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8 Best Email Marketing Courses and Certifications to Master Email Marketing (Free + Paid)

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Investing your time in learning email marketing will help you unlock the secrets of sending personalized content to your audience, building long-term relationships, and generating high ROI.

A good email marketing course helps you:

  • Understand email marketing principles
  • Leverage its power to interact with your audience
  • Establish a stable long-lasting relationship
  • And finally, make them your paying customers!

Essentially, learning email marketing will help you establish an effective email marketing program to elevate your marketing strategy.

In this article, we’ll be discussing 8 of the best email marketing courses and certifications that will help you to unleash your email marketing potential and skyrocket your business growth.

SimplilearnN/AFreeBeginner4.55 hrs
HubSpot AcademyCourtney SemblerFreeBeginnerN/A4:15 hrs
GoogleMiriam$39/monthBeginner4.825 hrs
UdemyRon StefanskiFreeBeginner4.61:11 hrs
LinkedIn LearningSamantha Bennett, Madecraft$16Beginner4.757:55 min
ClickMindedLucas Chevillard$997Intermediate/ExpertN/A8 hrs
Reliablesoft AcademyN/A$780Beginner/IntermediateN/A20+ hrs
Google Digital GarageN/AFreeBeginnerN/A30 min

So, let’s begin!

Is Email Marketing Worth Learning?

It’s 2024 and you might say that email marketing has become obsolete! But surprisingly, the email marketing industry is growing rapidly. The revenue generation from email marketing will hit over $11 billion by the end of 2024.

email marketing revenue worldwide
Source: Statista

Another important statistic about email marketing is that you receive $42 for every $1 spent on your email marketing campaign. The number of email users is increasing rapidly and it is expected to reach 4.48 billion by 2024.

This means it’s a great opportunity to explore and utilize this digital marketing channel as you wish. It can become an effective medium to nurture your prospects and eventually turn them into your paying customers or even start your career as someone who makes money through email marketing.

Therefore, achieving the necessary skills and employing the best practices of email marketing can help you reach your audience in an appropriate manner —eventually yielding revenue and prosperity.

How Difficult is it to Learn Email Marketing?

You might be wondering how difficult is email marketing to learn. Acquiring a new skill and then employing it effectively can be a daunting job. You might face multiple challenges.

One challenge that you might face is writing different emails for different people.

Since personalization is a key to success in email marketing, you have to learn how to write personalized copies for your recipients based on their buyer’s journey stage.

Another challenge is to learn how to write compelling emails that’ll resonate with your audience.

From writing a magnetic subject line to delivering value in the email body the fate of your email receiving an impression and click will greatly depend on your email copywriting skills.

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Moreover, you’ll have to learn strategy-building and scheduling techniques to achieve higher efficiency and send automated emails for your email campaigns. You’ll have to study collecting and interpreting data to measure your success and future efforts.

Furthermore, you’ll have to digest a vast amount of information and explore various resources to master email marketing. You’ll have to read blog articles, watch tutorials, enroll in courses, and most importantly, exercise what you have learned.

8 Best Email Marketing Courses and Certifications in 2024

The internet is full of email marketing courses but choosing the right one is a tough ask. This is why we’ve researched various email marketing courses and come up with the 8 best email marketing courses to make your life easier.

Let’s explore each one of them.

Simplilearn – Advanced Email Marketing

If you are looking for an email marketing course that covers everything from basics to advanced aspects of email marketing, Simplilearn’s Advanced Email Marketing course is second to none!

Simplilearn Email Marketing course

The fun part is this course is completely free and available on their website. The course contents are presented in such a way that it’ll give you a delightful experience because of how the course is designed.

What you’ll learn:

This course is composed of 10 lessons by industry-leading mentors. The course contents will help you to understand email marketing, its importance, and how to use email marketing to turn your leads into paying customers.

It reflects on-

  • Fundamental concepts of email marketing
  • Advanced methods of building your email list
  • Getting email subscribers
  • Marketing your brand through email marketing
  • A/B testing to identify the better-performing version
  • Optimize your overall email to maximize the outcomes
  • Creating high-performing landing pages for email marketing
  • Interacting with your subscribers via automated emails
  • Following email marketing rules and regulations

HubSpot – Email Marketing Course

HubSpot Academy leads the online platform for delivering quality training and certification on inbound marketing, sales, and customer service professionals.

Hubspot Email Marketing course

HubSpot Email Marketing Certification course is a great choice if you’re considering gaining a comprehensive overview and in-depth knowledge of email marketing for free from professionals.

This course covers all the important aspects of email marketing from the basics to the advanced level.

What you’ll learn:

If you’re a beginner in email marketing, this course can be a good fit. The course contents can help you to take your marketing to the next level.

It includes fundamental concepts and strategies for email marketing such as:

  • Understanding the basics of email marketing
  • Contact management and segmentation strategy
  • Sending the right email to the right person
  • Understanding the email deliverability concept
  • Crafting high-performing email designs that captivate
  • Tips for testing and evaluating the effectiveness of marketing emails
  • Techniques for nurturing leads to drive successful outcomes

Google – Think Outside the Inbox

The next on the list is the Think Outside the Inbox email marketing course by Google. Considering Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce professional certification, this course is worth spending your penny on.

google think outside the inbox email marketing course

Since courses offered by Google are top-rated we can guarantee you that enrolling in this course will take your email marketing skill to the next level and you’re ready for the job.

What you’ll learn:

Google designed this actionable course for newbies like you to introduce the core concepts of email marketing, design profitable emails, and how to run successful email campaigns.

This course can be broken down into the following topics:

  • An introductory guide to email marketing
  • Understanding how email marketing fits into digital marketing strategy
  • Key tips for running effective and impactful email campaigns
  • Measuring and analyzing the results of your email marketing campaign

Udemy – Email Marketing Made Easy for Beginners

Another great email marketing course that appears on our list is Email Marketing Made Easy for Beginners. As the name suggests, this course is really beginner friendly if you look at the course contents.

Udemy Email Marketing Made Easy for Beginners course

This course is mainly for internet marketers, bloggers, or small business owners who would love to leverage the power of email marketing to expand their skills & business. It’ll help you to comprehend the art of email marketing.

What you’ll learn:

It comes with a sequence of successive lessons that will help you to explore the world of email marketing. This course covers every important aspect from understanding the basics of email marketing to launching your first successful email campaign.

The course content includes-

  • Introduction to email marketing and its importance for businesses
  • How to create your first lead magnet
  • Different ways to use email broadcasts & email autoresponders
  • Crafting compelling and impactful emails that resonate
  • Growing your email lists to generate revenue

LinkedIn – Writing Emails People Want to Read

LinkedIn Learning is an amazing educational platform to learn and accomplish skills that’ll help you achieve your personal and professional goals. 

linkedin email writing course

LinkedIn Learning offers a very quick but effective course on email marketing- Writing Emails People Want to Read. It might be a short course on email marketing but this short journey is worth remembering if you’re looking for a quick guideline.

What you’ll learn:

This course offers how to write great emails to communicate your message and make a positive impression. After completing the course you’ll be confident to write persuasive & engaging copies that’ll help you to convert your prospects into paying customers. 

Let’s look at the brief of the course contents-

  • Unveiling the secrets of writing great emails
  • Clear and bold ways of crafting engaging copies to get your recipient to write you back
  • How to be compelling with stories and write a terrible email
  • The optimum frequency and timing of sending emails
  • Crafting emails that get them to buy
  • Some advanced strategies for email marketing

ClickMinded – Turn Subscribers into Customers

ClickMinded is a massive library of high-quality digital marketing courses helping students, marketers, entrepreneurs, SEO enthusiasts, and start-ups to sharpen their skills and prosper in the long run.

clickminded email marketing course

ClickMinded’s Email Marketing Course will teach you how to increase your conversion rate with powerful email marketing and automation. This course is suitable for companies who are looking to train their employees and grow their businesses since it’s very expensive.

What you’ll learn:

This comprehensive email marketing course is developed for intermediate to expert learners and small to medium enterprises. This course focuses on the best practices for managing email marketing automation and campaigns.

The syllabus includes-

  • Understanding the fundamentals of email marketing for business and how it fits into your business
  • Building your email marketing framework
  • 10 powerful subscriber segmentation strategies
  • Creating a world-class email campaign
  • 8 powerful automated campaigns and building a system to manage campaigns
  • Optimizing your email campaigns
  • Tools for email deliverability, email writing, third-party subscriber data, and many more

Reliablesoft Academy – Email Marketing Course

Next, we’ve added an Email Marketing Course from Reliablesoft Academy. If you’re looking for a course that offers a comprehensive overview of email marketing then this course matches your expectation.

Email Marketing Course from Reliablesoft Academy

This course is a part of Reliablesoft’s Digital Marketing Course Bundle bundle package which comes with a total of 10 courses. So, investing in this course will be a great decision if you want to explore the versatile areas of digital marketing.

What you’ll learn:

This course offers practical guidance on how to carry out the most significant email marketing tasks, such as creating an email list, raising your open rate, and email automation.

Since this course comes as a digital marketing full course bundle you’ll receive a comprehensive understanding of how email marketing can work alongside other channels as a part of holistic digital marketing strategies.

After completing the course you’ll learn-

  • The indispensable role of email as a vital marketing channel
  • Learn the secrets of crafting an effective email list
  • Master the art of building and expanding your subscriber list
  • Valuable insights on increasing audience engagement through email
  • Implementing marketing automation for optimal marketing efficiency
  • Strategies to boost email engagement while cutting costs

Google Digital Garage – Email Marketing Basics

The last course on our list is from Google Digital Garage. Google Digital Garage is a non-profit program run by Google to ensure people can access and learn free online courses on digital marketing.

email marketing basics by google

If you know nothing about email marketing and looking for a basic guideline then Email Marketing Basics by Google is a good choice. It’s part of the “Promote a Business with Online Advertising” module. However, this course is not recommended if you’re looking for advanced knowledge.

What you’ll learn:

This course covers some of the basic concepts of email marketing that’ll help you to build a firm foundation. This course offers the following topics after enrollment-

  • Getting started with the basics of email marketing
  • Exploring your email marketing options
  • Mastering the art of creating compelling marketing emails
  • Key tips for successfully managing your email campaigns
  • How to measure your email marketing success

Can You Start Email Marketing for Free?

If you’re done with learning the secrets of email marketing, the next step is to unleash its full potential in your email campaigns. As a beginner in the email marketing world, you’ll want to start with a free tool.

If you’re a future email marketer or a small to medium business owner who wants to leverage the power of email marketing, there are several free email marketing tools available.

Here are some recommendations:

  • FluentCRM: While it is a WordPress plugin, FluentCRM is free with no contact or email send limits for lifetime. And when you’re ready to scale up, the premium version is available for just $129/Year. Plus, you can also watch our Youtube videos to learn how to use the plugin for the best effects.
  • Mailchimp: Being the first platform to offer email marketing tools for free, Mailchimp is the most popular option. However, the prices can go up rapidly when you want to scale up.
  • Brevo: Formerly Sendinblue, Brevo offers a complete suite of tools for free with 300 free email/day. You can take it for a spin.

Start Learning Email Marketing

Due to the rapid evolution of digital marketing, exploring the world of email marketing can be a game changer for individuals and businesses. Considering the current trends enrolling in an email marketing course is a great decision.

We hope that after exploring our curated list of top email marketing courses you’ll be able to dominate the recipient’s inboxes and propel your business forward.

All the best!

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