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5+ Best Valentine’s Day Emails to Make Customers Fall in Love with Your Business

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If you run an e-commerce store or are an online seller, different events and occasions are times to skyrocket your business. Occasions like Christmas Day, New Year, and Valentine’s Day are excellent opportunities to further strengthen your bond with the customers and we’re pretty sure you’ve made the most of the Christmas-New Year celebrations.

Now that you have taken the glitters and colors of  Christmas and New Year from your website, it’s time to redo with hearts and pink. But is that enough to make the most out of the month of love, AKA Valentine’s Day?

Of course, sticking to the theme is a great idea. But there are some nifty ways to take your Valentine’s Day emails to the next level. Like any occasion, you can use these emails to strengthen customer relationships and maximize your sales in the month of love through email marketing.

Not sure how to get started?

You’re in the right place. In this blog, we’ll share some of the best Valentine’s Day email examples as well as tips, best practices, and more to help you

Why send Valentine’s Day emails Anyway?

Because of the holiday’s association with love and passion, Valentine’s Day presents a special chance for your brand to forge deeper connections with its customers. It’s not just another chance to make some quick sales, rather an occasion that comes with some other advantages as well. Below are just a few ways Valentine’s emails can make a difference:

  • Foster customer relationships: A thoughtful Valentine’s Day email can go a long way beyond the scope of a transaction. Expressing genuine interest in your consumers helps your audience feel more connected to your brand, increasing trust and loyalty.
  • Boosts interactions: Sending out Valentine’s Day emails is a great way to get people excited and increase interaction. The likelihood of opening, reading, and sharing these emails increases when they contain innovative material, personal messaging, or unique incentives.
  • Increase revenue: Valentine’s Day is a great time to promote your goods and services because many people are shopping for experiences and gifts now. You may take advantage of the Valentine’s Day craze by offering specific deals and promotions.
  • Boost brand recognition:  Valentine’s Day emails offer an opportunity to creatively and memorable present your brand’s identity and principles. You may increase audience recognition and recall of your brand by coordinating your messaging with seasonal moods.
  • Promotes customer opinion: Send your customers Valentine’s Day emails and ask for their opinion. Gain vital insights into their tastes and opinions through surveys, reviews, or social media interactions. These customer feedback emails can help you further optimize your products for the consumers.
  • Promotes customer advocacy: Satisfied consumers are more inclined to praise your brand. Customers will be more likely to share their love and tell others about their wonderful Valentine’s Day experiences if you provide them with a good service or deal.

5+ Valentine’s Day Email Examples for Inspiration

Valentine’s day email isn’t all about sticking to the heart and pink. It’s about connecting to your audience on a deeper level to promote customer relationship and boost interaction. It’s about the effort to making the customers fall in love with your brand. How do you do that? Simple, look for inspirations! Look into what other’s have done, and what aspects made their Valentine’s day email successful.

We have researched and compiled a list of the best examples of some of the most market-leading brands. Let’s see how they have captivated their audiences with their Valentine’s Day emails!

MAC Cosmetics – Putting in a Love Show 

Valentine’s Day marketing is more than just putting hearts on your goods. But that does not mean you don’t need to put any love theme in your emails. Let’s take the well-known cosmetics brand MAC for example. 

They used very romantic words in the subject lines of their emails, like “love” and “crush,” which makes it easy to connect what they’re selling to the celebration of love. Their plan goes beyond words; they send visual and verbal texts in line with the holiday spirit. MAC shows off some of its beauty products that are perfect for Valentine’s Day with beautiful colors and touching stories about the products.

mac cosmetics valentine's day email example

WWF – Making Valentine’s Day Emails Unique and Engaging 

Love does not need to be defined within couples or any specific relationship. And that’s what the well-known animal welfare organization WWF has shown with their emails.

WWF asked their readers to vote for the cutest animal pairs by taking them on a fun trip through the animal world. This turns the email into an adventure and helps you get to know your reader better, with each click bringing you closer to love and interest. Let’s make sure that your Valentine’s Day emails are not only read but also felt. Let’s make every contact a memorable one!

wwf valentine's day email example

Birchbox – Mixing FOMO with a Touch of Love 

Before Valentine’s Day, Birchbox tells customers in an email that they don’t have much time to buy a gift. They give people two quick gift ideas to get them to buy immediately. And not to mention the red and pink that you can see on their email is a sign of love. Birchbox makes their emails easy to understand and walks you through what they offer. It’s a mix of “Last chance” and “Still time,” so buyers feel like they need to act but don’t feel freaked out.

birchbox valentine's day email example

Max&Co – Not Forgetting to Include the Singles

As part of their Valentine’s Day email marketing, Max&Co. sends a special note to all single people telling them to treat themselves. Some positive words they used are “Treat yourself” and “Fall in love with yourself,”.

This means that single people should consider getting themselves a nice Valentine’s gift. This strategy is smart because single people often miss or quickly delete emails with Valentine’s Day themes. Max&Co. wants Valentine’s Day to be fun for everyone, not just couples, so they changed the subject line of the emails and the main headline.

max&co valentine's day email example

New Balance – Giving Free Shipping as a Valentine’s Gift 

Valentine’s Day isn’t only about telling your contacts “I love you”; it’s also a chance to be creative and stand out from the sea of inboxes. And you don’t need to do a lot to stand out. 

New Balance has wished its customers a happy Valentine’s Day in the most imaginative way possible. The email template showcases a timeless New Balance sneaker with heart-shaped laces to indicate the occasion. And to put that bright smile on their users’ faces, they have given free shipping on this occasion. 

new balance valentine's day email example

AppSumo – Post-Valentine’s Day Email

What if we told you that sending a post Valentine’s Day email is equally important as any other email you’ll send during this festival?

Let’s get real, you don’t want your users to feel like you have just made them feel special only for the occasion. Rather, sending a post valentine’s Day email will make them feel like they are special and will always remain special. And that’s what AppSumo has done with a very simple post-Valentine’s Day email. 

appsumo post-valentine's day email example

Even though Valentine’s Day has passed, AppSumo still has plenty of love to offer its clients. Using lighthearted language that ties the deal into the Valentine’s Day theme, it advertises its annual Plus membership.

How to Craft a Love-packed Valentine’s Day Email?

Now that you have seen how some of the world’s best brands utilize email marketing during the Valentine’s season, it’s time to familiarise yourself with the best practices for crafting the perfect Valentine’s Day email. 

Since most people buy Valentine’s Day gifts online, your email folder is the best place to get people to love your business and buy from you. Here are some ways to add extra love to your February email ads that will stick with people.

Get Your Love Notes Going Early February

It’s not a good idea to wait until the last minute. People often wait until the last minute to buy Valentine’s Day gifts, but you don’t need to rush your ads like during the holiday rush. Send three to four carefully thought-out emails to find the sweet spot between February 1st and February 14th. You can build an email sequence to be sent at different time frames before Valentine’s Day. This time frame ensures that your love message gets to the right people at the right time, giving your followers plenty of time to find that perfect gift before the big day.

Those who sell software or other digital treats can play around with starting even later. Since you don’t have to worry about shipping times, you can be a little sneaky in your love emails!

Make Offers and Deals Based on the Valentine’s Theme

Your emails need to be different and customized based on the occasion. And when it comes to Valentine’s Day emails, you can’t just help but pour all the love all over the place. Let it be your offer, deal, service, or even the email itself; it needs to showcase that you are not just trying to sell something but showing genuine love towards your audiences. 

Consider the colors, formats, and designs of your emails and landing pages. Rather than going for a simple text email, make it colorful, and don’t forget to add a few affectionate words. 

Segment Your List to Send Personalized Valentine’s Emails

While you may think that you don’t really need to focus that much on segmentation since Valentine’s Day is a very small occasion. But here’s some number that might make you reconsider your thoughts. 

As of last year, it was thought Americans would spend an average of $192.8 on Valentine’s Day. But people aged 35 to 44 would spend an astonishing $335.71!

Now you know why sending a personalized email is vital, right?

When it comes to personalization, there are a lot of criteria that you may need to consider. You should send emails just right for each group once you have them all set up. Give your first-time customers a special deal or tips by suggesting products similar to those they’ve bought. Apply any segments that users can connect to and you might end up becoming an inspiration!

Get People Involved

Email marketing used to be as simple as sending notes into space. Let’s turn up the romance this Valentine’s Day and turn your emails into lively conversations that interest people. Add a little action to your messages, and watch the conversion happen. You could add a fun quiz, a heartwarming movie, a social media picture, or even a survey that makes people happy and interested. Interactivity is the key!

Leverage Abandoned Cart Campaigns

This Valentine’s Day, use the power of “abandoned cart” messages and the romance of the holiday to boost sales on your e-commerce site. Make a unique email that reminds customers of their abandoned carts that fit the Valentine’s theme. This will encourage them to return to their carts and finish their purchases.

You can use an email marketing automation tool to set up an automated funnel to send abandoned cart emails to your users during the month of love. And the emails? Needless to say, they need to have an emotional appeal.

Send Emails About Your Special Valentine’s Day Deals

Who doesn’t get excited seeing a good deal? Make your Valentine’s Day campaign a love affair by sending your customers tempting deals they can only get through email. Picture the happiness of getting free shipping or the thrill of getting a “Buy one, get one” deal for love’s sake.

Make a lovely selection of Valentine’s Day deals, such as bonuses on certain purchases and tempting limited-time freebies, all of which are meant to make people feel excited and rushed about your brand. Think about the excitement as your offers, like fleeting times of love, call out with the threat of “now or never.”

Don’t just target couples

Before you wonder why we would ask not just to target couples while they are the target audience, let us explain.

It’s true that this is the occasion of love, and the lovebirds are your potential customers. but don’t forget this love is in every relationship. You can try coming up with some unique ideas like:

  • 50% off on Valentine’s Day if you are shopping for any of your family members 
  • 30% discount on pet foods this Valentine’s as they are nothing less than the love of your life
  • 35% off on our items if you are buying items for your friends

These examples are just to give you ideas. Based on your audience and what product you sell, create unique deals that’ll take your Valentine’s Day email campaigns. 

Subject line ideas for Valentine’s Day emails

Though there are various rules and regulations regarding how should you write a subject line, ultimately it all comes down to your creativity. The same goes in the case of Valentine’s Day subject lines as well. You can come up with the best subject lines by giving a thought about what your users might like, might find funny, and might want to hear. 

Still, it’s never a bad idea to have a look at a few examples:

  • “Escape to Romantic Bliss: Discover the Perfect Valentine’s Day Getaways “
  • “Love is Forever: Embrace Valentine’s Day with Flair “
  • “Heartbeats and High-Fives: Embrace the Joy of Valentine’s Day “
  • “Indulge in Delicious Valentine’s Day Treats: A Guide for Food Enthusiasts”
  • “Travelling alone? Indulge in Self-Love Goodies!”
  • “Who Needs a Valentine?” I have chocolate and Netflix! 
  • “Unlock Their Heart: Valentine’s Gifts They’ll Absolutely Adore”
  • “Gift Ideas for a Meaningful Valentine’s Day Surprise”
  • “Hurry Up: Final Opportunity for Valentine’s Day Surprises!”
  • “Last-Minute Cupid: Fast Solutions for Your Valentine’s Day Requirements”

Need more? Dive into our February email subject line ideas!

Valentine’s Day is an occasion of love and joy, and make sure throughout your email marketing campaign, you stay true to this idea. If you know how to do everything right, you can make sales through spreading love and joy. And we hope that’s what we could enlighten you about by this article.

Also, take inspiration from our shared examples and take advantage of the mentioned best practices. We hope you have a fantastic deal campaign during this Valentine’s and a lovely Valentine’s Day for yourself.


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