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As in the Contacts Dashboard introduction, we got familiar with the Add Contact, Import, and Export buttons. In this documentation, we will be using these options to Add a New Contact Manually, Importing Bulk Contacts, Exporting Contacts, and Manage Contacts and apply actions in Bulk or to a specific contact.

crm contacts options

Add New Contact #

To add a new contact please click on the Add Contact on the top right corner of the dashboard. This will provide a modal to add your new contact and a few contact fields for storing information about the contact.

contacts fluentcrm 11

The available information fields are grouped and discussed below:

  1. Basic Info: Prefix, First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Date of Birth.
  2. Address Info: Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, State, Postal Code, Country.
  3. Custom Profile Data: Fields of this section are dependent on the admin settings as the available configured Custom Contact Fields.
  4. Identifiers: This is a very important section to add this contact to a single or multiple Lists and tags and also select the contact subscription status.

Once you are done providing and selecting the information click on the Create Contact button to finish adding the new contact.

Bulk Management #

FluentCRM also provides an easy way to apply various actions against single or multiple contacts upon selection.

contacts fluentcrm 1 3

The available actions are:

  1. Add to Tags: Attach a Tag or multiple Tags to the contact or contacts.
  2. Add to Lists: Assign a List or multiple Lists to the contact or contacts.
  3. Remove From Tags: Remove the contact or contacts from a Tag or multiple Tags.
  4. Remove From Lists: Remove the contact or contacts from a List or multiple Lists.
  5. Change Contact Status: Change the contact subscription status for the contact.
  6. Add to Email Sequence: Add the contact or multiple contacts to an Email Sequence.
  7. Add to Automation Funnel: Add the contact or multiple contacts to an Automation Funnel.
  8. Delete Contact: You can also delete a single contact or multiple contacts based on your selection.
  9. Send Double Opt-in Confirmation: Once you select single or multiple contacts, you can send a Double Opt-in Confirmation Email to the pending status contacts.


Latest comments (17)

Helmar Rudolph

Is there a way to post-process a field (in my case DOB), and populate a custom field? I would like to do a date calculation on the DOB and enter the resulting value into the custom field for further processing. Code snippet?

Pierre Bossetti

Hello an option delete “inactive contacts” or “unreachable contacts” will be awesome (for example delete people that didn’t opened a mail since 4 campaigns or unbounced contacts from more than 2 campaigns).
MailerLite does this an it is very useful to clean easily our list.

Thank you for your answer !

Cathy Mitchell

Can we merge clients? We have fluentcrm, fluentsupport and fluent forms (with EDD), if a customer uses a different email address, it creates a new user in fluentcrm when they purchase something – and there is no way to combine -that I can see?

David Parrott

This could be done easily – other platforms do it.
My suggestion would be to allow us to choose a contact that needs to be merged with another contact (the master), and then add the email address of the first contact as an alias on the master contact. All existing tickets are then linked to the the master, and new tickets from the alias emails are assigned to the master as well. Responses could be sent to the original email (alias) or to the master email, although that would be nice-to-have rather than essential.

This seems impractical. In reality, people do have multiple email addresses. Are you suggesting the Fluent deals with this by having multiple records for the same person. That way lies madness, surely. On the main question: if I can’t merge two records, how do I manage deduplication?