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8 Strategies to Automate MLM Lead Generation and Improve Efficiency and Scalability

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Multi-level marketing (MLM) has become so popular that the space is saturated with marketers all over the world. As a result, it can be difficult to find leads to grow your network. Plus, so much goes into lead generation that can take up a lot of your time.

Prospecting, lead conversion, and sales funneling are just a few aspects of running an MLM business. You can make your job easier by automating the lead-generation marketing process. Below are some strategies to get you started but first, let’s get into what MLM lead generation is in the first place.

What is MLM lead generation?

MLM lead generation marketing involves finding people interested in buying your products. Then, they’d become sellers of the same products themselves. These are your downline members, forming the “multi-level” network. 

Graphic showing the MLM distribution structure

To drive growth, MLM businesses not only find people who are interested in their product but are also qualified and motivated to participate in the MLM network or make purchases. Add to that the high competition in the industry, about 6.2 million Americans are participating in MLM, which will likely continue to grow as direct selling becomes more popular.

But high competition and complex lead-generation marketing strategies can’t stop you from growing your MLM business, especially if you use automation to help you bring in new leads.

The power of automation software

As multi-level marketing companies look to scale and improve efficiency, automation becomes a key strategy. Implementing advanced tools, such as identity resolution, can play a huge role in the lead-generation marketing process.

hightouch automation example

By leveraging these platforms, your MLM company can automate tedious lead nurturing activities and get useful information to refine your activities, making your marketing efforts more targeted and efficient.

8 Ways to Automate MLM Lead Generation

Here are eight tried-and-true methodologies for automating MLM lead generation. 

Automate Your Email Campaigns

Email marketing is a tried-and-true strategy for direct-selling companies. Automating your email marketing campaigns can help you save time and improve the effectiveness of your MLM strategy. Using an email marketing platform like FluentCRM, you can set up automated email sequences to nurture leads at different stages of the customer journey.

FluentCRM lead generation marketing automation

In your emails, you can share valuable content, product information, and success stories to educate and engage leads. You can set up your emails to be released every few days to gradually guide your leads toward making a purchase or joining your MLM network.

To get started, segment your email list based on specific criteria, such as prospects (i.e., potential customers), downline members, or loyal customers. Consider engagement level, performance, or even team structure within your MLM network. After identifying target segments, choose an email marketing platform. Consider looking for one that supports software integration, team-based segmentation, performance tracking, and personalized communication. 

Set up welcome emails and onboarding sequences to introduce new leads or recruits to your MLM business. Then, create automated nurture campaigns tailored to different segments of your target audience. Success stories and key product information can help address the specific needs and pain points of each segment. 

You can also use your email marketing software to schedule and send automated event reminders, promotional offers, updates, upcoming webinars, product launches, or training sessions. Customize these notifications based on the interests and preferences of each segment. 

Create automated follow-up sequences to reconnect with leads who have shown interest in your MLM company but haven’t taken action. Re-engagement campaigns can help you win back leads that have gone cold. Offer them exclusive incentives or valuable content to revitalize their interest in your product or opportunity. 

Set up your email marketing software to automatically send emails that promote complementary products or upgrades to existing customers or downline members. These emails should be targeted, showcasing related products or exclusive bundles that add value and encourage repeat purchases or upgrades within your MLM ecosystem.

Streamline Social Media Marketing Processes

There’s no denying that social media offers a great opportunity for any business to boost brand awareness, improve customer engagement, and generate new leads. It’s precisely why 78% of customers are willing to buy from a brand after a positive experience on social media.

Automating social media marketing can be a game-changer for direct-selling companies. You’ll be able to save time, allowing you to focus on other parts of your business. You can automate a wide range of social media marketing tasks. For example, Later has a free social media scheduler that allows you to schedule posts and updates across social media platforms to ensure a consistent online presence.

Later post scheduling software

Let’s take a closer look at how you can streamline these social media tasks.

  • Post scheduling: You can use a social media management tool to schedule posts across multiple platforms in advance. Just plan what you want to include in the posts (e.g., content calendar) and input the content into your social media management platform, which will take care of the rest. Try scheduling your posts to be sent out when your potential customers are most active for maximum visibility.
  • Mention tracking: Social media listening tools can help you track mentions of your brand and products across different social media platforms. By setting up alerts and notifications, you can easily track brand mentions, comments, and messages in real-time. 
  • Trend monitoring: Various social media monitoring tools can help you track industry-specific hashtags, topics, and conversations.
  • Campaign monitoring: Use your CRM to gain social media campaign insights like lead generation rate, engagement rate, etc. This automation will allow you to optimize your campaigns to perform better in your network marketing lead-generation strategies. 

Use Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer relationship management, or CRM software, helps businesses manage customer relationships, monitor interactions, and analyze customer behavior. CRMs can automate lead generation, follow-up procedures, and customized recommendations for MLMs.

  • Lead generation: Lead capture forms on your website collect customer information, which automatically feeds potential leads into your CRM. Some CRMs have lead scoring and tagging features that categorize leads based on engagement levels and interests. From there, you can prioritize follow-up actions accordingly.
  • Follow-up: Integrating your CRM into your email marketing platform makes it easy to send automated emails triggered by specific lead actions or milestones.
  • Customized recommendations: CRMs provide data analytics, which offers insights into lead preferences, purchase history, and engagement patterns. You can also leverage your CRM’s segmenting capabilities to create personalized product recommendations and promotional offers based on each lead’s position in the sales funnel and their past interactions with your MLM business.

Leverage Attraction Marketing

Another way to generate leads for your MLM is to implement attraction marketing. This method doesn’t involve automation using software per see. But it’s still an effective strategy to help you put your lead generation efforts on autopilot. Instead of actively seeking out leads, you can make them come to you. 

Attraction marketing avoids using pushy sales techniques to attract prospects and leads. Instead, it aims to educate your audience, which brings only the most relevant inbound leads into the funnel. So, it’s all about sharing valuable content that naturally attracts people to your business. This is called content marketing. 

There are many ways to share your content, including your website (i.e., blog posts, ebooks, white papers, case studies, etc.), social media, emails, webinars, podcasts, and videos). Although there’s technically no automation involved in the content creation process‌ — ‌unless you use AI writing software‌ — ‌once you’ve created all of your content, you can start watching the leads roll in.

Add more value to your content by offering a money tracker, like the one from SoFi, as part of the package. 

SoFi money tracker

This not only shows leads that your MLM is a lucrative business opportunity but also demonstrates that they’ll easily be able to measure their path to financial success when using your program.

A money tracker provides real-time insights into the financial health and viability of your leads’ MLM engagements. Offering this tool shows that your MLM business isn’t just interested in recruiting new members but that you’re also interested in their success. The result? You can build trust and credibility, positioning your MLM brand as a partner in financial growth and stability!

Use Technology to Automate Sales Processes

Your sales team often has to follow up with leads regularly. Drafting emails, calling out leads individually, sorting leads based on lead score, etc., are all time-consuming tasks. Your sales team will benefit greatly from having task schedules to avoid misunderstandings. The best employee scheduling softwares like Connecteam has an in-app chat feature where employees can message each other and swap tasks with each other.

Sales teams have to work together to successfully follow up on leads, and employee scheduling software will boost collaboration among them. In addition, scheduling software can send push notifications as reminders to team members so they never miss a deadline. These direct-selling processes can benefit from sales automation.

For example, your sales team can create personalized email campaigns to lead potential customers through the sales funnel. Sellers can also receive notifications via email or SMS when leads take a specific action.

Furthermore, automated lead distribution allows sales leaders to automatically assign leads to specific reps. As a result, you can route leads to the most appropriate and qualified reps for effective follow-up and conversion.

Leverage Chatbots

Chatbots are great tools that start conversations with your website visitors. You can use chatbots to answer common questions your visitors have and provide links to relevant content and customer support. This is crucial because 65% of internet users prefer using a chatbot or other automated technology to ask their questions.

Your chatbot can also be a valuable tool for generating leads. MLM leads can use your chatbot to sign up for your newsletter or share other important contact information with your company. Understanding your audience is a key part of lead generation. Chatbots can help you do that, too, by collecting information about new leads so that you can create personalized marketing campaigns!

Implement a Prospect Analytics Tool

You may already be using analytics tools in which you put a piece of code on your website, tracking the IP addresses of users who visit you. However, prospect analytics tools do a bit more than that as they track the pages each user visits, their engagement, and more. 

Some prospect analytics tools also have predictive analysis capabilities, using historical data to predict who’s more likely to buy your product or service. You can use this information to determine the best leads to send to your marketing team and personalize your automated marketing messages.

Automate Your Cold Emails

Earlier, we talked about automating email marketing campaigns. But that only applies to people who have subscribed to your email list.

Let’s say you want to try another method for generating new leads through cold emailing. But manually writing and sending hundreds of emails is a painstaking process.

Implementing automation in your cold email outreach strategy can help you generate leads at a high volume. But make sure you send your automated cold emails intentionally. Avoid sending cookie-cutter emails or too many messages in a short time. Use defined audience segments to get the right messaging to the right prospects.

Sales prospecting tools and email marketing automation software can help you do this. Use these tools to segment your leads and automatically send them relevant emails. You can use a template that you can personalize to every prospect. Then, once those emails have gone out, you can automate follow-ups with drip campaigns. 

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of setting lead generation on autopilot while you sit back, relax, and watch the leads come in. But before you reap the full benefits of MLM lead generation marketing, you must set a firm foundation.

This involves defining your target market and creating an ideal customer profile, identifying the best marketing channels to reach them, choosing the right automation and generation tools, and setting up workflows and triggers. If you have it in you to get all this done, then you’ll see the benefits of automating MLM lead generation in no time. Soon, you’ll fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads and score the conversion rates of your dreams.

Here’s to improving your generation process tenfold, Cheers!

Author: Guillaume Deschamps
Author: Guillaume Deschamps

Guillaume is a digital marketer focused on handling the outreach strategy at uSERP and content management at Wordable. Outside of work, he enjoys his expat life in sunny Mexico, reading books, wandering around and catching the latest shows on TV.

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