how to send bulk email without spamming

How to Send Bulk Emails Without Spamming (A Comprehensive Guide)

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As we all know, email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels, with an excellent return on investment! But that’s one side of the coin; what about the other?

— Every day, 17 out of 100 emails are sent to spam!

Do you want to learn how to prevent your emails from suffering this fate and how to hit the recipient’s inbox even when you’re sending a huge number of bulk emails?

Keep reading this piece!

Let’s begin with the basics! Why do your emails end up in spam?

Why your bulk emails are going to spam?

You are doing all possible to ensure the success of your email marketing campaign, but it’s still ending up as spam; what could be uglier than that?

In this case, we assume that you are overlooking some critical factors! Don’t worry; we’re here to help! Let’s look at the primary causes of why bulk emails go to spam –

  • You did not have permission: There is a good chance you did not obtain permission from the recipients before sending them emails. Remember that unsolicited senders are frequently flagged as spammers by email filters.
  • Problem with your subject line: Your subject line should indicate what’s inside the email and what your users can expect. If your subject line is unappealing or misleading, it will likely go to spam.
  • You left out your physical address: Another important consideration when sending bulk emails is the physical address! If you do not include a physical address while sending marketing emails in bulk, they will be routed to the spam folder.
  • Your subscribers are unfamiliar with you: Lack of consistency might be a major cause of your emails being marked as spam! Perhaps your subscribers don’t hear from you regularly, which is why they don’t recognize you.
  • Your engagement rate is low: Engagement is important to bulk emailing. Your engagement rates influence your email list’s effectiveness. Metrics like open rate, click rate, and click-through rate are crucial to preventing spam.
  • Problem with your IP address: Email service providers restrict IP addresses or email service clients previously detected for sending spam emails. They can block junk emails based on how your IP address or ESP client was previously utilized.
  • You entered an unclear “From” address: The main email service providers pay particular attention to the “From” field. Furthermore, the “From” name and email address usually prompt users to open emails. Using an unrecognized “from” address may result in low engagement and, finally, being tagged as spam.
  • You didn’t include an “unsubscribe” link: When sending marketing emails, you must always include an “unsubscribe” link. The inability to do so will lead to delivery issues.
  • You are breaching SPAM laws: Various marketing and data protection regulations, such as the CAN-SPAM Act and GDPR, serve as gatekeepers to our email inboxes. If you purposely or accidentally breach those regulations, the spam filters will kick in, and your emails will be routed to the trash.

Dive deeper into this article to understand why your emails land in spam and how to fix it

Now that you know why, let’s look at how to send bulk emails without spamming.

How to send bulk emails without spamming

“When you do things the right way, it will take longer, just trust the process!”

– Hopal Green

If you expect instant results, you’ve got the wrong concept about email marketing. There is no magic and no shortcut. The first and foremost important task in email marketing is to stick to the basics and trust the process; results will follow!

Employ double opt-In

As an email marketer, we’re sure you understand the significance of user consent. Email marketing does not imply feeding someone who isn’t interested; rather, it aims to reach out to those eager to hear from you. Double opt-in will aid you in this regard. You can easily set and manage double opt-in in FluentCRM and make sure your subscribers have given you permission to email.

enable double opt-in

It is fairly typical that a subscriber mistakenly subscribes to your service, but after a few emails, they decide you are no longer necessary and blacklist you. You can avoid it by enforcing double opt-in. The subscribers will get another opportunity to ensure whether they seriously want to subscribe to your campaign or not.

double opt in email from fluentcrm

Aside from that, double opt-in will boost your engagement. As the subscribers have voluntarily enrolled in your list, there is a fair possibility that they will open most of your emails.

Start reading our article on opt-in email marketing to learn more

Build your own email list

No, we’re not going to discuss whether it’s legal to buy an email list in this article; instead, we’d want to explain to you why developing your own email list is critical for sending bulk emails without spamming.

Laws such as the CAN-SPAM Act constantly monitor your email sending. As a result, you should never jeopardize your entire email marketing journey to take a shortcut. We understand that growing an organic email list is time-consuming, but it will flip many stones you can’t even imagine.

Typically, people on the purchased list flag your emails as spam because they did not sign up for your list on intent. And, when many users do the same, it sends a negative alert to spam filters. As a result, spam filters mark you as a spammer —impacting your future endeavors. So be cautious.

After getting your subscribers’ consent you can easily build a clean email list in FluentCRM by segmenting and organizing your contacts.

build your email list in fluentcrm

Read this article to learn more advantages of creating your own email list

Clean up your email list regularly

Cleaning your email list will considerably improve your email-sending abilities. As a result, your bulk emails will not be marked as spam.

Yes, it’s hard to build an email list. Constructing one requires endless passion and commitment. However, quality is vital, not quantity. It’s pointless to store email addresses that will never convert. So, stay open to removing unnecessary and ineffective emails from your list. Regularly cleaning your email list will not only minimize your spam rate but will also ensure—

  • Enhanced email deliverability
  • No-risk email marketing
  • Improved CR and CTR
  • Improved engagement
  • Reduced email marketing expenses.

If you don’t want to do it yourself then you can use the advanced filtering option in FluentCRM to identify the inactive contacts in your list and take necessary actions.

clean email list with advanced filtering

In advance case, you can use an email list cleaning service. There are hundreds of choices on the market. Simply go and select the one you require. If you need assistance, check out our list of the best email list cleaning services.

Evaluate your subject line

It’s time to reanalyze the very basic component of email marketing if a large number of your bulk emails are being marked as spam. Perhaps the problem is right in front of your eyes, but you aren’t noticing it! We recommend doing an A/B test on your subject line.

The subject line is one of the key elements determining whether a recipient will open your email. According to statistics, 47 percent of email recipients open emails solely based on the subject line. Simultaneously, approximately 70% of people label emails as spam if they dislike or can’t relate to the subject line.

Examine various subject lines to see which one performs the best. We wish you luck finding the appropriate strategy you were looking for! And FluentCRM makes this even easier for you to A/B test your subject lines and select the best one.

A/B test email subject lines

Furthermore, keep the following points in mind to send bulk emails without spamming:

  • Keep it brief
  • Maintain relevancy and simplicity
  • Make it your own
  • A/B test your subject lines
  • Don’t use all capital letters
  • Make no false promises

Provide unsubscribe link

Whoever wants to leave, let them leave —it’s that simple!

Never push a subscriber who no longer wants to be connected to you, allow them to choose whether or not to continue. If you don’t present them with a good path out, they will depart by tagging you as spam.

example of unsubscribe link

Don’t forget to include an “unsubscribe” button in each email so subscribers can opt-out anytime. Even though they leave, your brand’s reputation will grow. They may keep you in their good graces because you honored their wish!

You can also seek their feedback. It will help you to better yourself and send bulk emails without spamming in the future.

Transparent ‘From’ and physical address

A recipient will never enjoy hearing from a stranger or overloading their mailbox with messages from people they don’t know! That is why it is critical to disclose your origins!

A distinct physical address can help you maintain transparency and build more client confidence. Give your subscribers your postal address so that they understand where the email is coming from. Avoid changing your email or physical address too frequently.

global email settings in fluentcrm

Another way to avoid bulk emails going to spam is to use a legitimate “From” field address with a real sender name. Use such addresses to send solicited emails while establishing your authenticity.

Don’t just send an image

Not all images are merely images, right? Sometimes an image says so much more than words that it’s hard to resist sending it in an email. But never, ever do it!

Spam filters will immediately send emails with only photographs to the spam folder as they cannot read the email’s text. So, if you intend to do something like this, stop immediately. Instead, combine text and images.

Optimize your email content

Make your writing appear professional and offer the reader something of value. Here are some pointers to help you produce more effective email content:

  • Choose a great email design: Choose a style that will help your emails stand out. Take assistance from a reliable email marketing tool if you don’t want to handle it alone and always follow the latest design trends.
  • Avoid sending attachments: We recommend avoiding sending attachments when sending bulk emails. It’s rather common for email receivers to refuse to open documents from unknown senders. So, don’t include any if they don’t want it.
  • Avoid using SPAM trigger words: Keeping away from words that cause spam is the best risk-aversion strategy. So keep a close eye on the email you’re composing.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling: When there are several languages or spelling issues in an email, readers will question its authenticity. That’s why, before sending your email, double-check the spelling and grammar. One misspelling or typo may seem insignificant to you, but it can harm your reputation. 

Here are some tips for effective email copywriting!

Request your subscribers to safelist you

Every email you send to someone must go through many spam filters. However, these filters often wrongly mark valuable emails as spam and send them to the junk folder. In this instance, asking your email subscribers to add your email address to their email safelist can come in handy.

See how email safelisting works, check this guide to learn how it may help you and how you can ask subscribers to safelist your email address!

Run spam tests before sending

Before pressing the send button, you should check your emails to ensure they are free of spam and don’t break any regulations.

email test report with mail tester

Compile a seed list for your test emails. Including the email addresses of those around you on this list would be ideal. Furthermore, adding email addresses from various email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, and others will assist you in obtaining the correct situation. You’ll know if it passes diverse email client spam filters.

Similarly, test emails on various devices to determine whether your HTML codes and photos are adaptive to all gadgets.

Employ a good email marketing tool

Sending bulk emails is no longer as difficult as it once was, thanks to the several effective email marketing tools available. Especially, all-in-one email marketing solutions like FluentCRM have made email marketing everyone’s cup of tea. 

It’s a reliable email marketing solution to send bulk emails without spamming. It complies with the new email deliverability rules and supports advanced multi-threaded email sending so you don’t need to worry about any spam trap or slow email delivery. From collecting email addresses to generating lists to sequencing and automating, FluentCRM is a wonderful treasure to optimize your marketing strategy!

Take the First Step to Sending Bulk Emails with FluentCRM!

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Technical factors to consider for sending bulk emails

To boost email deliverability, you need to apply several technical measures too. Fundamentally, you must prioritize two important technical issues.

Email verification

Email authentication is critical for establishing credibility between you and your mailbox provider. It will improve the brand’s reputation as well as email deliverability. You can verify an email address in the following ways:

  • SPF(Sender Policy Framework) Verification: SPF determines which IP addresses are allowed to send emails from your domain. By using this authentication process, you can stop spammers from being able to send emails on your behalf.
  • DKIM(Domain Keys Identified Mail) Verification: DKIM allows the recipient’s server to determine whether or not the email is genuinely from you. This method assures that the sender accepts liability for the data they send. As a result, it earns your user’s trust.
  • DMARC: DMARC helps email domain owners safeguard their email addresses against spam. This authentication technique instructs mailbox providers on handling emails that failed the SPF and DKIM checks.

IP Reputation

Email mailbox providers decide whether or not you are a spammer based on your IP address’s reputation. It is also known as the sender’s reputation. If you use a shared IP address to send bulk emails, other users’ email marketing practices may affect your email sender’s reputation.

Hence, it’s ideal to choose an email marketing solution with a strong anti-spam policy that protects the sender’s reputation when exchanging IP addresses with others.

You can also choose a dedicated IP address that your account will only use. However, dedicated IP addresses cost more than shared IP addresses.

Master the art of sending bulk emails!

So that’s a wrap-up! Consider this article a small contribution to your overall email marketing journey. Although emails can go to spam for various reasons, following the above tips will help you stick to the basics. Give them a shot, and let us know how it goes.

Have a wonderful day!

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