Bounce Handling with Elastic Email

If you use ElasticEmail email service then use this documentation to set up Bounce handling with FluentCRM.

First copy the Webhook URL at FluentCRM -> Settings -> SMTP/Email Sending Service Settings and Select Elastic from the dropdown and copy the webhook URL.


Then Login to your ElasticEmail account then navigate to Settings > Manage Webhooks and click on Create Webhook Button.

image 1

Provide the webhook URL copied from FluentCRM and then only select “Unsubscribed”, “Complaints” and “Bounce/Error” Events.

Once you are done click save.

With this integration when an email address got bounced or contact unsubscribe from ElasticEmail, FluentCRM will automatically change the status in your WordPress site’s contact status.

Latest comments (4)

If you don’t use bounce handling, FluentCRM won’t be able to detect bounced emails. As a result, your list will get cluttered with false and incorrect emails. So, we recommend setting this up.

Nazir Himel

Hi Andrew, I understand your concern. Unfortunately, Elastic email needs to connect with FluentCRM in some way and that’s the only way they provide. This is why we’ll have to depend on webhooks for bounce handling. Hope you understand.