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FluentCRM-GetGenie Integration: Start Writing Your Marketing Emails with AI Magic!

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So many things go into email copywriting. Research, idea generation, avoiding spam traps, and ensuring conciseness —writing great emails was hard work until 2022.

Then AI came to the rescue. And now, you can finally start leveraging AI to write your FluentCRM emails!

No more writing emails manually for your email campaigns, with GetGenie’s Genie Chat feature, you can automate your email copy generation and save hours of valuable time that you can invest in other productive works.

What is GetGenie?


GetGenie is a leading AI SEO and Content Writing tool for both the WordPress and SaaS platforms. The AI content tool can generate a wide range of other content types, including listicle ideas, taglines, features, WooCommerce product long descriptions, content rewriting, pros & cons, explain why, and many more.

If you are a WordPress user, you can leverage the tool from your WordPress dashboard. However, if you don’t use WordPress, you can sign up for GetGenie’s web version and access all the features of the tool from there.

Key Features of GetGenie:

  • Shows Keyword Research and SERP Analysis data comprehensively to help optimize your website
  • Recommends content score based on internal links, headings, word count, and image alt text of your web page to make it SEO-friendly
  • Displays NLP keyword suggestions and a content score to improve areas that lack meat
  • Shows H2H comparison with competitors in terms of covered keywords on a given topic to help improve keyword optimization of your site
  • Effortless process of generating a one-click blog and an entire blog post
  • Offers 37+ content and copy-generation templates
  • Extends AIDA, BAB, and PAS copywriting model templates
  • Ability to generate content in 33+ languages in a flash

But what makes GetGenie stand out?

It’s the SEO feature as it comes with built-in SERP analysis and keyword research features that help you generate SEO-driven content for your website to rank higher in Google’s SERP.

You can also take advantage of Genie Chat —a chatting feature of GetGenie that lets you chat with 22+ personalities on any topic you wish.  

Take a look at our GetGenie review for a more in-depth overview

How to craft emails with GetGenie in FluentCRM?

To write your emails with GetGenie in FluentCRM, you have to follow some simple steps and you will be good to go for shooting emails to your leads, prospects, and clients. 

Install GetGenie and FluentCRM

Right at the outset, enter the dashboard of your WordPress website. Then, install GetGenie and FluentCRM plugins on your WordPress website.

fluentcrm, getgenie

Create your email campaign

Once done with the installation process, navigate to the FluentCRM dashboard from the sidebar. Then, click Emails from the top bar, followed by the Create New Campaign button to add an email campaign.

fluentcrm new campaign

Add your campaign title

It’s time to add your campaign title to the designated field. Hit the “Create Campaign” button afterward.

fluentcrm campaign title

Find GetGenie’s email writing button and set the required options

With that, you will enter an email editor interface that lets you write your email. But now, you can generate your email with GetGenie AI. 

Follow the instructions below to generate catchy emails for your email campaign:

  1. Find GetGenie’s Write Email With AI button and click it straightaway. With that, the Genie Chat interface will open up. 
  1. The interface will display a few suggested prompts for email writing, including Email Subject Line, Email Preheader, and Email Body Content that you can choose and customize to generate your email copy.
  1. Then, proceed to set the Chat Personality from a list of 22+ personalities. Here, we have selected the Email Copywriter personality.
  1. Set your output size– Small, Medium, or Large.
fluentcrm getgenie integration

Use prompt to create your email subject line and view the output

If you want to create an email subject line, click the Email Subject Line prompt. With that, the prompt will show up on the chatbox with a relevant input which you have to edit as per your needs.

fluentcrm getgenie integration

GetGenie will generate output for the given text in a few seconds in the chatbox.

fluentcrm getgenie integration

Use prompt to create your email preheader

If you want to create an email preheader, click the Email Preheader prompt. The prompt will appear on the chatbox with relevant text and after that, you have to edit as per your requirements. In a few seconds, GetGenie will bring up output for the given text in the chatbox.

fluentcrm getgenie integration

Use prompt to create your email body content

If you want to create an entire email body content, click the Email Body Content prompt. The prompt will show up with relevant input on the chatbox and after that, you have to customize it as per your requirements.

fluentcrm getgenie integration

After a while, the output will appear on the chatbox with GetGenie’s AI magic.

Using custom prompts

However, If you don’t choose any of the suggested prompts, enter your custom prompt to generate the email copy in the specified box as is visible in the screenshot above.

fluentcrm getgenie integration

Once you have hit the Send button in the chatbox, GetGenie will take a while and generate a killer, persuasive, and conversion-friendly email copy for you and that’s your final output!

fluentcrm getgenie integration

Perks of FluentCRM Integration with GetGenie

With FluentCRM’s integration with GetGenie, you can reap stacks of benefits, leading to increased conversions and sales. The following benefits are worth noting due to the integration:

  • Generate email copies through the expertise of different personalities
  • Accelerate email copy creation with AI magic
  • Enhance your ability to articulate and express feelings through persuasive email copies
  • Boost your productivity while saving a large sum of money
  • Assist you in writing splendid pieces of email copies
  • Improve your brainstorming capacity
  • Create neat and clean copies and stay organized
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Optimize your email writing experience with GetGenie!

Writing a one-off email manually may be a breeze but if you need to write a series of emails as part of your email campaign, it’s a stiff job. As a FluentCRM user, you can now have the luxury of generating email copies with GetGenie and kick off converting your leads and prospects!

So go ahead and start leveraging GetGenie’s powerful email writing functionalities with FluentCRM!

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