Custom Contact Fields

Adding Custom Contact Field #

When you need additional fields to gather information for your business, you can create new Custom Fields. From your FluentCRM dashboard, click on the Settings in the top right corner of the main navigation bar. Now from the left sidebar menu, navigate to Custom Contact Fields and click on the “Add Field“.

FluentCRM Custom Contact Fields

A popup form will appear, and you will see the available Field Types.

crm custom contact fields add new

You can choose from the various field types listed in the below screenshot. After choosing the field type, give the field a Label. Based on the field type you might need to enter some more info. For example, if you select the type “Radio Choice” you will also need to enter the options. For Radio Input type of fields such as Radio Choice, Select Choice, Multiple Select Choice, and Checkboxes when you add options, enter the option value and press Enter on the Keyboard when you are done with the input.

crm cf single line text

Multi Line Text:

crm cf multi line text

Numeric Field:

crm cf numeric

Select Choice:

crm cf select choice

Multiple Select Choice:

crm cf multiple select choice

Radio Choice:

crm cf radio choice


crm cf checkboxes


crm cf date

Date Time:

crm cf date time

Rearranging Custom Contact Fields #

Now when you add multiple Custom Contact Fields they will be arranged or organized in the Custom Profile Data serially as you added them. But if you want them to be organized according to your own requirements you can do so by using the Up and Down Arrows as in the below screenshot. If you want to Edit or Delete any of the Custom Contact Fields you can do so by clicking on the Edit or Delete buttons.

crm custom contact fields reorder

Preview #

After Adding the Field Type, you can see the added Custom Contact Fields on your Contact Information Under the Custom Profile Section.

crm contact custom fields


Latest comments (27)

Avatar for Tor

Is there a way for me to use a dynamic shortcode or similar, to show any contact information on the frontend to the user?

I want to display results from a quiz, and I want to display it on a page that is populated with contact information, but I can’t find any good solution.

I guess my question is; am I able to use shortcodes on the frontend in the same way I would use mergecodes in an email from FluentCRM?

Avatar for Nazir Himel
Nazir Himel

Hi Tor, unfortunately there isn’t. The mergecodes are assigned to contacts and if these are allowed to display on the frontend, it would violate people’s privacy. Since FluentCRM is self-hosted, there is a chance of this feature being misused. I hope you understand. 🙂

Avatar for Zach

Hi Nazir,

This doesn’t make sense to me. How could this be misused? The data can be sent by email, it can be retrieved by API, and it can’t be seen by admins in the backend. Why would it be an issue to dynamically show it to the assigned user on the front end?

Avatar for Nazir Himel
Nazir Himel

Hi Zach,
Sure the data is dynamic and will only retrive the users info on the front end. But this will also make it possible to show combined data, aggregated data and similar —meaning people can use them with scraping and other methods. And we really don’t know how people will use this data. We get a lot of emails saying people use FluentCRM for spamming. But violation of privacy isn’t something we should contribute to. Hope you understood.

Avatar for Omar

Is it possible to surface these custom fields in the Divi Theme email opt-in module ? I only see a fixed set of pre-defined fields, (Address Line 1, Address Lien 2, Postal Code, City, State, Country, Phone and Enable Double Optin). Im basically trying to add a custom checkbox

Avatar for Ken

When I add a field other than a Single Line Text, I get this error message:
{“code”:”rest_forbidden”,”message”:”Sorry, you are not allowed to do that.”,”data”:{“status”:401}}
How do I solve this?