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8 Best Transactional Email Services for Better Email Deliverability

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Transactional emails are one of the most common visitors to our email inboxes. According to statistics, three of ten businesses send over 100,000 transactional emails every month! How do they send this huge volume of transactional emails effectively and on time?

Well, they rely on various transactional email services!

If you own a WordPress site, we’re sure you’re also looking for a good transactional email service. But, it can be tough to select one from hundreds of lucrative options.

Don’t worry! We’re here to help.

In this article, we’ve rounded up the best transactional email service providers on the market. Explore our list and make your choice.

Let’s first define transactional email and its significance.

What is a transactional email service?

Transactional emails are emails that a customer receives after performing certain actions on a website. Transactional email services assist you in automatically sending transactional emails in response to any action taken by your clients.

Assume you recently created an account on a website or purchased a product from an e-commerce website. In most cases, this website will immediately send you a confirmation email. These emails are known as transactional emails.

Transactional email is a type of automated email that is delivered to the recipient’s inbox based on their actions. Although any action can be turned into a transactional email, depending on their popular uses, we can refer to the following types of emails as transactional emails for your better understanding.

  • Welcome emails
  • Password reset request 
  • Order & payment confirmation 
  • Log in notifications
  • Transactional Email vs. Marketing Email 

It is typical for people to mix up transactional and marketing emails. But, they are diametrically different. Transactional emails serve your client’s needs, while marketing emails serve yours. However, effective transactional emails can open the door to marketing.

Importance of transactional emails

“Communication to a relationship is like oxygen is to life. Without it, it dies.” 

Tony A. Gaskins Jr
importance of transnational emails

Let’s put our personal lives aside and talk about business. Wouldn’t you choose to purchase something from someone you know rather than someone you don’t?

Transactional emails will assist you in building an everlasting customer relationship, increasing engagement and brand recognition, and ultimately increasing your sales.

  • Better relationship: Isn’t trust the most important aspect of any relationship? Sending a welcome email to your subscriber or client immediately after their subscription will definitely make them feel good. The same thing will happen after they receive product confirmation emails. 

    Customers will always want to feel involved in the entire purchasing process, and if you continue to send them information about every detail, they will feel connected and trust you.
  • Better engagement: Will you enjoy being alone in a desert, no matter how beautiful it is? The same applies to your relationships with your customers. You simply cannot make them feel excluded. So, how do we solve this problem?

    Well, transactional emails will help you in this regard by increasing engagement with your clients.  
  • Brand acknowledgment: Transactional emails will not only help you sell a product but will also keep the possibility of future purchases open. It will assist you in leaving a long-lasting impression on your customers, and they will not hesitate to purchase a product from you in the future.

    Maintaining a good relationship with an existing customer is more difficult than acquiring a new one. However, it is more profitable too!
  • Improve sales: Isn’t your ultimate goal to increase product sales?

    It’s fairly common for customers to be perplexed when making a purchasing decision. It is even possible that they will change their minds at the very last minute. Your transactional emails will assist them in making their decision and sticking to them.

    Thus, transactional emails will assist you in increasing your sales.

Things to consider before purchasing a transactional email service

Isn’t the word “better” itself confusing? 

When it comes to transactional email service providers, the difference between good and great is ridiculously small. A perfect solution will solely depend on your requirements. That is why we recommend that you first understand your needs.

However, we won’t disappoint you. By evaluating all the features, these service providers offer, we have figured out some features that your transactional email service provider must have.

Before you purchase a transactional email service, think about the following:

  • Excellent email deliverability: A transactional email is far more important than a marketing email. Failure to send a marketing email may only increase your bounce rate, but failing to send a transactional email on time will cast doubt on your organization’s reputation!

    That is why selecting a transactional email service provider with high email deliverability is essential.  
  • Better email delivery speed: Imagine you sent a password recovery request to a website, but they did not send you a confirmation email on time. Isn’t it disturbing?

    If you do not send the required email on time, your clients will experience the same emotions. So, it is vital to pick a transactional email service with better email deliverability and delivery speed.  
  • Simplicity: Nothing is more frustrating than counting on a transactional email service provider that is difficult to use. Prioritize simplicity when selecting a transactional email service. Examine their doc files to see how simple they are to use.
  • Clear price plan: Transactional email service providers frequently offer confusing pricing plans. At first glance, you might be amazed by their free services! However, in the long run, you may find it extremely costly.

    That is why it is critical to carefully consider every detail, such as how many subscribers you can add, how many emails you can send, and so on. We recommend comparing different price plans for various products before making a purchase.
  • Good analytics: Analytical data keeps you on track; without it, you’re blind. That is why selecting a transactional email service that provides you with all the required data is crucial.
  • Customer support:  It’s understandable that you aren’t an expert in every field. Even if you believe you know everything there is to know about these tools, it is possible that you will become confused at some point.

    In this regard, excellent customer service will make identifying and resolving issues easier. Therefore, we recommend that you think about customer support before selecting a transactional email service provider.
  • User reviews: User reviews are another thing that can help you in your purchasing journey. Before purchasing one, try listening to what their customers say about them.

8 best transactional email services in 2023

With so many transactional email service providers offering similar features, compiling a list of the best of the best is extremely difficult. Nonetheless, we attempted to compile a list of the eight best transactional email services based on our prior experience with them.

Remember, this is not a ranking post. We only considered the features mentioned above when creating this list of the best transactional email service providers. 


SendGrid could be your ideal solution for sending transactional emails and running an effective email marketing campaign. As we discuss transactional email service in this article, we will concentrate solely on its transactional email sending capability.

SendGrid, best transactional email service  2022

SendGrid outperforms most of its competitors thanks to its numerous unique features. It includes a wide range of pre-made email templates that will save you time. It also allows you to customize these templates to meet your specific needs. You can also add your company’s logo to each email.

Regarding analytics, SendGrid is the market leader, providing comprehensive data such as email deliverability, insights report, bounce rate, and many more. Its email testing capability will assist you in ensuring maximum email deliverability.

In terms of email delivery time, each message takes 0 to 603.03 seconds. What’s more?

SendGrid supports a number of frameworks, including Python, Java, C#, and PHP. If you need both transactional and marketing email services, we recommend SendGrid.


SendGrid is free for up to 100 emails per day. To send more, you must move to the essential plan, which begins at $14.45 per month. The Pro plan starts at $89.95 per month.  


Sendinblue is yet another excellent transactional email service provider worthy of inclusion on any list of the best transactional email service providers. It began its journey in 2012 and has since dominated the email marketing arena!

Sediblue, best transactional email service 2022

Like SendGrid, Sendiblue is an all-arounder in this field. It provides excellent transaction email service and makes your job easier by providing services such as email marketing, email segmentation, email automation, and many more.

Sendinblue helps you create your own personalized landing page. Furthermore, it assists you in keeping your team members up to date by organizing all emails in a shared inbox.

When it comes to time effectiveness, Sendiblue outperformed the majority of its competitors. You can reach your customers’ inboxes more efficiently and on time. Furthermore, you can always keep your transactional emails on track by evaluating the detailed statistics it provides.

What else? Well, Sendinblue allows you to track your contacts directly and maintain a direct relationship with them.


Sendinblue is entirely free for up to 300 emails per day. You must purchase the basic plan to send up to 40k emails per month. It will cost you $65 per month. For the premium plan, you have to pay $65 monthly. 


Postmark started its journey in 2009 as a solely transactional email service provider. Although it has progressed significantly since then and now serves you in marketing email sending as well, it has never deviated from its primary focus. That is why, if you are looking for a transactional email service provider, Postmark is an excellent choice.

Postmark, best transactional email service 2022

PostMark’s lightning-fast email delivery must be mentioned first when discussing Postmark’s most notable features. Do you want to know another interesting Postmark fact? It is the only transactional email service provider that publicly discloses its email delivery time.

Even though Postmark has been sending marketing emails since 2020, it has never blended these two services. It uses two entirely different infrastructures to send these two types of emails.

Postmark also provides a large number of pre-designed transactional email templates. As a result, you can quickly and easily create automated transactional emails like welcome emails, password reset emails, etc.

The best part?

Postmark’s pricing structure is super straightforward!


Postmark charges different rates depending on how many emails you want to send. It will cost $10 per month for 10,000 emails. You must pay $200 monthly for up to 30,000 emails and $535 for 1 million emails.


The email marketing industry is fortunate to have SparkPost. It includes most of the features that an email marketer usually looks for in a transactional email service.

Sparkpost, best transactional email service 2022

When it comes to features, its great analytics will always come first. You can easily obtain important data such as open rate, click rate, and click-through rate and use it to design your entire email campaign by analyzing it.

Not only that, but SparkPost uses these analytics to track ISP responses, bounce rates, spam traps, and other metrics. In a nutshell, SparkPost does everything possible to keep your transactional email from going to spam and boost your deliverability.

PowerMTA assists you in gaining the trust of your recipients. Besides, its great API integration lets you incorporate an email into your app, website, or product. What’s more? 

Well, SparkPost provides a plethora of pre-built and customizable templates. 


SparkPost offers three different pricing plans. The starter plan starts at $20 per month. You must pay at least $75 per month for the premier plan. In comparison, the enterprise package is completely customizable.

Elastic Email

Elastic Email is another transactional email service provider to consider because of its super user-friendly interface, useful analytical data, quick deliverability, and top-notch performance.

Elastic email, best transactional email service 2022

Elastic Email includes a wide variety of ready-made templates that you can use at any time to reach out to your clients’ inboxes professionally and productively. Even these templates are divided into categories. As a result, you won’t have to waste much time looking.

You can easily design your email marketing campaign using Elastic Emails and engage your customers immediately with engaging transactional emails. If you want to use your coding knowledge to produce better results, Elastic Email’s simple HTML editor will assist you.


Elastic Email’s pricing is based on the number of contacts you have. All plans include unlimited email sending capacity. The unlimited price plan costs $15 per month for up to 5000 contacts. In contrast, the Pro unlimited price plan is required  $50 per month for up to 10,000 contacts.

Amazon SES

Who in this online world hasn’t heard of Amazon? That is the primary advantage of using Amazon SES. At the very least, they’ll constantly strive to provide you with better services.

Amazon SES, best transactional email service 2022

Amazon SES is an excellent choice for both transactional and marketing emails. Amazon employs flexible IP deployment, which improves the deliverability of transactional emails.

Furthermore, you can easily evaluate your email campaign because this transactional email service provides you with all the data required to run your campaign effectively.

You can track not only email deliverability and bounce rate but also click rate and click-through rate. What is more enticing?

Amazon SES is the most cost-effective transactional email service provider on the market. When compared to other services’ pricing plans, you may discover that it is literally charging you nothing!

However, Amazon SES is a bit complicated to get started. So if you’re a newbie, it can be hard to set up Amazon SES.


Amazon SES is free for up to 62,000 emails per month! You will be charged $.10 per 1000 emails if you exceed this limit. Yes, you heard us right. It only costs ten cents!


Mailgun is an excellent choice for those already involved in email marketing and has a large email list to manage. It is an excellent choice for developers looking for a transactional email service to send transactional emails quickly and easily.

Mailgun, best transactional email service 2022

Mailgun provides an email builder tool for creating your own email format easily. You may not have any professional skills, but still, you will be able to write professional and quality emails.

Because of it’s super-efficient SMTP integration, sending bulk emails will no longer be a problem. You can evaluate your email campaign using A/B testing features, and its amazing analytical data will help you keep your transactional emails on track.

Consider Mailgun if you need a transactional email service provider and also want some extra features.


MailGun offers somewhat complicated pricing tiers. They offer free service for up to 5000 emails, but only for three months. After that, you must upgrade to the premium plan. You will be charged $35 per month for sending up to 50,000 emails and $80 for sending 100,000 emails.


Pepipost, a transactional email service provider with exceptional email deliverability capabilities, maybe the answer you’ve been looking for. It not only ensures 100% email deliverability, but it also sends them on time.

pepipost, best transactional email service 2022

Pepipost’s ultimate goal is to create a spam-free email community, which is why it closely monitors your emails and ensures that they do not trigger the spam flag. As a result, Pepipost creates an environment in which your transactional email has the best chance of being delivered successfully.

Pepipost’s setup process is very simple, and its dashboard is very user-friendly. However, we believe it is best suited for experienced developers when it comes to using this tool effectively. It was built by the developers for the developers!

Keep in mind that this transactional email service provider is not for everyone. We’d rather say Pepipost is ideal for a team that has a developer do the coding.


Pepipost’s pricing structure is extremely straightforward. It provides a completely free service for the first 30,000 emails. Furthermore, even after exceeding this limit, you can still send 100 emails per day for free. However, you will be charged $17.50 monthly for sending up to 150,000 emails.

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Which is the best transactional email service in 2023?

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably noticed that there is no master of all features.

If you are looking for a low-cost option, Amazon SES may be a good option for you. However, it’s not beginner-friendly. Postmark can sometimes win the race as a better transactional email service provider due to its very simple and obvious pricing plan.

Sendinblue is a better choice if you want a transactional email service provider who can also help you with your overall email marketing campaign! Similarly, the rest of the aforementioned transactional email services are superior with their respective distinguishing features.

Look how puzzled we are! How can we make a call on your behalf, then? That is why we recommend that you first understand your requirements and select a transactional email service accordingly.

We hope this article helped you choose the right transactional email service. Let us know which transactional email service you’re using and what aspect of it you like most in the comment section!

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