Install, Upgrade and Activate FluentCRM License

FluentCRM is one of the easiest and fastest Email Marketing & CRM solutions for WordPress. This plugin can be installed from your WordPress dashboard. You can also download it from the WordPress site and install it on your dashboard.

Requirements #

To use FluentCRM, you’ll need –

  • WordPress version 5.0 or higher
  • PHP version 5.6 or higher

Install and Activate FluentCRM #

You can install FluentCRM free version like any other WordPress plugin. Follow the steps given below –

  • Go to the WordPress Admin Dashboard → Plugins → Add New
  • Type in ‘FluentCRM’ on the search box, click the install button and then Activate it.
  • Another method to download the .zip file and upload this on the Add New page is by using the Upload Plugin button, after that click Install & Activate.
fluent crm install

Installing and Activating FluentCRM Pro #

After a successful purchase, you can download the Pro version from your WPManageNinja Account.

fluentcrm licensekey

Go to the My Account page, then just download the file, upload it to your site, then install, and activate the plugin. The process is quite straightforward.

fluentcrm upolad pro

Update FluentCRM #

It’s pretty easy to update both the Free and Pro version. You can navigate to the plugin page of your dashboard, in order to check if an update is available. If any update is available just click on the update button. Make sure that the pro version is activated with a valid license key. If you don’t have a license key or the license key is expired, you can purchase a new one or renew the existing one from here

Activate FluentCRM License #

FluentCRM Pro comes with a licensing option to activate your license. Follow these simple steps to activate the license –

Go to FluentCRM and click on the Settings option from the sidebar. Then click the License Management tab, here you’ll find the option for providing the License Key. So, after adding the key just click the Verify License button. Now you have successfully activated your license!

fluentcrm license

Renew FluentCRM License #

FluentCRM Pro comes with a licensing option to renew your license. Follow these simple steps to renew the license:

  • You can start by going to the purchase history from WPManageNinja Account.
  • Then you’ll see the ‘Renewing a license key?’ link on the checkout cart. Click on that.
fluentcrm license renew 1

  • After entering the license key, click the Apply License Renewal button.
fluentcrm license renew 2

  • Lastly, your license will be activated automatically. Now, the license key activation process is complete!

Latest comments (16)

Avatar for Jörg

I have installed the Free and the Pro plugin. When I enter my license key and later go back to review the license, the license field is empty. I keep getting a warning that the license for FluentCRM Pro needs to be activated.

Avatar for Anne

Hi, I installed the free version of FluentCRM but have since have purchased and uploaded FluentCRM Pro to add to my WordPress site. Now I have a list of 3 active plugins: Fluent Forms, Fluent CRM-Marketing Automation For Word-Press, and FluentCRM Pro. Can you advise which plugins are needed to run FluentCRM and which I could safely deactivate and delete – this information is not available anywhere I have looked.

Avatar for Russell

I installed both FREE and PAID FCRM plugins, and it keeps bringing me to the set-up wizard. Every time I go through the wizard, it seems to record the updates, and then says – complete. But then if I try to do anything further, it keeps popping back the wizard. Can’t even activate the PRO addon.

Avatar for Suzanne

I’m a new WordPress user. It would be helpful if someone would mention the Mautic Integration for Fluent Forms. The first image seems to show that both Fluent CRM Pro and the Mautic Integration are both installed. Yet, there is no explanation if the plugin is needed or optional. I did some research and it looks like Mautic integrates many types of software. I still don’t know if the plugin is needed for Fluent CRM to work properly.