Content Blocks in Email Editor

Text Content Blocks #

crm email editor blocks

Paragraph #

Below is an example of a Paragraph Element:

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummied text of the printing and typesetting industry.

Heading #

Below is an example of a Heading Element:

What is Lorem Ipsum?

List #

  • What is Lorem Ipsum?
  • Why do we use it?
  • Where does it come from?

Classic #

crm editor classic

Table #

1Email Marketing

Verse #

Email Marketing Automation dedicated to WordPress, and you! FluentCRM is a Self Hosted Email Marketing Automation Plugin for WordPress. 

Media Content Blocks #

In the Media content block, Image Block is available to be used in the email editor.

Image #

crm email editor blocks media

Adding an Image Block will let you Upload and Add Images from your Computer or Remote URL.

crm email editor content media

There are 3 options to choose from:

  1. Upload: You can directly upload an image to your website and add it to the email.
  2. Media Library: You can select already uploaded images from your WordPress website.
  3. Insert from URL: You can insert any image from a remote URL. This may cause if the remote domain and hosting as Hotlinking Protection Enabled.

Design Content Blocks #

crm email editor blocks design

There are a few design content blocks available. They are demonstrated below:

Buttons #

crm email editor button


You can add a button in the email as a Call to Action element.

Columns #

crm email editor column

In some cases, multiple content elements need to be nested or shown side by side using a Column Content Block.

crm email editor column 2

The above screenshot is an example of 2 Columns added to the email editor.

Group #

This block helps to Group multiple content blocks.

Row #

crm email editor row

You can also add a column-based element that will wrap the entire Row.

Stack #

crm email editor stack

Stack block helps to add Content Blocks to stack items over items.

Spacer #

crm email editor spacer

This helps to give space between content blocks.

Conditional Block #

More on the conditional block is discussed here: Conditional Sections in Email Editor

Latest Posts Block #

latest posts 2 (1)

Adding the latest posts block will show all the posts that were added within the last specific days. You can set the number of posts to show and the layout of the posts that are displayed on the email.

Integrational Content Blocks #

Depending on the plugins activated on the website there will be a few limited blocks available in the email editor.

Product Block (WooCommerce) #

crm email editor product

Adding a Product Block will let you choose or search for a product from Woocommerce.

crm email editor product added

Once you select a product and add you will see a preview like the above screenshot.

Widgets Content Blocks #

crm email editor blocks widgets

This section lets you add 2 more advanced content blocks.

Custom HTML #

crm email editor html

This is very helpful when no available block is able to add some content according to the requirement. This will be handy with custom HTML-coded elements.


crm email editor rss

Another advanced block with RSS feed to be included in the email.

crm email editor rss added

There are a few options to select the number of Feeds to be fetched and include in the email. Author, Date, and Excerpt to shown or not.

Example Email #

crm email editor example

This is an example email composed in the FluentCRM Email Editor using various elements.

crm email editor example view

And the above screenshot is an example preview sent from FluentCRM to Gmail Email Client.

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