Email Sequence

An email sequence is a series of emails automatically sent to specific contacts(subscribers) when they opted in or purchase something or based on other activities. With FluentCRM you can use sequential emails when creating a Funnel.

Create New Email Sequence #

From Emails ➜ Email Sequences, To create an email sequence, Hover over Email Campaign and select Email Sequences. Now click on the +Create New Sequence button, You can also click on to the Create Your First Email Sequence if it’s the first time you are creating a sequence.

crm sequence create import

After clicking on the button a popup window will appear asking for Sequence Title as an identifier for the Email Sequence.

crm sequence name

Then you will be redirected to the Sequence dashboard. Now you will be taken to a fresh dashboard where you can add one or multiple emails to the sequence.

Add New Sequence Email #

Start adding email into the sequence by clicking on +Add a Sequence Email.

crm sequence add sequence email

Email Sequence Subject #

Email Subject: Give an appropriate email subject for the email. The email subject is a determining factor in whether it will be opened by the user or ignored.

Email Pre-Header: This is short text followed by the email subject which the user will see in the inbox. A catching and appropriate email pre-header can increase the open rate as well.

Compose Email #

We have a dedicated Compose Email in FluentCRM guide where you will be able to learn in-depth details of composing emails in FluentCRM.

crm sequence compose email

Import Email Template #

crm sequence import template

Another amazing feature of FluentCRM is that you can create Email Templates and import them later in Email Campaigns and Email Sequences. To import an email template, please click on the Use Email Template button and select your desired template and click on the Import Button.

SmartCode #

crm sequence smartcode

Again another amazing feature of FluentCRM is the dynamic data that can be used in the email body. To learn more about dynamic data using by SmartCode please visit SmartCode in Email Editor.

Delivery Schedule #

This is the most important part of an Email Sequence. Please follow the below guides to define your settings as per your requirements.

crm sequence settings

Delay #

Delay is mandatory in sequential email sequences. Choose a delay for the email. If the sequence is for new subscribers and you select 1-day delay then the email will be sent to the user after one day of subscribing. The available options are Minutes, Days, Weeks, and Months. You can also interconvert the values if you do not see like Years.

Be aware of the delay with each email of a sequence. Don’t send multiple emails in one day. One week delay with each email except the welcome email is industry standard for sequential emails.

Time Range #

Choose a time range to specify when the email should be sent. The best time to send an email campaign is in the morning and between 9–11 a.m.

Specific Days #

If you want to send emails to specific days then you should enable and select the days that you want to send. Like you may un-check Saturday and Sunday then that email will not be sent to Saturday and Sunday.

If any automation triggered the sequence after the day you defined (for example, triggered on Monday but the sequence scheduled on Sunday) then the sequence email will be delivered on the day of the next week(Sunday).

Sending a Test Email from Email Sequence #

To send a test email from Email Sequence, please click on the Send a test email button from the top right corner of the Email Sequence Settings section as shown in the below screenshot and then input the email address where you want to receive the test email and click on the Send button.

crm email sequence send test email

Once the email is sent successfully you will see a Success Message saying the Test email is sent successfully in the top right corner.

Sequence Emails #

So now we just created our first Email of the Email Sequence. Now we can add as many emails as we want following the above guide. Below is an example screenshot of 5 Emails in the Sequence.

crm sequence 5emails

From here you will be able to see the below data properties:

  1. Subjects: The Email Subject for the Sequence Email.
  2. Schedule Delay: The delay defined or scheduled for the sequence email.
  3. Recipients: Total Number of recipients.
  4. Email Opened: Percentage of the Email Opened against the total number of recipients.
  5. Link Clicked: Percentage of the Link Clicked against the total number of recipients.
  6. Unsubscribed: Value of the Unsubs from this Sequence Email.

From this dashboard, you are also able to set custom mail from, rename the email sequence title, view all the subscribers in the sequence, and add new emails in the sequence.

Custom Mail From Settings #

There are cases in that you want to set a custom From Email Address, From Name to be shown in the recipient’s mailbox or Email Clients. FluentCRM allows you to do so easily by clicking on the gear icon on the top section of the Sequence Emails list or dashboard. You can then enable the Set Custom From name and Email. Same as other places you will be able to set From Name, From Email (as a dropdown if configured in the Fluent STMP), Reply-To Name, and Reply-To Email.

crm sequence custom mail from

Subscribers #

crm sequence subscribers

By clicking on the View Subscribers on the top section of the Sequence Emails list or dashboard, you can see all the contacts that are in receiving emails from this Email Sequence. The available overview shows:

  1. Name: The name of the contact that is in this Email Sequence.
  2. Email: The email address for the contact.
  3. Status: The status is either active or completed for the sequence.
  4. Started at: When the Sequence started for this contact.
  5. Next Email: The schedule of the next email in from the sequence.

You can add more contacts to the Sequence by clicking on the Add Subscribers button.

You can also select one or more contacts from the list and then Remove them From the Sequence.

Email Sequence in Automation #

Once you’ve created email sequences, you can trigger them inside Automation. To add an email sequence within an automation funnel, simply hit the (+) button and choose Set Sequence Emails from the Email Actions.

So that’s all about email sequences. Go ahead and nurture your audience with any kind of email sequence!

*Tutorial: 4 Excellent Email Sequences and How to Create Them in FluentCRM.

Latest comments (46)

Avatar for richard

It’s about 2 years since this comment thread. The post didn’t answer my question, but the comment thread addresses it and the news wasn’t good, so I tested to see if it’s changed. I have just run a test sequence where I set it up to send emails #2 and #3 in the sequence at minutes 2 and 3, respectively.
As soon as #2 dropped but before #3, which would COMPLETE the sequence for that contact, I added email #4 at 4 minutes (future) and email #1 at 1 minute (past).

As I hoped, it sent #4 out, even though it was not in the sequence when the contact was added. It did not send #1.
So this is perfect behavior. You can run a sequence in perpetuity, so long as you are out in front of the herd. Emails you add will be received by everyone who is not in a completed status.
You can also edit emails in the past, or even add emails (insertions or at the beginning) without affecting any contacts that have already traversed that area in the sequence.

Avatar for Nazir Himel
Nazir Himel

Hi Richard, We refactored the plugin based on user suggestions and there are also more similar features (e.g. you can add new steps and apply them for past contacts). Thanks for running the test and sharing the results.

Avatar for Alan

Is this documented anywhere? I was just looking to see if it was now possible to add new emails to a sequence and have the new emails sent to those mid-way through the sequence. This has been one of the main limitations of FluentCRM, in addition to not being able to define different double opt-in emails per list / signup form.

Avatar for Tal

Hey, Is there an option now to stop and pause sequences? We are at the point day before the webinar, and a user who registers today, I don’t need to receive the whole series.

Avatar for Jonas

How can i trigger an automation (email) Welcome serie
AFTER – the double Opt In – confirmation .

I dont see the “conditions” as email subcriber status “as” a trigger.. ??


Avatar for Italo

So, I’ll explain my case better. I have 4 emails to be sent to a customer, the purpose of these emails is for the customer to respond at least 1.

If the customer responds to email 2, the other emails should not be sent.

If the customer responds to the first email, the others do not need to be sent.

This automation is what I want to do. A condition so that when the customer responds to 1 email, the others are not sent

Avatar for Alan

I know this is an old comment, but for the benefit of future readers, I would do this using a Smart Link, where a tag is added, which in turn triggers an automation, where you can cancel the email sequence.

Avatar for stovis

Thanks Nazir for your response.
By using smartlink, applying tags & removing from the initial trigger tag, will it stop email 3 & 4 from getting to the recipient? or will it still complete the sending of all 4 emails even if they where successfully moved to a new tag?
Also, if you don’t mind me asking, what is the (use case) difference between smart link and Link click benchmark?

Avatar for stovis

Quick question: In an automated email sequence, Is it possible to stop a recipient from getting further emails from an email sequence if they click on a link in the middle of the sequence email and then be moved to the next stage in the funnel?
here is an example:
I’ve got a funnel with 4 email sequence (stage1) with links in them. if the recipient clicks on the link in email 2, they should not receive email 3 & 4 based on the click action; and then be tagged and moved into another email sequence (stage 2) within that same automation funnel. Is it possible?

Avatar for Nazir Uddin Himel
Nazir Uddin Himel

Hi Stovis, That’s a bit complex. For this, you should use smartlinks to apply tags to link clicks. Then, you need to add a delay before each email in the sequence and use the check tags conditional to move contacts to other sequences.

Avatar for Paul

Yeah I mean come on, that’s three of us who have taken the time to comment on here asking for the ability to send new sequence emails to all subscribers, not just those still in the sequence.

I imagine there are many others who also have this need but haven’t commented. Can we get it added now?

Avatar for Peter

Hi Nazir, this is a must have requirement for both Email Sequences and Automations. I noticed that the latter also doesn’t support this use case. Emails are continually added to a chain so existing contacts should get them.

Avatar for Soufian

hello every one.
1️⃣ I create an email sequences as follows:
Email1 = Immediately
Email2 = After 4 Days
Email3 = After 8 Dyas
2️⃣ after that the subscribers recive the Email3 (after 8 days) and Now they are in the day 10.
3️⃣ After that i add a new email to this Email Sequences as follows:
Email4 = After 15 Days.
↘️ The result of this experience is that the subcribers don’t recive the Email4.
1/ Why?
2/ How can I do this Please?
3/ Can i add a contact to an Email sequence on a specific day (For example, I add it to the Email sequences above, so he will enter directly on day 10 and the first email he receives is email4 -which usually arrives after 15 days-)?
thank you for your help.

Avatar for Nazir Uddin Himel
Nazir Uddin Himel

Hi Soufian,
1 & 2: Even if you add emails to a sequence, they won’t receive the emails because the old emails were meant for the older subscribers. the 4th email will be triggered only for the new audiences in the sequence.
3. No, email sequences are fully automated and you can’t add recipients for a specific email. Instead, you can copy the email and send to your recipients via email campaign.

Avatar for Alonso

continuing with the previous conversation. I created these two types of Sequence, Sequence A and Sequence B.
So according to the schedule I established, I should first start sequence A, however, when I do the tests, the first email is sent but from sequence B, then sequence A is just sent.

Avatar for Nazir Uddin Himel
Nazir Uddin Himel

The sequences depends on triggers and action timing. So before we understand how you’ve set up your funnel, its practically impossible to give a solution. So I recommend that you submit a support ticket.

Avatar for Alonso

Hi, my automation funnel is not working properly.
Create two different sequences of mail with different delay times, however the sent emails do not match the delay times that I set

Avatar for Nazir Uddin Himel
Nazir Uddin Himel

Hi Alonso, please check if the delay time is correct(or incorrect) according to your WordPress time. For example, if someone enters the delay at 10 PM WordPress time and the delay is for 1 hour, the next action will start at 11PM. If that’s not the case, please submit a support ticket so that our support staffs can take a look.

Avatar for Paul

This doesn’t appear to be correct. My subscribers who have completed their sequence do not recieve any new emails that are added. When checking their details, they have no sequence set. It seems When they reach the end of a sequence they are removed from that sequence. Please advise how this can be fixed?

Avatar for Alan

I saw the anniversary special and purchased before I completed my research. I need the option to add emails to a sequence even after subscribers have started the sequence.

Earlier, you said, “If you add an email in a sequence, it will be automatically sent to the contacts within that email sequence.” and now you’re saying that new emails added to the sequence will NOT be send to subscribers in that sequence. Which is is?

Being able to add emails to a sequence is critical, and needs to be supported. If this is not currently possible, then please ask the developers to make it possible.

I’m also curious as to the process for adding steps in the middle of a sequence, as well as adding steps in the middle of an automation. How may this be done?


– BTW, I have been getting recaptcha errors, which I’ve not run into anywhere else. Might want to check the settings for this.

Avatar for Nazir Uddin Himel
Nazir Uddin Himel

Hi Alan,

“If you add an email in a sequence, it will be automatically sent to the contacts within that email sequence.”

Let me clarify, if you add an email in a sequence, it will be triggered for those who are yet to join the email sequence. People usually join an email sequence via automation. If the sequence has already started for a contact, it can’t go back and send the new email you’ve added to your sequence. Hope this helps!

If you weren’t able to fix ReCaptcha issue, please contact our support.

Avatar for Nazir Uddin Himel
Nazir Uddin Himel

Yeah, If you set a ‘Sending Time Range’ the email will be sent during that time.

Avatar for Nazir Uddin Himel
Nazir Uddin Himel

Hi Rob, there’s isn’t an option to stop an email sequence at the moment. We’re working on this feature but currently, you can cancel an email sequence from the automation.