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13 Professional Discount Email Examples to Inspire Your Next Sales Campaign

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Despite rapid technological progress, email marketing remains the unbeatable method for maintaining direct and effective communication with the audience. Offering discounts and unique promotions with email marketing proves to be a great approach for attracting new clients, rewarding loyal customers, engaging, and increasing sales. 

Creating an excellent discount email template not only drives engagement but also creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity, which ultimately boosts conversion rates.

In our explanation of different discount email examples, we’ve discussed their effectiveness in providing insights and inspiration. So that you can utilize these ideas in your next discount email campaign.

What is a discount email?

A discount email is a type of marketing communication sent via email that offers discount recipients such as reduced prices, special deals, or promotional offers on products or services.

It is a popular method used by lots of businesses to engage customers, enhance conversions, and promote their products or services effectively. Companies use this method by giving a discount, seasonal sales, coupon codes, limited-time sales, and many more to persuade customers to make a purchase or take advantage.

The purpose of these emails is to attract customers, product purchases, and drive sales by offering discounts.

Types of discount emails

It’s highly important to align your discount email campaign with your overall marketing plan. The types of emails you create should match the level of your marketing strategy.

Here are some examples of discount emails developed by businesses, each focused on a specific purpose:

  • Welcome discount: As a welcome gift to new subscribers or first-time consumers, it encourages them to make their first purchase
  • Birthday discount: This email is sent on the customer’s birthday to build a sense of appreciation and motivate them to celebrate by taking action
  • Abandoned cart discount: Sent customers reminders about items left in their shopping cart and provide a discount to complete the purchase
  • Flash sale alert: Informs customers about a limited-time sale or promotion, creating a sense of urgency to take advantage of the discounted prices
  • Holiday or seasonal discounts: Offered during holidays or specific seasons, aligning with festive occasions or changing consumer needs
  • VIP or exclusive discounts: Exclusive offers for loyal customers, subscribers, or members increase customer retention by making them feel valued
  • Product launch discount: Introduces a new product launch at discounted rates to encourage early adoption and generate excitement
  • Bundle discounts: Offers discounts when customers purchase a bundle of related products or services together, promoting upselling and increasing the average transaction value
  • Clearance sale: Clears out excess inventory by offering significant discounts on products that need to be sold quickly
  • Pre-order discounts: Encourages customers to pre-order upcoming products by offering a special discounted rate for early commitments
  • Limited-time offers: Creates a sense of urgency by providing discounts for a short period, driving quick decision-making and purchases

13 professional discount email examples to inspire your next sales campaign

After discussing tips and tricks on how to write discount emails, it will be easy to understand discount email examples and evaluate these properly.

In this section, we will thoroughly discuss and explain 13 discount email examples of popular brands and evaluate them from every aspect.

Now, let’s get back to the best part!

Imagine having an online eCommerce store with different types of products. Now you want to give discounts on specific products and their different categories through an email campaign. In this case, can be an example for you. is an online retailer company known for affordable, high-quality prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. Their goal is to offer cost-effective eyewear options without sacrificing quality, making them accessible to a wide range of customers.

They announced a flash sale event on their different types of glasses and wanted to maximize customer participation. St. Particks day discount email

Why it works:

  • The email begins with an eye-catching countdown timer to create urgency
  • It highlights a 15% exclusive savings and reveals the code for higher conversions
  • Use of a playful font for a friendly and engaging tone
  • Showcased featured products to get ideas in the blink of an eye
  • Shop Now button for easy access to the online store
  • Added a sweet touch with “Luck is on your side!” to make customers feel special
  • Concludes with a CTA to explore new arrival products


Suppose a diagnostic store approaches to give a special offer on behalf of fostering good health during a special day. In that case, the 23andME email campaign can be an inspiration.

23andME is a biotechnology company that offers direct-to-customer genetic testing services founded in 2006, when they decided to give an offer on Mother’s Day to their health sector and an Ancestry kit in this style.

23andMe Mother's day discount email

Why it works:

  • This email starts with a prominent$50 Off placement and about the special day – Mother’s Day
  • Immediate visibility to help customers get the idea about what occasion offer it is right away
  • Mentions the offer ensures transparency about the potential savings for customers
  • Clearly communicated when the offer ends, creating a sense of urgency
  • The subject line serves as a teaser, enticing customers and generating curiosity
  • A vibrant CTA – Buy Now button acts as a gateway to the store’s online platform, ensuring a smooth transition


Running a transportation company and opening a new pickup point to receive customers. Amazon can be a great example to get an idea of how you can influence them with promotional discounts.

Amazon is a massive tech and e-commerce company headquartered in the United States. It’s currently one of the biggest and most varied online retailers globally. While there are different mail templates amazon has done an excellent job with its hooking sentence.

Amazon pickup location discount email examples

 Why it works:

  • Started with an incentive-driven approach – Save $5 by choosing pickup instead of delivery
  • Capture attention immediately by placing the savings offer at the forefront
  • The look of the campaign makes it easily identifiable as an Amazon message
  • Focuses on simplicity, ensuring the offer is easily understood by recipients
  • Consistency in visual elements creates a strong association with the brand
  • Clear communication that ensures the key message to recipients


Everyone loves special offers! When you are thinking of giving a special offer on a special occasion to your customers via email, it can drive more conversion and engagement. For that, Sony can be an example for you. 

Sony designs the best discount email for their customer with a simple and compact design.

Sony big summer discount email examples

 Why it works:

  • The email is concise, straightforward, and easily digestible
  • It creates an expectation of substantial savings, enticing customers to explore more
  • A clear CTA – Shop Now that will hit immediately to take action


If you have an online bookstore and want to give an offer to your special customer on some selective book in different categories, what can be an inspiration? In this case, the MOO discount email example can be helpful for you.

Moo is a company that specializes in printing and design services, particularly known for its high-quality printing of business cards, postcards, stickers, and other printed materials.

Moo discount email example

 Why it works:

  • This email entices customer engagement by presenting a 10% discount offer
  • It boosted customer confidence by promising to reprint any product that doesn’t meet their expectations
  • The combination of the discount offer and the quality boosts customer engagement
  • Didnt forget to showcase their work sample 
  • Short and concisely uphold their work ethics
  • Shows a 10% offer in the CTA button to make it easy to convert to a sale page


A travel booking company sends out an email that’s more than just an offer. It’s like a journey through social proof, credibility, and trust-building.

In this case, we can see the Bellhop discount email.

Bellhop is a technology-based platform and app that facilitates the booking and management of transportation services.

Bellhop discount email example

 Why it works:

  • Mention of 20,000+ reviews, indicating a substantial customer base
  • strategically employs social proof in their email before presenting the offer
  • Highlight of a 4.8-star rating, showcasing exceptional customer satisfaction
  • Placing social proof before the offer – Book today for 5% off to persuade customers effectively


Suppose you have a beauty and cosmetic business online and some new subscriber is joining your email list. Now you want to welcome them with a discount. In this case, you can take Biossance email as an example.

Biossance is a skincare company known for its innovative approach to creating clean, sustainable beauty products that are both effective and eco-friendly.

Biossance discount email example for new subscribers

 Why this works:

  • Tempt new subscribers with a welcome promo
  • Email started with featuring brands introductory and offer – Begins with 20% discount
  • An engaging CTA – Claim My Code to take immediate action
  • Uses a conversion-driven, action-oriented strategy by choosing this CTA – Claim My Code
  • And of course, stands out with visually appealing design elements


Suppose you have an IT solution company that doesn’t like routine sales. Instead, you want to provide an exclusive offer twice a year to make feel rare. Dell can be a great inspiration for you.

Dell is a multinational technology company known for manufacturing, selling, and servicing a wide range of computer hardware, software, and related services founded in 1984 by Michael Dell.

Dell special discount email example

 Why this works:

  • Emphasizes special events that apart from frequent promotion
  • Limiting the event’s frequency creates a sense of urgency
  • The email clearly defines the value of this email
  • They didn’t forget to include – lIVE CHAT, and CTA for additional action


Suppose you have a business of digital products and you want to give a discount on one of them. From the Grammarly discount email template, you can take an idea.

Grammarly is an application that allows users to proofread and modify texts for grammar and spelling online, in Microsoft Word, or Outlook.

Grammarly flash discount email example

 Why it works:

  • Started with a direct – 50% OFF, instantly informing about the email
  • The email body describes the product benefits
  • The email ends with Strong CTA – Upgrade Now that telling recipients what they should do
  • Emphasizing the time-sensitive nature of the offer – Today is the last day to upgrade and save 50%


Suppose you have an online retailing company and you want to give an offer to your special customer on their special occasion. It can be a great way to give thanks to your loyal customers. EyeBuyDirect’s email can be a great example.

EyeBuyDirect is an online retailer known for affordable, high-quality prescription glasses, sunglasses, and eyewear accessories, utilizing a direct-to-consumer model.

EyeBuyDirect anniversary discount email example

Why it works:

  • Started with a unique discount by incorporating the concept of a forgotten anniversary
  • The email expresses gratitude to loyal customers on their anniversary while indirectly encouraging further spending
  • Personalized touch enhance the likelihood of the customer to respond positively
  • Didnt forget to showcase different product categories for making quick decisions for customer
  • Shop All – CTA subtly signals the chance for customers to buy the entire product range with precision


Imagine giving a seasonal promo email to your customer that not only tempts them with an unbeatable deal but also influence them in the decision-making process to buy the product. Here ClickUp can be an example.

ClickUp is a cloud-based productivity platform with tools for task and project management, document sharing, and collaboration. It has a smooth workflow, enabling individuals and teams to organize tasks, projects, and documents in one centralized platform.

ClickUp seasonal discount email examples

Why it works:

  • ClickUp email starts with an awesome headline – Fall into Fall that instantly grabs the recipient’s attention
  • Thoughtfully compares old and new prices, ensuring customers easily understand the significant cost savings
  • ClickUp lists key features in a super creative way by adding a playful touch for a more appealing
  • Capture the recipient’s attention nicely by featuring leaves and clever puns, adding a fun and engaging element


In this blog, we did not show or cover examples of discount email that does not follow the best practices. There is no attractive image, no proper logo criteria, and not a single call to action.

But still, we took the WordPress discount email as an example. 


WordPress is a well-known open-source content management system (CMS) that is used to create websites, blogs, and online marketplaces. It offers an easy-to-use interface that allows individuals and businesses to develop and manage their online presence without having substantial technological knowledge.

WordPress flash sale discount email example

Why it works:

  • This email is targeted to power users of WordPress who are familiar with the platform’s benefits and seeking specific features
  • Detailing features without distractions resonates with this audience, highlighting the importance of audience-targeting


Wonderbly is a personalized children’s book company that specializes in making stories with a child as the main character. They provide a variety of beautifully drawn books that are adapted to a child’s name, gender, appearance, and particular interests, making reading more enjoyable and personalized for young readers.

Wonderbly discount email examples

Why it works

  • They do not forget to showcase their work sample to build authority
  • The message of this email is clear and visually more appealing
  • An action-oriented CTA – See the book to provoke the recipients
  • Top-notch infographics and exhibiting work samples precisely

Clever ways to write your next discount email campaign

Offering discounts to customers proves to be an effective strategy for boosting sales. Studies indicate that 80% of customers are intent to make their initial purchase if discounts or special offers are available. 

Beyond driving traffic and conversions, providing discounts establishes long-term relationships with customers, and makes them valuable assets in any marketing strategy.

After discussing discount email examples of popular companies, we’ve discovered some essential tips and prerequisites for crafting the best discount email campaign for your business.

Calculate the discount potential

It’s important to evaluate how deeply you can discount your product or service by ensuring profitability and considering your customer acquisition costs (CAC). Consider these during evaluation:

  • Examine and determine your profit margin on the product or service you intend to discount
  • Evaluate how much can costs to acquire a new customer
  • Calculate the maximum discount you can offer without compromising profitability

Choose the recipients carefully

By selecting recipients based on segmentation and giving offers, your discount email template can resonate more effectively with the targeted audience and lead to increased engagement and conversions.

If you segment your audience into more specific categories based on their demography you can provide a more personalized discount email. And that will boost your high conversion rate.

Market your brand in the header

Don’t forget to include a header element that visually portrays your brand. This includes yours:

  • Company logo, 
  • Consistent colors
  • Fonts, and 
  • Design elements that are compatible with your brand identity

Make your discount offer restricted in time

Creating a sense of urgency by limiting the time of the deal or making it limited to a single product line provokes them it will not stay for long. Scarcity motivates people to take action.

Deliver value to your customers

Your customers choose you for more than just discounts, beyond the attraction of your sale. Use your discount offer email to underline the unique value and benefit you bring to their lives.

Create an engaging subject line

An engaging subject line sparks the recipient’s interest, stimulates their curiosity, and entices them to click and learn more. Some best practices like – 

  • Short and simple
  • not sounding too spammy, and 
  • highlights the benefit to subscribers so that they have a reason to open your email

Keep your email concise

a concise email involves a focused approach aimed at delivering essential information effectively. Start by outlining the core purpose of the email and trim unnecessary details, avoid jargon, and utilize clear, simple language to convey your message. 

When you are done with your important to-do list focus on:

  • Go for the direct point
  • Present your offer
  • Follow brand tone
  • Include your discount code with the expiration date if needed

Write engaging CTA

The goal of your email is to prompt action, especially in a discount offer email, typically aimed at encouraging a purchase. Here are tips for more effective calls-to-action (CTAs) –

  • Maintain clarity and directness
  • Put action-oriented language –  Shop Now
  • Focus on visibility and design
  • Focus on value proposition – Unlock Exclusive Deals

Start sending discount emails for crazy sales!

An effective discount email campaign holds the potential to drive more engagement, sales, and revenue. However, success lies in thorough research and knowing your customer base, effective segmentation, and properly designing your email.

We believe that, after reviewing all the exceptional email examples of different companies, you will be able to obtain useful insights and use them to write perfect discount email examples for your next email campaign.

We wish you all the very best and take your email campaign to the next level.

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