BuddyBoss integration with FluentCRM

BuddyBoss is a very popular open-source solution for building online communities within no time! FluentCRM’s BuddyBoss Integration allows you to import your BuddyBoss members, view people’s BuddyBoss groups, and segment them by lists and tags. You can also create email campaigns, sequences, and tag-based automation to automate email marketing for your online community that’s powered by BuddyBoss.

Importing BuddyBoss members #

Importing your BuddyBoss members is easier with FluentCRM’s contact importing system. First, go to your FluentCRM dashboard and hit the Import button. This brings up a contact import pop-up from where you can choose BuddyBoss as the source of your import and click Next.

buddyboss contact import

In the next step, choose whether you want to Import by Member Type or by Member Groups. You’ll be also required to select BuddyBoss Member Type/Group depending on your selection. Make sure to select FluentCRM tags that you want to apply.

buddyboss contact import

In the next step, FluentCRM will import all your BuddyBoss contacts. You can also Apply Lists and set the subscription status of these contacts.

buddyboss contact import

If you have any automation running for the tags you applied to the new contacts you can also disable any list/tag-based automation by keeping the Do Not Trigger Automations radio button checked.

Contact Segmentation #

FluentCRM also helps you set up automated tagging for BuddyBoss Profile Types and Groups. This simply means you can set up tagging while you’re editing a BuddyBoss profile type or group and contacts will get that tag without you even doing anything!

Pro-Tip: You can set up automation funnels with the Tag Trigger to automate emails for new contacts.

Setting up tags in a BuddyBoss profile type: #

BuddyBoss allows for creating multiple profile types for the audience. While creating or editing a profile type, you’ll notice FluentCRM metabox as we’ve shown in the below screenshot:

buddyboss profile type tagging

From here, you can set the tags to apply when the system found a user with the specified profile type. You can also enable the checkbox to remove the tags when a user leaves the profile type.

Setting up tagging for BuddyBoss group members #

BuddyBoss also allows users to create groups. You can set up automated tagging for BuddyBoss group members. Upon setting up, new group members will get the tags you’ve specified. For setting up tagging for new BuddyBoss group members, you’ll see a FluentCRM metabox as shown below:

buddyboss group tagging

On this metabox, you can set tags to apply when members join the group and you can also enable the checkbox to remove tags on group leave.

Essentially, such flexible tagging means you can start creating email campaigns and set up email marketing automation funnels by selecting FluentCRM’s tag applied and tag removed triggers.

Latest comments (16)

Avatar for Emiliano

Hi, My name is Emiliano, I have BodyBoss and Fluent CRM Pro. I have a problem when I try to sync the custom fields. Fluent only sync the normal fields. I have investigated this issue and I founld that I have to use another plugin like WP-Fusion, but is very expensive. is there another option for that?

Avatar for Emiliano

Hi, I have BodyBoss and the profile of the users with Country, City, Phone, etc but when I try to sync with Fluent I didn’t get the data into the Fluent. I don’t know how to map the fields between BoddyBoss and Fluent.

Avatar for Thomas

I want to set tags to my buddyboss users profile fields for example – Field set gender Male/Female – when a user updates their profile and selects the gender how to I automate setting a tag female/male?

I am sure this is easy but I can’t seem to work this out – any advice would be great thanks.

Avatar for Kevin

A few questions from a new FluentCRM user.
When I import my BuddyBoss contacts to they stay synched up from that point forward? ie.Changes users make to their address get pushed to FCRM?
How about new BB contacts that sign up after my initial import? Synched? or do I have to periodically keep running the import?
What about custom profile fields? Can I make a home for them in FCRM and map those over upon import/synch?

Avatar for Nazir Uddin Himel
Nazir Uddin Himel

Hi Kevin, BuddyBoss sync isn’t available at this moment. Instead, you can use the WP User Sync to keep the contacts updated(Settings>General Settings). And yes, you can add custom fields and map user data inside FluentCRM!

Avatar for Claire Négrier
Claire Négrier

HI !!

I was wandering .. Will there be 2 main options I think …
1. How to apply tags to people already in the groups ? (because it’s a new feature … I need to tag all already in people).

2. Woocommerce related : When will free products or 100% discount be embedded in FCRM ? They are the ones we need to target for upsells / downsells but are not implemented in Fluent !

Thanks in advance !