SmartCode in Email Editor

FluentCRM is an amazing tool for WordPress regarding Email Marketing and Automation. It also offers a great email editor and one more interesting feature of dynamic information to be used by SmartCode. There are 2 types of SmartCode available: Primary and Additional and they are discussed below.

Primary #

This group stores the information regarding Contact and FluentCRM general information.

Contacts #
crm email smartcodes contact
{{contact.full_name}}Full name of the contact
{{contact.prefix}}Name Prefix of the contact
{{contact.first_name}}First Name of the contact
{{contact.last_name}}Last Name of the contact
{{}}Email address
{{}}Contact’s unique ID (Numeric)
{{contact.user_id}}Connected User ID of the contact
{{contact.address_line_1}}Address Line 1
{{contact.address_line_2}}Address Line 2
{{}}Address City
{{contact.state}}Address State
{{contact.postal_code}}Address Postal Code
{{}}Address Country
{{}}Phone Number
{{contact.status}}Contact’s Status
{{contact.date_of_birth}}Date of Birth
General #
crm email smartcodes general
{{crm.business_name}}Business Name defined in FluentCRM Settings
{{crm.business_address}}Business Address defined in FluentCRM Settings
{{wp.admin_email}}Email Address defined in WordPress settings
{{wp.url}}Your Website URL
{{ days}}Dynamic Date Field. You can replace +2 days with your own date strings. it will return the date (WP Date Format) when parsing the data.
##crm.unsubscribe_url##Unsubscribe URL of the contact
##crm.manage_subscription_url##Manage the Subscription page URL of the contact
##web_preview_url##Web preview Url of an email
{{crm.unsubscribe_html|Unsubscribe}}This will return an unsubscribe link with HTML code and the link text will be Unsubscribe.
‘{{crm.manage_subscription_html|Manage Preference}}Manage Subscription Hyperlink HTML with the link text “Manage Preference”

Additional #

This group contains some plugins and user-dependent fields.

Custom Fields #
crm email smartcodes customfields

You will see some Custom Contact Fields if you have already added them in the settings.

Woocommerce #
crm email smartcodes woocommerce

WooCommerce Plugin-related information.

{{woo_customer.total_order_count}}Total Order Count
{{woo_customer.billing_address}}Billing Address
{{woo_customer.shipping_address}}Shipping Address
{{woo_customer.total_spent}}Total Spent
{{}}Billing Country
{{}}Billing City
{{woo_customer.postal_code}}Billing Postal Code
{{woo_customer.first_order_date}}First Order date
{{woo_customer.last_order_date}}Last Order Date
LearnDash #
crm email smartcodes learndash
{{}}Enrolled Course Names (Comma Separated)
{{ld.courses_link}}Enrolled Course with links (list)
{{ld.groups}}Enrolled Groups Names (Comma Separated)
{{ld.groups_link}}Enrolled Groups with links (list)

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Kymberley Pekrul

I have tried using the shortcode ##web_preview_url## in my email template, and in test emails as well as sent emails, only the shortcode comes through in the contact email. This might seem like a dumb question, but does something need to be added between the hashtags?