Export Contacts from FluentCRM

This feature is only available in the Pro Version.

The CSV export tool will help you export FluentCRM contacts into a CSV file.

Go to the FluentCRM dashboard and choose the Contacts Tab from top and then click into Export button from the top-right.

Export Contacts from FluentCRM

A popup will appear where you need to provide several details.

  • Select Columns that you want to export: Here you need to select all of your contact property that you want to include with your contacts. First Name and Email property is required and will be pre-selected by default.
  • Contact Export Limit: If you want to export a certain amount of contacts, you need to give the value here. If you want to export all contacts, you can leave it blank.
  • Contact Export Offset: If you want to exclude several contacts, you can give the amount here. If you provide 5 (for Example), 5 contacts from your contact list (From the top in your All Contacts List) will be excluded while exporting.

After providing/selecting all the values, just click on the Export Contacts button and your contacts will be exported into a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file.


  1. Hi
    May I ask some pre-sales question

    What definition of “Created At” column ? Is the specific contact’s import timestamp?
    If I integrate the convert pro’s from data to fluentCRM, How is the “Created At” will display?
    For example, Our differens users fill the contacts mail in the form 5/11~5/15 ,Can I choose somethin like the contact created date column to export ?

    Can I install the pro license on my staging site and production site at the same time ? (2 domain)
    Or can I migrate the license to production when I finish testing on my staging site ?

    thank you

    1. Hi James,

      1. The “Created At” column is the time contact was added to the FluentCRM database. I’m not sure how it will treat Convert Pro contacts.
      2. FluentCRM licenses are treated as domain licenses. But if you want to test your license on the staging site, you can always deactivate the license from your dashboard or license management screen and use it on a different site.

  2. Hi Nazir Uddin Himel ,

    thanks for your reply, can I export specific date range contact data?
    I’m afraid of if the contact entries is too many,it might can’t export or lead my server to crush

    thank you


    1. Hi James, You can’t export contacts by setting a date range. Currently, you can only set the contact export limit and contact export offset. However, I don’t think this will cause any issues unless your list is over 30K (In fact, I’ve been using FluentCRM from the start and I don’t think there will be any issues even if you import 300K as it stores all data into separate database tables).

  3. I am following these instructions exactly and it pops up a blank screen without exporting my contacts as it normally does. I have tried three browsers with the same result. Is your export feature currently down?

    1. Hi Eric,

      No, that shouldn’t have happened. Please submit a support ticket so our experts can check whether it’s because of a conflict or technical issue.

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