Import Contacts into FluentCRM

FluentCRM offers its users to import contacts from numerous sources and ways to import them. There are 3 types of contact importing processes in FluentCRM which are from the CSV file, WordPress users list from the core and other plugins, and 3rd party or Other CRM services.

Importing Contacts from CSV File #

The CSV import tool will help you add contacts to FluentCRM. You can easily upload contacts into FluentCRM from a valid CSV(comma-separated value) file. During the import process, you can also auto-update the properties of already existing contact at once.

Prerequisites to import contacts from a CSV file #

  • You already have your contacts in a spreadsheet program like MS Excel or Google Sheets, Now export the contacts as a CSV file.
  • The date field must be formatted in a specific way for example the Date of Birth or other Dates must follow the Y-m-d format.
  • In FluentCRM, you can categorize your contacts based on their subscription status, like subscribed or unsubscribed. You can only select one status at a time.
  • FluentCRM has no limit to the number of subscribers you can import like other SaaS email marketing providers, so feel free to import all your contacts.
  • If you are importing a Country for the contacts please use the Alpha-2 Value [2 Letter] ISO 3166 Country Codes. Example: BD, US, UK, etc.
  • The minimum field to import contacts into FluentCRM is the Email field.

Start Importing contacts from the CSV file #

Go to the FluentCRM DashboardAll Contacts and then click on the Import button from the top right corner.

crm contacts options

This will open a modal and you will see a few options and select the CSV file from the available options.

contacts fluentcrm 14

On the next screen, you will be asked to select the Separator Operator of the CSV file. The most common format is Comma Separated and we strongly recommend this format.

contacts fluentcrm 1 4

Now click to upload or Drag a CSV file that you want to use to import your contacts.

contacts fluentcrm 2 3

On the next screen, you will be asked to map the CSV fields into FluentCRM fields. Please check and select the fields accordingly.

contacts fluentcrm 3 3

The available general fields as of now are:

  1. Name Prefix.
  2. First Name.
  3. Last Name.
  4. Full Name.
  5. Email.
  6. Timezone.
  7. Address Line 1.
  8. Address Line 2.
  9. City.
  10. State.
  11. Postal Code.
  12. Country.
  13. IP Address.
  14. Phone.
  15. Source.
  16. Date of Birth (Y-m-d format)

You will also see a few other additional Custom Fields if you added them to the Custom Contact Fields.

The Other Options are:

  1. Lists: Assign the Lists you want to the contacts.
  2. Tags: Attache Tags to the contact by choosing them from the dropdown.
  3. Update Subscribers: If any contact is already present you can update new data for them. Otherwise, existing contacts will be skipped.
  4. New Subscriber Status: Give a status for the contacts.
  5. Do Not Trigger Automations (Tag & List Related Events): This option asks you if you want the new contacts to be added to automation if the Lists, Tags, or other conditions are triggered.
  6. Force update contact status. This will update all imported contact statuses regardless of their previous status: If you want to force the Contact Subscription Status to be updated to the one you select now.

Importing WordPress Users as Contacts #

Same as the CSV Method selection to import WordPress users this time select WordPress Users. This will provide a modal to select the available User Roles to be imported. You can either select All User Roles or Select Specific User Roles by checking them.

contacts fluentcrm 4 2

On the next screen, a few of the users will be listed as per your selection in the previous screen.

contacts fluentcrm 5 2

The options available here to be selected are:

  1. Apply Lists: Assign the Lists you want to the contacts.
  2. Apply Tags: Attache Tags to the contact by choosing them from the dropdown.
  3. Update Subscribers: If any contact is already present you can update new data for them. Otherwise, existing contacts will be skipped.
  4. New Subscriber Status: Give a status for the contacts.
  5. Do Not Trigger Automations (Tag & List Related Events): This option asks you if you want the new contacts to be added to automation if the Lists, Tags, or other conditions are triggered.

Importing Contacts from Other Integrations #

FluentCRM allows you to import users from other WordPress plugins into FluentCRM contacts. The relevant importing guides are listed below:

  1. Import contacts from WooCommerce
  2. Import contacts from Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)
  3. Import contacts from Learndash
  4. Import contacts from LifterLMS
  5. Import contacts from TutorLMS
  6. Import contacts from Learnpress
  7. Import contacts from Paid Memberships Pro
  8. Import contacts from MemberPress
  9. Import contacts from Restrict Content Pro

Importing Contacts from Other CRM #

contacts fluentcrm 6 1

FluentCRM also provides an easy way to import Contacts from Other CRM Services like Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Mailerlite, Drip, and ActiveCampaign.

  1. Importing guidelines for Mailchimp.
  2. Importing guidelines for ConvertKit.
  3. Importing guidelines for Mailerlite.
  4. Importing guidelines for Drip.
  5. Importing guidelines for ActiveCampaign.

Latest comments (30)

Avatar for Josen

Hi, I have a csv* file that has more then 10k cutomers. Every time i try to upload, it will stop at 6969 and show this error.
“message”: “Expected data must be a string or stringable”
What should i do to be able to upload the contacts with no error.

Avatar for Michael

when trying to import, the importer wrapper opens up and states “Select Source from where you want to import your contacts”. Then there are no choices given und in the bottom right corner of the browser it is stated “Error! Sorry, you are not allowed to do that.”
Do you have any ideas, where that error comes from?

Avatar for Chris Lawson
Chris Lawson

My CSV is exported from the client’s CRM which used tags to identify contacts by different attributes. I would like to import the tags along with the users’ other data in the CRM. How do I do this?

Avatar for KJ Burk

I have a great deal of experience with working with CSV files, but I cannot get my contacts spreadsheet (csv) to import into CRMFluent. Also, the “Sample File” link within WordPress does not work. ~ Any suggestions?

Avatar for Kevin

I am looking for one too! The online help is very random and there is no path I have found for initial setup.
Love the potential so far….obviously brilliant developers….but are there any documentation people?

Avatar for Jo Cranston
Jo Cranston

I am looking for a way to import a list of contacts via csv and auto-tagging them instead of having to upload individual lists and adding one tag at a time. Is there a way to upload a list and include what tags contacts should be assigned in the upload csv file?


Avatar for Mohamed


I have uploaded my MailChimp contacts, but the contact column is looking a bit weird. I do not see the “name” and “Email” column. The import went good and I selected the right columns from the csv file as shown in this article.
Could you help me.

Avatar for Nikhil garg

I have around ten people in my marketing team. I have created a website and installed CRM in it. Now I have imported 100 contacts but I want to create a separate environment for every marketing people. I have created an account for every marketing people but the contacts that I have uploaded are seen by them also. Is there any way that for every new user, the environment will be different so that the contacts added by that user will not be shown to any other user in WordPress?

Avatar for Dr. Carlton Calhoun
Dr. Carlton Calhoun

It would be amazing if we could import contacts and FluentCRM recognizes the tags. Adding tags adds them to ALL of the contacts.

I have a list where the users are tagged, but they I can’t “segment” upon import based on current tags

Avatar for Chris

Going to Contacts > Import > From CSV (either comma or semicolon separated), mapping each and every field then hitting Import won’t do anything. No rows/contacts inserted, no errors, no invalid, no skipped, no successfull import at all.. very disappointed.

Avatar for Christophe

I have spent the afternoon trying to import a few hundred contacts from different csv files. Sometimes I succeed getting some contacts into fcrm, some won’t be imported though. I have cleaned my data inside notepad++. I may have a success message displayed but no contacts imported and no skipped or failed imports. Do you have a log of what’s going on under the hood? No idea why it does not work seamlessly.
The whole process could be improved.

Avatar for Addy

Using ‘Import Subscribers’ and ‘WordPress Users’ as the Contact Source, FluentCRM only imports very basic info of the ‘WordPress Users’ ignoring any custom user fields that I created using ACF.

Is it possible for FluentCRM to link up with the custom user fields in ‘WordPress Users’ so that when I update the custom user fields in ‘WordPress Users’, the corresponding fields in FluentCRM will also be updated?

Thank you.

Avatar for Nazir Uddin Himel
Nazir Uddin Himel

Hi Addy, I haven’t tried this before but you can try:
1. enabling the WordPress user sync option in general settings.
2. setting up a WordPress new user sign up trigger
3. adding an updated contact property and mapping the data.

Avatar for Nazir Uddin Himel
Nazir Uddin Himel

Hi Eduardo, our marketing team is already preparing a full ebook that’ll guide you through all the difficulties. Just subscribe to our blog so we can reach out when that’s available.

Avatar for Suzanne Loeb
Suzanne Loeb

Easy to do and nice plug-in. Earlier, I left a message on another Fluent CRM forum hoping someone from wpmanageninja or Fluent CRM would respond. I bought a pro license and found the onboarding process confusing. I tried a lot of workarounds. Out of desperation, I tried uninstalling the plugin, then reinstalling it. Only after reinstallation did I find the notification in my dashboard to activate my account and enter my license code. I always take screenshots of my license and receipt. I am glad I did and that I downloaded the pro plugin when I had a chance, right after purchase. I did not get any email confirmation or password after purchase, although my receipt shows the system has the information. I assumed my login would be the email that I used to register my account. The name on my receipt and the email on my receipt will not allow me to reset my password. I use the same email on all plugins or software related to my WordPress site. I checked everywhere, inbox, junk mail, etc., and found no confirmation. Everything seemed to happen only within the website and I could not find my user name and option to set a password. At the moment, I have worked things out by trial and error to get started. However, I want to know the secret to accessing the pro license support in the event it is needed. I bought the 5-site license and hope to activate the other sites as well.

Avatar for Lisa

The import dialogue boxes include a link to “Download sample file”. However, upon clicking the link, I don’t get a sample file for reference, but rather am directed to a webpage with some sample field text. I was expecting a .csv file that I could open with Excel to reference field names and data types. Please advise if you can send a sample file to reference. Thanks!