Marketing Automation Made Affordable!

Don’t let the expensive marketing automation platforms hold you back from growing your business. Get all the tools to grow your business without the worry of significant monthly fees!

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Why FluentCRM?

FluentCRM is built with affordability and user-friendliness in mind. Our powerful plugin gives you all the features to automate your business within your budget, and the convenience of WordPress!

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No “Success Taxes”

No more “success taxes” when your business grows. Pay only an annual fee and grow without sacrificing any features you need!

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Powerful WordPress Integrations

Easily connect 35+ WordPress plugins with FluentCRM and unleash more automation possibilities without the technicalities!

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24/7 Reliable Support

Our team of expert support technicians is there 24/7 for you. Get the dependable assistance you deserve, whenever you need!

Try Our Free Marketing Automation Plugin

Download our free email marketing automation plugin and start sending automated emails FREE!

Automate Customer Journeys

Keep your leads and customers engaged with our customer journey builder and convert them with automated marketing emails

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Capture user events with 30+ built-in automation triggers and start automating user journeys. Turn every user action into an opportunity for conversion!

Streamline your user’s journeys on autopilot. Automatically segment contacts, send follow-up emails, create WordPress profiles, update user information, and more. Save time, and be efficient!

Automatically send your users to the right stages of your marketing funnel and ensure relevance whenever it matters. Set goals and meet them like a pro!

Get valuable insights into your marketing efforts and find out what’s working. Make data-backed decisions, and optimize your marketing strategy for conversion!

Complete Marketing Automation

FluentCRM brings all the features inside your WordPress dashboard so you don’t have to keep switching platforms. Get all the features to skyrocket your business!

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360° Contact Overview

View contact info, monitor user activities, uncover valuable insights. Harness the power of data, know the person behind the email address!

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Creative Email Builder

Get total control of email design and dazzle your recipients with beautiful emails. Craft with creativity, optimize with AI!

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Email Campaign Management

Craft beautiful emails, produce the right message, and reach out at the right time. Personalize with precision, convert like a pro!

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Marketing Automation

Grow your subscribers, turn user actions into opportunities, and automate more than just emails. Engage with precision, conquer with optimization!

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Smart Contact Segmentation

Discover common patterns, understand user behavior, and put your contacts in the right buckets. Categorize wisely, engage efficiently!

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Email Sequencing

Onboard your contacts, nurture your leads, turn customers into loyal brand advocates. Ensure constant communication, boost customer retention!

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Advanced Reporting

Get your business, email campaign, and automation data and understand your business at a glance. Analyze for improvement, optimize for conversion!

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And that’s just a glimpse of what FluentCRM offers!

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35+ Free Integrations

FluentCRM seamlessly integrates with popular e-commerce, lead generation, membership, and LMS plugins. Connect your tools now and unlock unlimited automation possibilities. No add-ons needed!

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FluentCRM for Everyone!

Whether you’re a small business, course creator, or subscription business owner, FluentCRM is tailored to fit your needs.

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Small Businesses

Grow your business, supercharge your sales, and make more revenue with powerful automated campaigns!

  • Centralize your store & business data
  • Grow your customer base
  • Launch effective sales campaigns
  • Send regular newsletters
  • Boost sales & upsells with automated emails
  • Analyze your business at a glance
  • Optimize your marketing efforts
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Course Creators

Attract and engage more students, optimize your student’s progress process, and maximize course sales!

  • Connect your LMS system
  • Get your eLearning platform data
  • Attract new students and drive more enrollments
  • Guide your student’s learning progress
  • Sell additional courses with automated emails
  • Automate course access & enrollment
  • Analyze and optimize your campaigns
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Subscription Businesses

Drive more revenue, retain more subscribers, and scale your business effectively with powerful automation workflows.

  • Connect your subscription system
  • Build powerful lead magnets
  • Conduct targeted campaigns
  • Tailor personalized communication
  • Streamline subscribers’ journeys
  • Automate billing and payment reminders
  • Optimize and maximize subscription renewals
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Agencies and Freelancers

Give your clients the service they deserve, at a much affordable price!

  • Easy to learn
  • Unbeatable price
  • User-friendly community
  • Developer documents and support
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Integrate data, build integrations, and extend FluentCRM’s capabilities!

  • Full Rest API Access
  • Developer Documentation
  • Action Hooks
  • Developer Hooks
  • Global Functions
  • Open Database Models
  • Extendable Smart Codes

Trusted by 30,000+ Businesses

Super Saver



1 Site License

1 Domain License 

1-Year Plugin Update

1-Year Priority Support

All Features Included



5 Site License

5 Domain License 

1-Year Plugin Update

1-Year Priority Support

All Features Included



50 Site License

50 Domain License 

1-Year Plugin Update

1-Year Priority Support

All Features Included

Unlimited Contacts

Unlimited Email Campaigns

Integrated Forms

Advanced Segmentation

360° Contact Overview

Email Sequences

Custom Fields

35+ Free Integrations

Powerful Email Automation

Advanced Reports


100+ More Features

Frequently Asked Questions

FluentCRM is a WordPress plugin with customer relationship management and email automation functionalities. It enables you to create forms, build contact lists and profiles, set up email campaigns and sequences, and develop automation workflows within the convenience of WordPress.

FluentCRM will use WordPress’s default emailing functionality to deliver your emails. This means if you’re using an SMTP service such as MailGun, SendGrid, or Amazon SES, FluentCRM will use the service to send your emails.

No, you’ll only pay the annual fee and that’s all. You won’t have to buy any addons or pay increased fees when your contact list grows.

In short, No. FluentCRM will not affect your site’s performance. All the Campaigns and Contact data will be stored in custom database tables so that they do not affect your WordPress database. The application is built with VueJS and it only runs when you go to the admin dashboard of FluentCRM. Also, the admin UI is super fast as it’s a SPA (Single Page Application) and communicates over Ajax.

Yes, FluentCRM is fully GDPR compliant. Your data will never go to a different server and all the data will be saved and managed inside your WordPress site. You are the sole owner of the data.

FluentCRM went through extreme load testing, and we are regularly improving the plugin’s performance. As it stands, FluentCRM can handle large amounts of contacts databases, and emails without encountering any issues. If you do run into any problems, our support is always there to help!

FluentCRM offers 35+ built-in integrations at this moment and many third-party developers are building integrations. Some of our top integration partners are:

  • WooCommerce
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • Fluent Forms
  • LifterLMS
  • AffiliateWP
  • Paid Membership Pro
  • User Registration Trigger
  • LearnDash
  • WPFusion
  • Uncanny Automator
  • AutomatorWP

We are also adding new integrations as we speak!

FluentCRM is designed to work within the WordPress dashboard. So it won’t work with other platforms. However, you may be able to connect your platforms to FluentCRM through webhook and Rest API.