TutorLMS Integration with FluentCRM

TutorLMS is one of the most popular LMS plugins for WordPress. If you have created an eLearning course platform on WordPress using TutorLMS, FluentCRM can help you automate your course marketing with activity monitoring contact segmentation, email marketing, and many more. Follow this simple guide to learn how to automate these tasks with FluentCRM!

Lead generation and segmentation #

FluentCRM lets you capture your TutorLMS students as leads and lets you tag contacts based on course enrollment and course completion.

In order to capture and apply tags based on course enrollment and course completion, go to edit your TutorLMS course and scroll down to FluentCRM Course Tags. Then, select the tags you want to apply when course enrollments and course completions happen.

edit course digital marketing ‹ demosite — wordpress

Marketing Automation #

FluentCRM also lets you automate a wide range of tasks such as sending behavioral emails, email sequences, contact property updates, and many more.

FluentCRM’s email marketing automation includes four major elements. These are:

  1. Triggers: Triggers are essential for initiating email marketing automation. They can be behavior-based, or time-based. Learn more about FluentCRM’s Triggers.
  2. Action Blocks: The actions that will be done throughout the funnel for example sending an email, adding the user to a list, etc. Learn everything about FluentCRM Action Blocks
  3. Benchmarks: Benchmarking the behavior of the users for example whether they purchased a product, clicked into a link, etc. Learn everything about FluentCRM Benchmark Blocks
  4. Conditionals: Conditionals will let you set multiple paths based on if/else conditions. Learn more about FluentCRM Conditionals

At first, from your FluentCRM dashboard & go to the Automations option. Then click on the Create a New Automation button to add an automation funnel.

automations fluentcrm 1 1

You will notice a pop-up window appear, where you have to add a suitable Internal Label and choose the trigger that will initiate an automation funnel. You can choose one from five available TutorLMS Triggers.

  1. Enrollment in a Course: This will let you trigger an automation funnel when someone enrolls in a TutorLMS course.
  2. Student Completes a Course: This will let you trigger an automation funnel when someone completes a TutorLMS course.
  3. Students Completes a Lesson: This will let you trigger an automation funnel when students complete a lesson.
automations fluentcrm 3

Apart from these triggers, FluentCRM also comes with lots of other triggers. To see the full list of triggers and learn how to configure them, please check this documentation.

When you select a trigger and click Continue, a pop-up box will appear with some options to set up the trigger.

Once you’re done setting up the trigger, you can use Actions, Goals, and Conditionals to design your marketing automation Funnel.

Action Block

Actions blocks are tasks that you wish to trigger from your side. Click on the plus icon on the Automation Funnel page. Then you will notice a pop-up appear with a set of action blocks to choose from.

edit funnel fluentcrm 5 1

From here, you can choose any type of action block. FluentCRM offers dedicatedly two action blocks for TutorLMS marketing automation.

edit funnel fluentcrm 6 2

Please check our funnel action blocks documentation to find out how to use action blocks.

Goals/Trigger Block(Benchmark)

Goals/Trigger blocks are goal or trigger items that your user might do. They let you measure these steps and automate the funnel based on goal completion.

Click on the plus icon(+) to open the pop-up for selecting the Goals. For TutorLMS, you can choose List Applied goalThis trigger block will run once a list is applied to a contact within the automation funnel. In this block, you can add an internal label, specify the list for which the goal applies, and Benchmark Type. 

edit funnel fluentcrm 1

Click Save Settings when you’re done. if you want to use other goals or benchmarks, please check our goal/benchmark documentation.


Conditionals are conditional logic. If you want to automate different activities based on If/Else conditions, you can choose a conditional. For TutorLMS, FluentCRM allows you to automate different activities based on whether a student in the automation has enrolled in a course.

When you select this block and specify the course, you can set different branches based on whether any of the contacts have enrolled in the course you’ve specified or not. If the contact has enrolled in a course, it will result as YES, otherwise, it will be a NO. So, there will be two branches for both “Yes” & “No”. Here, you can add different action blocks based on your preference. Then make sure to click the Save Settings button.

edit funnel fluentcrm 6 3

If you want to use other conditionals please check out this documentation.

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