Bounce handler with Amazon SES

Using Amazon SES, you can track the invalid email and mark them as Bounced. Amazon will track the delivery status of the email and if it failed to reach the recipient’s mail server, it will be marked as Bounced in your audience status so that you can exclude them in the future campaign.

Create a topic in Amazon SNS #

1. Go to Amazon SNS console.

2. Choose Create topic.

3. For Topic name, enter a name, click on Create topic button..

4. From the Topic details of the topic that you created, navigate to Subscriptions, and then choose Create subscription.

5. The topic will be pre-selected, in the Protocol select http or https (based on your server’s SSL status).

In Endpoint, you need to give your FluentCRM’s endpoint, grab the URL from your FluentCRM dashboard -> Settings -> SMTP/Email Service Settings section.

After putting the URL in the Endpoint field, check Enable raw message delivery and click on Create subscription button. You should see a success screen like below:

Configure Amazon SES to send bounce information to FluentCRM #

1. Go to Amazon SES console home, In the navigation pane, choose Domains, expand notifications, and then choose Edit Configuration.

2. Under SNS Topic Configuration, for Bounces, select the SNS topic that you created. Do the same for Complaints.

Now click on Save Config button. Thats it!


  1. Hello, we sent a letter to all members a few days ago, but in the dashboard, we only saw the number of single-digit open letters less than 10 per day.

    In the past few days, I have also discovered that the test letter cannot be received after sending it.

    I don’t know if there is a limit to the delivery volume per day, or where is it not set successfully?

  2. Bonjour,
    le menu a changé et il n’est plus possible d’utiliser http ou https.
    Amazon propose à la plce Amazon SQS.
    Est-ce un problème de choisir cela?

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