10 Best WordPress Email Subscription Plugins to Boost Email Subscriptions (Free+Premium)

best wordpress email subscription plugin

Converting visitors into leads and leads into clients is undoubtedly the most straightforward and proven way of growing a business. How do you do that?

– By building an email list.

Building an email list requires a lot of patience and effort. Fortunately, email subscription plugins are there to assist you in building your email list.

However, choosing a WordPress email subscription plugin isn’t an easy chore. Thousands of WordPress email subscription plugin is available in the repository and if you’re finding it difficult to choose one, we’re here to help!

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best WordPress email subscription plugins available by analyzing various aspects. Let’s start exploring!

What is a WordPress email subscription plugin?

Building an email list is a fundamental requirement for running effective email marketing campaigns. In this regard, WordPress email subscription plugins come in handy.

what is a wordpress email subscription plugin

WordPress email subscription plugins allow you to capture email addresses and communicate with your website visitors efficiently. They offer useful list-building features such as opt-in forms, pop-up forms, registration forms, etc., for maximum conversion.

Along with that, WordPress email subscription plugins seamlessly integrate with your email marketing platform so that you can communicate with your audience easily. Thus, creating an email list will no longer be a difficult and time-consuming task if you have the right WordPress email subscription plugin.

Features WordPress email subscription plugins should have

There are hundreds of WordPress email subscription plugins with various features. As a newcomer, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of features and become perplexed. That’s why it’s essential to investigate the various features and functionalities carefully.

Your requirements should decide your WordPress email subscription plugins’ features. So, first and foremost, understand your requirements; extra features do not always equate to a better product!

If you want to use a WordPress email subscription plugin as a form builder, then your plugin should have – 

  • Customization features that enable you to create any type of form
  • Responsiveness so that all visitors can easily navigate regardless of the device they’re using
  • Drag-and-drop functionality to save you time
  • Shortcode option so you can put it wherever you want
  • Payment processing options
  • A/B testing opportunities to optimize your form
  • Regular update

If you want to use a WordPress email subscription plugin as an email subscription form builder, your plugin should have-

  • Subscription form builder
  • List building and management feature for segmenting your subscribers
  • Various pre-built templates for instant use and ideas for your future endeavors
  • Drag-and-drop feature to save your time. 
  • Automation options
  • Advanced features for tracking and analyzing your subscriber engagement

Along with these features, you should also consider the support you’ll receive as it’s easy to get caught while building email subscription forms.

So, now that you know which features to consider, let’s get to the list!

Top 10 WordPress email subscription plugins worth trying

Since WordPress email subscription plugins play a crucial role in growing your email list, assembling this list wasn’t easy. Out of the hundreds of options available, we’ve found the below plugins worth trying:


fluentcrm sales banner 1 2

‘Why FluentCRM?’ you might ask.

‘Why not?’ we’ll say in response!

FluentCRM is an all-in-one marketing automation plugin for WordPress. It offers all the required email marketing automation functionalities along with contact management CRM.

FluentCRM solely focuses on user satisfaction, and due to this, it has earned enormous popularity in no time. With features such as contact segmentation, email sequencing, and effective analytics, this complete email marketing solution will assist you in subscriber acquisition and guide you throughout your entire email marketing journey.

What’s best about FluentCRM?

Well, although most users are satisfied with the features of this tool, we are constantly working on improve FluentCRM. Over 20,000+ users are already utilizing this plugin for their day to day email marketing workflows. So there’s no reason not to go for it!

Key features:

  • A very straightforward interface
  • Unlike Mailpoet, Mailchimp, and other available marketing automation tools, you can store unlimited contacts and send unlimited emails
  • Efficiently run and manage your email marketing campaign.
  • You can design and compose your emails with an intuitive block editor
  • The 360° contact overview gives you detailed information about your contacts
  • Lots of contact segmentation features such as lists, tags, dynamic segments, flexible tagging and advanced filtering
  • Using the email sequencing feature, you can schedule and send emails at the appropriate time
  • 30+ built-in automation triggers including triggers for specific events like purchase, enrollment and memberships
  • A/B testing
  • Excellent customer service.


  • No WordPress post published trigger
  • No abandoned cart trigger


FluentCRM comes at a very reasonable price. All the features are included with every plans and there’s no contact limit!

  • Single site license – $129 per year
  • Five site license – $249 per year
  • Fifty site license – $499 per year


MailPoet, WordPress email subscription plugins

Mailpoet is a complete email marketing solution that we would love to recommend to both beginners and professional email marketers.  

With over 500,000 active installations, Mailpoet is a well-known player in the plugins market. Since its inception in 2011, it has outperformed most of its competitors and continues to dominate the market as one of the best email marketing plugins.

Key features:

  • Pre-built and customizable subscription forms are available to ease your job
  • You can manage everything without leaving the dashboard
  • Segment your subscribers into various groups
  • Automatically greet your new subscribers, send WordPress posts and trigger abandoned cart campaigns
  • Various analytical data will help you in designing your email marketing campaign 
  • Templates are responsive for all devices
  • Built in email deliverability infrastructure
  • MailPoet is fully GDPR compliant


  • Inconsistant email deliverability
  • Gets expensive as your email list grows


Mailpoet is a free for the first 1000 contacts However, it may get expensive as your email list grows and features are limited based on pricing plans.

  • Creator plan – Starts at $16 per month
  • Business plan – Starts at $20 per month
  • Agency plan- Starts at $60 per year

Mailchimp for WordPress

MailChimp, WordPress email subscription plugins

Mailchimp is yet another famous WordPress email subscription plugin that has dominated the plugins market since its debut. In fact, it is one of the few names that come to mind when people consider WordPress email subscription plugins.

Mailchimp will let you create a list of up to 2000 subscribers and send them 10,000 emails every month for free. That’s why it is so famous among small business owners. 

Key features:

  • It is simple to use and does not require professional knowledge
  • A visually appealing dashboard that summarizes all of your marketing activities
  • It enables you to divide your data into different fields
  • Includes an email editor for creating both personalized and professional emails
  • You can easily track your business performance by analyzing various essential matrics
  • A/B testing
  • More than 250 built-in integrations


  • The cost is relatively high
  • Its price plans are pretty confusing
  • The free version lacks the email scheduling feature
  • For a free version, the features are minimal


MailChimp is free to use for 2000 contacts and 10,000 emails per month. Its premium plans are priced differently, and they differ not only in terms of contacts and emails but also in terms of how many emails lists you can create.

  • Essentials plan- Starts at $9.99 per month
  • Standard plan – Starts at $14.99 per month
  • Premium plan – Starts at $299 per month

Email Subscribers and Newsletters

best WordPress email subscription plugins

Email Subscribers and Newsletters plugin is designed with your needs in mind. This might be a fantastic solution for bloggers, small business owners, and email marketers.

This WordPress email subscription plugin enables you to collect email subscribers, create email list, send automated new blog post notifications, and contact them regularly. And you won’t have to install any additional plugins to accomplish these tasks. This plugin is sufficient for every action. 

Key features:

  • A nicely crafted subscription box that instantly captures the attention of the audience
  • It notifies your subscribers automatically when new posts are published
  • Automatically includes an unsubscribe link in every email
  • To protect your email list from bots, you can set a captcha
  • It has ready-made email templates for your offers and promotional campaigns
  • Complaint under the GDPR
  • Cleanse your email list automatically


  • There is no drag-and-drop functionality
  • Comparatively hard to navigate
  • Built-in templates are not attractive


This Email Subscribers & Newsletter plugin is free to start. However, its features are limited based on pricing tiers.

  • Starter – $79 per year
  • Pro – $129 per year


MailOptin, WordPress email subscription plugins

MailOptin can be your desired all-in-one plugin that meets most requirements for creating email subscription campaigns on WordPress. It is a powerful tool for generating potential leads, building a healthy email list, and improving conversions more than ever.

This plugin will allow you to easily demonstrate targeted massages, CTAs, opt-in forms, and other content across your website to entice visitors.

Although MailOptin concentrates on pop-up form creation, it also helps you send newsletters!

Key features:

  • Analyze your campaign using its good analytics
  • It is integrated with 10+ popular email marketing services 
  • You can send various types of newsletters to different subscribers automatically
  • Every aspect of the opt-in form is customizable
  • A/B testing
  • Notifications are sent to your subscribers whenever a new post is published
  • Using the schedule option, you can specify when you want your opt-in form to appear


  • Templates are limited in number
  • There are only a few customization options
  • Design elements are limited
  • In the free version, there are only three opt-in forms
  • The standard price option doesn’t authorize you to send newsletters


MailOptin comes with four different price plans. In some cases, you may find it costly because the number of websites you can install it on and its features vary depending on the price plan.

  • Standard Plan – $89 per year for 1 website
  • Pro Plan – $199 per year for 3 websites
  • Agency Plan – $399 per year for unlimited websites
  • Lifetime pro plan – $999

Convert Pro

Convert Pro WordPress email subscription plugins

Convert Pro is made by the same team that made one of the finest WordPress themes, Astra.

Although it has grown in popularity among WordPress users, it does have some limitations. Covert Pro is essentially an opt-in form that focuses solely on lead generation. And if you want to contact these leads via email, you’ll need the assistance of other email marketing plugins.

So, this could be a suitable option if you already have an email marketing plugin and only want to focus on subscriptions.

Key features:

  • It is simple to set up and use
  • Its drag-and-drop feature is excellent for creating call-to-action opt-in forms
  • Mobile users will like the innovative layout and style
  • It integrates with hundreds of email marketing tools
  • Using page-level targeting, you can watch your visitors’ activities and provide relevant opt-in forms on relevant pages
  • Convert Pro complies with GDPR


  • Individual website owners would find it costly
  • You can’t edit it in tablet mode
  • There is no lightbox animation


Convert Pro has two license options. There are no boundings on how many websites you can use; therefore, you can use it on an infinite number of websites with a single license. 

  • A one-year license – $99
  • A lifetime license – $399


Newsletter, WordPress email subscription plugins

With its comprehensive, practical, and unique features, the WordPress Newsletter plugin is an exclusive tool that will help you grow a beneficial email list and assist in reaching out to them regularly.

This plugin is highly customizable, allowing it to function exactly how you want it to. Regardless of your personal or business goals, it is one of the best ways to increase your subscriber base.

Key features:

  • It has the most interactive visual composer with drag and drops functionality
  • You can quickly add an opt-in form to your website to gather maximum leads effectively
  • Using the segmentation feature, you can segment your subscribers into different groups 
  • Email automation feature enables you to send automated newsletters
  • You can add unlimited subscribers and send them unlimited numbers of emails
  •  You can track your newsletter performance by tracking click rate (CR) and click-through rate (CTR)


  • To build a subscription form, you will need a pro version
  • The free version offers minimal features
  • Premium plans are comparatively expensive


You can download and install this plugin for free. But to access the premium version, you will have to pay-  

  • Three sites license – $69 per year
  • Unlimited sites license – $269 per year

Thrive Leads

Thrive leads, WordPress email subscription plugins

The name of this plugin says it all! Thrive Leads is here to help if you are thriving for leads!

Thrive leads, like Convert Pro, concentrates exclusively on enriching your email subscriber list. The ultimate focus of this plugin is to attract visitors with their beautifully designed opt-in forms and convert them into leads.

Remember that this plugin won’t assist you with email sending, and you will have to rely on others to reach your leads. However, if all you want is lead generation, don’t hesitate to give it a try. 

Key features:

  • You can create a variety of opt-in forms
  • You can send relevant opt-ins to relevant users by utilizing various targeting options
  • Thrive Leads includes an excellent A/B testing feature
  • It delivers you the necessary data to assist you in making future decisions
  • It is integrated with 19 email marketing services
  • By using its drag-and-drop editor, you can customize your form


  • You will require the assistance of third-party email marketing plugins to send your email
  • There is no scheduling feature
  • The price is too high
  • You can’t buy it separately
  • No email sending functionality


It is impossible to purchase a Thrive leads plugin separately, and you must buy a package of 9 plugins! And this package comes with two different price plans. You have to pay $99 for a quarterly license and $299 for a yearly license. 


Bloom, WordPress email subscription plugins

In your quest to generate more and more leads, the Bloom WordPress plugin may be the solution you’ve been looking for. It is one of the most influential tools for converting website visitors into email subscribers.

Bloom makes it simple to create an opt-in form to collect email addresses. By operating this plugin properly, you can ensure that your forms are displayed to visitors professionally and appealingly, resulting in worthwhile lead generation.

Key features:

  • A user interfaces with simple functionality
  • There are over 100 template options available
  • There are six different types of opt-in forms available
  • Customization options are unique
  • A/B testing is available
  • You can schedule your opt-in form using targeting and triggering rules
  • Integrates with 19+ popular email service providers.


  • It does not send email newsletters
  • It does not include a trigger for exit intent
  • There is no drag-and-drop builder
  • This item cannot be purchased separately


Bloom can be installed on unlimited websites with a single purchase. You will also have access to elegant themes and other products.

  • For one year, you have to pay $89
  • For lifetime access, you have to pay $249.


icegram WordPress email subscription plugins

When it comes to WordPress email subscription plugins, the Icegram pop-up builder plugin deserves a spot on the best plugins list.

With its 50+ free high-converting opt-in templates and action bar themes, it has arisen as an all-arounder in this niche. It has become a trustworthy email marketing tool for bloggers, business owners, and email marketers.

Its various lead-generating features and ready-made templates will assist you in running an effective lead generation campaign.

Key features:

  • It is comparatively the cheapest plugin available. In fact, you can use it for free. 
  • 50+ opt-in templates to help you create pop-up and opt-in forms easily.
  • You can use it to create an engaging CTA. 
  • You can add unlimited subscribers. 


  • The interface of this plugin is not as smart as others. Besides, it is hard to navigate.
  • No drag and drop feature. 
  • It has limited targeting features.


Icegram is almost a free plugin, though you have to pay for premium add-ons. And it will range from $7 to $27.

How to add a WordPress email subscription plugin to my website?

Without a doubt, email marketing is the most efficient way to reach your customers. If you haven’t already begun to explore this fascinating field, we recommend that you do so immediately.

Gathering leads, building an email list, segmenting them into different categories, and running email campaigns may appear daunting at first, but it is the most effective and proven way to grow your business.

So, don’t be afraid to get started right away. If you’re not sure how to start your quest, here’s a guide to adding email subscriptions to WordPress.

Final Verdict: best WordPress email subscription plugin

If you’ve made it this far, you may have already decided which WordPress email subscription plugin to use. But still, if you let us make a call on your behalf, we would suggest FluentCRM.


FluentCRM is a complete email marketing automation tool rather than just an email subscription plugin. While it includes all the required features an email subscription plugin should have, you can do much more than just “list-building” with this plugin.

This plugin offers most of its features in the free version. If you upgrade to the Pro, you can also enjoy complete email marketing and CRM functionalities at the price of a WordPress email subscription plugin!

Sounds fair?

Go ahead and give FluentCRM a try. You won’t be disappointed!

fluentcrm banner

Marketing automation for WordPress

Get FluentCRM Now

We hope you’ve found the best WordPress email subscription plugin after reading this post. If you’ve made a decision already, don’t forget to let us know in the comments section!


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