Subject lines with few words and a clear message are more likely to be opened and read. Aim for a maximum of 50 characters or less!
  1. Test, Test, Test: A/B testing is the best way to discover what works is to test various subject lines and see which ones perform the best. This can assist you in optimizing your subject lines for maximum engagement and ensuring the success of your February email campaigns. For simplicity, think about using a marketing automation tool with an A/B testing feature!

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80 creative and engaging February email subject lines

Love is meant to be shared! You may value your customers a lot. However, it won’t matter in the long run if you fail to appreciate them in a meaningful way.

If you’re out of ideas, don’t worry! Let’s make this February the month you show love to your customers, both current and potential, and raise your revenue graph to the next level.

We’ve compiled a list of the best February email subject lines that aim to evoke excitement, prompt an emotional response, or highlight the value of your products or services.

Take them for inspiration and modify them to fit the tone and style of your brand.

Valentine’s Day

Quick information: Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th as a celebration of love and affection between romantic partners. It originated as a Christian feast day honoring Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest who defied the Roman Emperor’s ban on marriage. Today, people exchange gifts, cards, flowers, and chocolates to show their love, and the holiday has become a major commercial event.

Let’s make this Valentine’s Day extra special by showing each other love and garnering sales in return! Use any of the subject lines below as inspiration for writing your Valentine’s Day email subject line:

  1. “Love is in the Air: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide”
  2. “Sweep Your Love Off Their Feet with Our Valentine’s Day Deals”
  3. “Be My Valentine: Gift Ideas for Your Sweetheart”
  4. “Get Cozy with Our Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas”
  5. “A Match Made in Heaven: Valentine’s Day Deals”
  6. “Valentine’s Day Sale: Show Your Love with a Gift”
  7. “Be Kind to Your Sweetheart”
  8. “Don’t let your partner whine.”
  9. “Your girlfriend is taken!”
  10. “Roses are red 🌹 violets are blue; here’s a deal for you!”
  11. “Your Sweetheart Will Love Our Valentine’s Day Gifts”
  12. “Say it with a Gift: Valentine’s Day Sale”
  13. “Let Love Bloom with Our Valentine’s Day Deals”
  14. “Find the Perfect Gift for Your Valentine”
  15. “Share the Love with Our Valentine’s Day Deals”

Presidents’ Day

Quick information: Presidents’ Day is a federal holiday in the United States celebrated annually on the third Monday of February. It honors all the presidents in American history for their contributions to making the country great. The holiday serves as a time to remember and appreciate their work and has a significant impact on businesses. Retail businesses often have sales or special promotions during the Presidents’ Day weekend, and online sales may also see an increase.

With all due respect to the president, let us use Presidents’ Day to conduct some business. Here are some president’s day marketing subject lines:

  1. “Celebrate Presidents’ Day with Our Biggest Sale Yet”
  2. “Honor the Presidents with Our Presidents’ Day Sale”
  3. “Presidents’ Day Sale: A Gift for You”
  4. “Mark Your Calendar: Presidents’ Day Sale is Here”
  5. A Personal Touch: Presidents’ Day Sale for You”
  6. “Personalized Presidents’ Day Sale: A Gift for You”
  7. “A Sale to Remember: Presidents’ Day”
  8. “Presidents’ Day Sale: Red, White, and Savings”
  9. “Presidents’ Day Savings: A Gift from Us to You”
  10. “Presidents’ Day Sale: Making History with Savings”
  11. “Presidents’ Day Sale: Celebrating Greatness with Savings”
  12. Presidents’ Day: A Sale for Every Patriot”
  13. “Presidents’ Day Sale: Honoring Our Leaders with Savings”


Love is in the air, do you feel it? Well, now it’s time to spread the love by using the following love-themed subject line.

  1. “Love is a Gift: Give the Gift of Savings this Valentine’s Day”
  2. “Love Your Savings: Valentine’s Day Deals You Can’t Resist”
  3. “Fall in Love with Our Valentine’s Day Offers”
  4. “Love is in the Details: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas”
  5. “Fall in Love with Our Valentine’s Day Gifts”
  6. Make Your Love Story Unforgettable with Our Valentine’s Day Deals”
  7. “Sweetheart, Will You Be Mine? Valentine’s Day Gift Guide”
  8. “From Our Heart to Yours: Valentine’s Day Gifts”
  9. “Express Your Love with Our Valentine’s Day Sale”
  10. “Spread the Love: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Everyone”
  11. “Be My Valentine: Gift Ideas for Your Love”
  12. “Let Love Lead the Way: Valentine’s Day Gifts”


While romantic love is frequently highlighted, February is also a time to spread kindness, compassion, and generosity. These heartwarming email subject lines are intended to elicit this feeling:

  1. “Heartfelt Gifts for Your Valentine”
  2. “Show Your Heartfelt Love with Our Valentine’s Day Sale”
  3. “Spread Kindness This Valentine’s Day”
  4. “Love is an Action: Valentine’s Day Inspiration”
  5. “Bring a Smile to Someone’s Face This Valentine’s Day”
  6. “Let’s Spread Love Far and Wide This Valentine’s Day”
  7. “Bring Joy to Others This Valentine’s Day”
  8. “A Valentine’s Day Reminder to Love Unconditionally”


Although your subscribers may not consistently engage with you and convert, there is a good chance that they will never ignore the fear of missing out. Create a sense of urgency with these subject lines and capitalize on this fundamental human nature.

  1. “Limited Time Only: Valentine’s Day Deals”
  2. “Today Only: Show Your Love with Our Valentine’s Day Sale”
  3. “Don’t Miss Out: Presidents’ Day Sale Ending Soon”
  4. “Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts: Hurry!”
  5. “Last Chance to Get Your Valentine’s Day Gift”
  6. “Hurry! Valentine’s Day Deals Running Out Fast”
  7. “Don’t Let Your Valentine’s Day Gift Slip Away”


The keyword in email marketing success is personalization. More personalized emails will bring more ROI!

  1. “Personalized Gifts for Your Valentine”
  2. “Personalized Savings: Valentine’s Day Deals Just for You”
  3. “Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Tailored Just for You”
  4. “Valentine’s Day Gifts to Match Your Style and Personality”
  5. “Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Tailored Just for You”


Seasonal subject lines have the potential to engage your subscribers by establishing a sense of relevance.

  1. “Spring into Savings: Presidents’ Day Sale”
  2. “Warm Up with Our Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas”
  3. “Get Ready for Spring with Our Presidents’ Day Sale”
  4. “Valentine’s Day Gifts for a Cozy Night In”


Nothing beats humor when it comes to increasing email open rates! Rather than sounding robotic, try to sound human. Here are a few examples:

  1. “Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Non-Romantic”
  2. “Presidents’ Day Sale: Because We’re Too Broke to Visit Mount Rushmore”
  3. “Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Anti-Lovebirds”
  4. “Presidents’ Day Sale: Let’s Celebrate Our Lack of Presidential Qualities”


Who doesn’t enjoy a trip down memory lane? So, in February, you can incorporate nostalgia into your email subject line to create an emotional appeal to your subscribers.

  1. “Presidents’ Day Sale: A Blast from the Past”
  2. “Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Young at Heart”
  3. “Presidents’ Day Sale: Taking You Back in Time”
  4. “Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Forever Young”


Trendy subject lines can help you stand out in the inboxes of your subscribers and position your brand as relevant, up-to-date, and in-the-know. These subject lines can generate excitement and energy around your email, increasing engagement and increasing open rates.

  1. “Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Trendsetter”
  2. “Presidents’ Day Sale: Trendy Finds for Every Patriot”
  3. “Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Fashionista”
  4. “Presidents’ Day Sale: Fashionable Finds for the Patriotic”


These subject lines are intended to create a festive and joyful atmosphere around the holiday season, as well as to tap into the feel-good emotions associated with this time of year.

  1. “Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Happy-Go-Lucky”
  2. “Presidents’ Day Sale: Happy Savings for All”
  3. “Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Optimist”
  4. “Presidents’ Day Sale: An Optimistic Outlook on Savings”

Wrapping up 

February is an excellent time for businesses to connect with their subscribers via email marketing. Whether you go for cute, romantic, or trendy, there are numerous ways to make your emails stand out in your subscribers’ inboxes and drive results. 

We hope the suggestions and subject lines in this blog have inspired you to create a campaign that will make your subscribers fall in love with your brand. So, spread the love and make the most out of it.

Happy Valentine’s Day in advance!

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