Automation Editor

The most important use of the FluentCRM is to use the Automated Actions based on some triggers that happen on the WordPress Website. FluentCRM specializes in such automation triggering various incidents and then taking actions upon user conditions and requirements.

In this tutorial, we will be learning about FluentCRM Automation Editor which lets us create new automation, select the trigger, add actions & conditions as we want to set up, and choose to end the automation.

Create New Automation #

From the FluentCRM Automation Dashboard click on the Create a new Automation button.

crm automation add new

Choose Automation Trigger #

Now a pop-up will come up to select the Automation Triggers. You have to carefully select the automation triggers you want. There are a lot of triggers such as

  1. Primary Automation Triggers,
  2. Ecommerce Triggers,
  3. Membership Triggers, and
  4. LMS Triggers.

You may select any one of them depending on the requirement.

crm automation trigger crm

We will continue with the Tag Applied Trigger from Primary Automation Triggers. This automation funnel will trigger whenever a tag is applied to any of the FluentCRM contacts.

crm automation editor

Click Continue and you will be redirected to the similar screen below from where you can add the Action Blocks, Conditional Automation Actions, and Goals or BenchMark Actions into your Funnel.

Add Automation Actions #

Hovering over the + (Plus) Icon you will see options to Add Action / Goal and Conditional Action. There are various actions that can be added like

  1. Primary Actions,
  2. WordPress Actions,
  3. Email Actions,
  4. Goals BenchMark Actions,
  5. LMS Actions, and
  6. Miscellaneous Actions along with the
  7. Conditional Automation Actions.
crm automation add action condition

Please check the relevant Actions Documentations and learn more about them before using them in the automation and once you are familiar with them use them anytime according to your needs.

Changing Primary Trigger #

Now if you wish to change the Primary Trigger for the automation without creating all the actions and steps again in the new automation, Please click on the Gear Icon on the top and change the trigger according to your wish or task as below.

crm automation edit primary trigger

Example Automation #

Below is an example of a created automation with multiple steps or actions that also check for conditions as you can see.

crm automation report diagram

Automation Report #

FluentCRM automation report shows the data collected for the automation including conversion rates and the overall performance of the automation funnel. Go to the Automation dashboard and select the reports of the funnel you want to see.

To learn more about Automation Reports please check the relevant documentation here: Automation Reports. You can also Manage Automation later at any time and also Export-Import Automations based on JSON type of file.

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