Primary Conditionals

This is one of the most important and useful features of FluentCRM. In some situations, we need to check for conditions and take alternative actions depending on the conditions like branches. This feature will make the automation funnel super powerful and you can do lots of things based on different conditions. Using Multi-Path conditional automation, you can create as many branches as you want.

In this article, we will take a deeper look into creating multipath conditional automation blocks.

To get started, create an Automation Funnel by following the guide in Automation Editor. You can add & configure various Action Blocks according to your requirements. Now, you can add Conditions by which you can use the blocks to create a separate path for your segmented contacts.

crm actions conditionals

Contact #

This conditional element checks for Contact Properties as discussed below.

crm action conditional contact
  1. Name Prefix:
  2. First Name:
  3. Last Name:
  4. Email:
  5. Address Line 1:
  6. Address Line 2:
  7. City:
  8. State:
  9. Postal Code:
  10. Country:
  11. Phone:
  12. WP User ID:
  13. Type:
  14. Name Prefix(Title):
  15. Last Activity:
  16. Created At:

Contact Segment #

This conditional element checks for Contact segmentation as described in General & Dynamic Segments.

crm action conditional contact segment
  • Tags:
  • Lists:
  • WP User Role:

Contact Activities #

This conditional element checks for Email Activities against a user.

crm action conditional contact activities
  • Last Email Sent:
  • Last Email Clicked:
  • Last Email Opened(approximately):

Custom Fields #

This is dependent on the Admin of the FluentCRM and the configured Custom Contact Fields.

crm action conditional custom fields

This is totally dependent on the Custom Contact Fields configured in the settings. the type of conditions is also dependent on the type of those Custom Contact Fields.

Latest comments (16)

I’m moving from other email platforms to FluentCRM, one thing that confusing me here is
“Conditions” in the automation
here snapshot
after I set the condition, I see both branches of the “condition” connected below to same line, as if regardless the result of “condition” both will reach to same point here.
Could you please shed some light on that?

*** my use case here:
if customer have specific tag >> stop the funnel here
if not have that tag >> send below emails and continue the funnel

Nazir Himel

Hi Taher, I understand your concern and look like we made an UI mistake here. When you add an “End this Funnel” action, the automation stops for those who progressed to that block unless you have a benchmark trigger which takes them to that stage. Hope you understand.

Tengo una duda y creo que lo estoy haciendo bien en el tema automatizaciones. Tengo varias automatizaciones para asignar un agente de ventas a X persona con la condicional del día creado. He puesto que tal día creado se me asigne a un agente determinado. Así he hecho con los tres agentes en diferentes días del 2024. El problema viene que se lanzan las 3 automatizaciones y todas se asignan al mismo Agente (que coincide con la ultima automatización) sin importar la fecha de la condición que he puesto. Algo hago mal? Te agradezco la solución porque me estoy volviendo loco. Muchas gracias. 🙂

I have the Fluent CRM Pro and I am looking to implement the following workflow for a free course in Learndash. The course is free but the learner can order a certificate (paid) which expires in 2 years. The automation should work this way:
1. If the learner has enrolled in the free course (a tag is applied)
1a. If the learner has enrolled but not completed the course within 10 days, a reminder should go via email to complete the course and ask if any help is needed.
2. If the learner has completed the free course (a tag is applied) then after 2 days, an email should go to the learner with an offer to order the certificate.
3. Meanwhile if the learner has already ordered a certificate immediately, I will manually add a tag “ordered” or something similar so that he does not get the email in Step 2 (that is why the 2 day delay).
4. When learner orders certificate, a tag is added “ordered” and after 2 years, an email goes out offering to renew the certificate.
5. Repeat the steps for 3 and 4.
Can you please guide the best way to achieve this. Currently I am not using Woocommerce and no integration with ordering system is needed. Ordering is via a different service external to Learndash.

Hi, how can I wait for 1 day before a custom field date added to the contact?

Example 1: I want to send an email 1 day before the guest do the check-in at the hotel.

Example 2: Send an email 1 day after check-out custom field.

I tried using “before days” for example 1. But how to stay in loop until the date comes in? Something like wait 1 day until it is 1 day before check-in.

Example if the guest made the reservation 5 days before check-in. Then wait 4 days until condition matches 1 day before check-in.



Do you have a Gutenberg block “Conditional Section”? I see such a blog with your logo among other blog (see the attachment).

I am not sure if it’s your block, or it relates to WP Fusion plugin, because I have installed both Fluent CRM and WP Fusion. I am deciding now if I need WP Fusion. Probably not, if Fluent CRM has the same functionality.

Can you tell me if you have such a block?

Here is the description of the block’s functionality:
Add a conditional section that separates content, and put any other block into it. Show/hide this section based on visitors login state or available tags

Nazir Uddin Himel

Hi Robert,
We’ll be rolling out some free automation resources soon. For now, let us know what you’re trying to achieve here so that I can tell you how to do it.

HI Nazir,

If a customer makes a purchase in the middle of Email Sequence automation – how do we stop the email sequence from preceding? When we place WooCommerse purchase component after an email sequence, it seems to wait until sequence (10 emails) is over. We’d like to be able to interrupt it whenever a purchase is made and change some tags / lists for the user.

Thank you

Nazir Uddin Himel

Hi Zhenya, to cancal a sequence when a purchase is made, you need to add delay’s within the emails. To give you an idea of how you can properly make email sequences work, we have prepared a nice tutorial. Please check out no 3 and 4. 🙂