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20 Funny, Relatable Email Marketing Memes to Make You Laugh!

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Having a bad day?

Perhaps a few memes can help!

email marketing meme, hello good people

Marketing is often stressful. Figuring out a strategy, creating a plan, and executing it with caution…can sometimes take a toll on your body and mind. But it should not be that stressful.

Every email marketer has their own set of problems, suffering, and drive to get out of them. But a remedy that makes anyone laugh in any situation is funny, relatable memes!

So, if you’re having a bad day, grab a cup of coffee and relax! I’m here with some of the most popular email marketing memes!

20 evergreen email marketing memes

Take a break from the chaos, set aside all of your client’s concerns, forget about your boss, and relax with 20 evergreen email marketing memes. Even if my collection of email marketing memes fails to make you laugh, laugh anyway.

Because a wise old man (Milton Berle) once said –“Laughter is an instant vacation!”

Memes about email spam 

I was having coffee with three of my buddies a few days ago. Surprisingly, we were all digital marketers, and this meetup had somehow transformed into a frustration-dumping session! Maybe it happens all the time a group of email marketers gets together, right?

1. When you have to come up with new newsletter ideas every month

email marketing memes, we are same bro

As we were discussing many meaningless topics, one of us suddenly asked, “What is your biggest nightmare?” Yes, expectedly, we all replied – spams!

2. Email marketers vs. spam

email marketing memes, can spam act

Okay, let’s put the fun aside for a moment and be realistic! Consider what this email marketing universe would be like if these spam laws didn’t exist. What sets you apart from a spammer?

3. How CAN-SPAM Act keeps mailboxes clean

email marketing memes, can spam act the savior

Due to this, maintaining the CAN-SPAM act compliance and other cyber laws isn’t easy; these are blessings for email marketers like us. Aren’t you a good email marketer?

4. What marketers think about themselves

email marketing memes, every marketer thinks he is a good marketer

So, don’t be terrified of it; instead, carefully obey the laws and witness the magic!

Memes about buying email lists

Consider the following scenario: You go to the grocery store and buy a basket of rotten eggs! You paid the money, and you have the eggs, but they are useless!

Isn’t it awful? —Well, the same thing happens when you buy an email list!

5. What it means to purchase email lists

email marketing memes, purchasing an email list is like throwing your money in a dustbin

Although purchasing an email list is legal in many nations, that doesn’t imply you should choose that route. Instead, if you want to run a pleasant and effective email campaign, you should strictly restrain yourself from buying email lists.

Don’t jeopardize your entire email marketing strategy in search of a shortcut.

6. How purchased email list harms email campaigns

email marketing memes, don't jeopardize your entire email marketing strategy in search of a shortcut

Establish an email list, no matter how difficult or time-consuming it is.

7. Purchasing vs. building your own email list

email marketing memes, the significance of email list building

Memes about email marketing metrics

Let’s reveal a little secret! How would you spot newbies out of the hundreds of email marketers? Well, they keep complaining about their email marketing metrics!

8. When email marketers don’t earn the expected CTR

email marketing memes, click rate vs click through rate

Stay calm, buddy; you are not alone. It’s common, and I was also one of them! The only difference is that I’ve somehow stopped whining about it and begun to cope with it! 

9. How marketers feel when emails don’t convert

email marketing is ruff, email marketing memes

But it wasn’t easy. A lot of sleepless nights got me here!

10. Why email marketers can’t sleep at night

email marketing memes, he may be thinking of others

I understand how frustrating it might be when you’ve done everything possible, but there still seems to be no hope. Don’t be discouraged; stay strict on the fundamentals and witness the sun shining!

11. Daily struggle of email marketers

email marketing memes, poor email deliverability

What else do you need? —Well, a great email marketing idea!

Keep in mind that ideas are often awfully timed! It’s similar to rain. It doesn’t appear when you ask for it, but when you aren’t expecting it!

12. Email marketing ideas at 3 AM

email marketing memes, the eureka moment

The lucky day will come at some point. And what arrives late stays late! Do you know how I look when I get the first click on a campaign?

12. When clients click on your links

My friends claimed I was happy like this, though I don’t trust them!

email marketing memes, a happy email marketer

Memes about the importance of email marketing

Once a tie occurred in a comedy competition final between two contestants, and the judges decided to let them joke once more to break the tie. Tell another joke, make the judges laugh, and you win – it was that easy!

Do you know who took first place? —Well, the person who said – email marketing is dead!

13. Email marketing is dead

email marketing memes, is email marketing dead?

I won’t complain if you also believe that pay-per-click (PPC), SMS marketing, and social media marketing will gradually outperform email marketing. People have the right to think whatever they want, no matter how ridiculous, right? 

14. Never argue with someone who says “email marketing is dead”

email marketing memes, never argue with someone who says email marketing is dead

Also read: Email Marketing vs. Social Media

So, think whatever you want to think, but statistics never lie! According to Statista, there were 3.9 billion email users worldwide in 2019! —Yes, a billion with a B, and that’s why many brands are embracing email marketing as their preferred marketing channel daily!

15. How businesses treat email marketing

email marketing memes, a huge number of business welcoming it everyday

It’s not just a craze or a trend; brands favor email marketing over others for many good reasons. What else can offer you a 36% ROI?

16. What happens when businesses do email marketing

email marketing memes, email marketing is a blessing

So, whoever wants to doubt, let them! There are already countless competitions!

Memes about email marketing best practices 

Although you struggle to get emails into your clients’ inboxes, we can all agree that email marketing isn’t rocket science. The rewards will follow if you stick to the basics and follow the process.

17. What to do for increasing email deliverability

email subject line meme

Clickbaits are great. But don’t let that ruin your primary motive. Even if you manage to fool spam filters, you shouldn’t try to fool your customers. Conversion is what you care about most, not email delivery!

18. Asking customer’s to safelist your email address

email marketing memes, I am once again asking the clients to safelist me

So, create a decent subject line, compose a quality email, and personalize your emails with precision!

Memes about Google’s supremacy

This isn’t related to email marketing. But if you think of the internet as a kingdom, Google is the undisputed king. It is the obsession that keeps digital marketers awake at night!

19. Google’s supremacy!

email marketing memes, google is the undisputed king

Whether you like it or not, we all know that Google is unavoidable, and you can’t simply ignore it. I hope you’re feeding Google good SEO efforts and keeping your horse from turning into a donkey! 

20. What happens when you don’t do SEO

email marketing memes, We hope you're feeding Google with good SEO efforts and keeping your horse from turning into a donkey! 

Are you still here?

“Just for today, smile a little more.”

James A. Murphy

Okay, that was our small effort to brighten your day with our email marketing memes. Thank you for reading it through, and I hope you enjoyed it.

Email marketing memes, have a good day my friend

I understand that email marketing can be unpleasant at times, but it is also the medium that returns the most! So, don’t be disheartened if it’s not working right now. Simply take a short pause, entertain yourself, recharge your batteries, and start again from the beginning.

The sun will shine again soon!

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