customer feedback email examples to encourage product reviews

5 Excellent Customer Feedback Email Examples to Encourage Product Reviews

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One of your customers has just bought something from a website or reached out to the support team regarding something. Your support team may have provided an excellent experience or it probably wasn’t that fruitful for the customer. Regardless of their experience, it is a great idea to get your customer’s feedback. right?

After all, you need to be able to know how your support team is performing. Needless to say, if your customers had a great experience, they might just go on to rate you where it matters (Yelp, Google, Facebook, know what we mean?).

Customer feedback emails are the key to taking the relationship between your business and customer to a whole new level. These emails bring you honest feedback and help you work on your shortcomings. But if you don’t know the art of crafting appealing customer feedback emails, these won’t even reach your users’ inboxes, let alone bring any results. Want to know the secrets behind excellent customer feedback emails?

In this blog, you’ll learn about the examples, best practices, and what to consider while writing customer feedback emails.

Let’s begin!

What are Customer Feedback Emails?

Customer feedback emails are essential to any business’s communication plan because they help the company figure out how happy its customers are, where it can improve, and how to build a better relationship with them. Customers can use these emails to directly tell you about their experiences and give useful information that you can use to make your goods or services better. These emails are usually sent after a purchase or conversation with a customer. They promote open communication and show that a company is dedicated to always getting better.

Examples of Customer Feedback Emails

A good example of a customer feedback email is structured in a clear and simple way. The email should start with a personalized welcome that thanks the customer for doing business with your brand and asks specific questions about the customer’s experience, making them talk about product quality, customer service, and general happiness.

Then they usually have a section where customers can leave detailed notes, make opinions, or point out specific areas that meet or exceed expectations. Adding a scoring system or multiple-choice questions can also speed up the feedback process and make it easier for customers to say what they think. This two-way contact not only helps collect useful data but also shows that your company is committed to making changes that are centred on the customer.

This creates a sense of partnership between the brand and its customers, which helps turn your customers into loyal fans of your business!

Sounds great?

Whenever it comes to learning something, examples are undoubtedly the best teachers. So, we compiled the perfect list of the best customer feedback emails from the biggest brands. These examples will inspire you to craft yours and give insights about what to do and what not!

Slack – as simple as it can get

Subject line: Help us improve Slack by taking this short survey

Customer feedback emails are meant to be simple, and Slack did just that. Starting with the subject line, they showed that they value their users and that their feedback will help them improve. 

slack's customer feedback email

What do we appreciate? 

There’s a salutation at the beginning, straightforward wording, and an obvious call to action leading to the survey. They clarified that the email would just take seven minutes so people don’t ignore it thinking it might cost them a lot of time. 

Trello – Out-of-the-box Ideas!

Subject line: Trello automation: Cool and useful

Trello is one of the most popular task management software, if not the best. They came up with a bit of a twist with their customer feedback emails. Instead of sending a boring newsletter, they tweaked it into a feedback email as well. 

trello's customer feedback email

What do we appreciate? 

If you observe closely, they have set the text, image, colors, and CTA buttons to stand out from the rest of the email. It’ll help users to take action.  

Airbnb –  being as polite as you possibly can 

Subject line: Respond now to a 10-15 minute survey

Words can make or break a deal; if we are talking about emails, words are all that we have. Since you’re asking your customers for feedback, there’s no option but to be polite. And that’s what Airbnb did with their email. 

airbnb's customer feedback email example

What do we appreciate? 

The brand lets the customer know that they want to improve the services they provide to consumers. Their response rate may be impacted by such disclosure. The CTA grabs the reader’s attention and entices them to click and take action since it is visually appealing and matches the brand color!

Ikea – not holding back with incentives

Subject line: We need your feedback on your recent visit to IKEA

Let’s be real. All the sweet talks and personalization might work, but gifts, bonuses, and incentives top it all. When you offer something directly in return for customers’s feedback, they tend to do anything!

And that’s what Ikea did with this email below.

ikea's custoemr feedback email example

What do we appreciate? 

Ikea didn’t just offer a whopping $100 gift card, they also mentioned how their users’ feedback is going to help them provide better service. And we don’t think a user can expect anything more than that! 

Squarespace – Not forgetting to take feedback on customer service 

Right after you have provided your customer with great customer service is the perfect time to ask for feedback. And that’s what Squarespace has done. 

squarespace customer feedback email

What do we appreciate? 

Definitely their timing and simplicity.  Also, the fact that they prioritized getting feedback from their customer support team!

Customer Feedback Email Best Practices

Now that you’ve seen examples of how some of the best companies send customer feedback emails, you must wonder how to craft yours. But there’s nothing to worry about as we’ve got your back. Though there is a lot to consider while developing customer feedback emails, here are a few best practices to get the desired results: 

  • Clear and direct subject lines: An exemplary instance of a subject line that effectively conveys the message “We Value Your Opinion: Share Your Feedback Today!” showcases a profound appreciation for the customer’s perspective while motivating them to engage in the feedback process actively. Crafting an email that effectively captures customers’ attention and entices them to open it is of utmost importance. The key lies in succinctly conveying the purpose of the email, ensuring that its essence is compellingly communicated!
  • Don’t forget to personalize: You might say feedback emails are not part of marketing emails, but your customers will love personalization. To enhance the personalization and authenticity of your communication, it is highly recommended to address customers by their names. We recommend beginning your message with a friendly greeting such as “Hi [Customer Name].” This simple gesture sets a positive tone and helps establish a strong rapport with your customers.
  • Be specific and to the point: Ensure that your questions are carefully crafted in order to obtain valuable insights that can be put into action. Instead of utilizing generic inquiries such as “How was your experience?” go for more targeted and customized questions that align with your specific business objectives. For example, “To gauge your level of satisfaction, we kindly request you to rate, on a scale of 1 to 10, how pleased you are with the seamless and hassle-free experience of our checkout process.”
  • Give something in return: Bonuses and gifts are two of the most magical things when it comes to making someone take action. The same applies to feedback emails as well. The chances of getting feedback from your feedback email are higher when you give your users something in return!
  • Follow-up and acknowledgment: Ensuring the closure of the feedback loop is of utmost importance when it comes to upholding a robust customer feedback system. Once you have gathered all the valuable responses, it is essential to maintain a professional and appreciative approach. Sending a follow-up email to express gratitude for their active participation and to provide a concise summary of the key takeaways is a crucial step in fostering a positive and engaging relationship with your customers. 

We hope this article was helpful enough to enlighten you about everything you must know about customer feedback emails. Needless to say, these examples and best practices will only help you gather customer feedback. But to make the most of your customer feedback emails, you’ll have to rely on your creativity and understanding of your customers.

Make sure you don’t stop at gathering customer feedback, figure out the common patterns among gathered feedback, and try to solve any issues as soon as possible. Customer-centric approach is the key. We know it for sure.


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