Bounce Handling with Amazon SES

Using Amazon SES, you can track the invalid email and mark them as Bounced. Amazon will track the delivery status of the email and if it failed to reach the recipient’s mail server, it will be marked as Bounced in your audience status so that you can exclude them in the future campaign.

*Tutorial: How to Configure Amazon SES with FluentCRM

Create a topic in Amazon SNS #

1. Go to Amazon SNS console.

2. Choose Create topic.

3. Select the Type Standard enter a name for the Topic, click on Create topic button..

4. From the Topic details of the topic that you created, navigate to Subscriptions, and then choose Create subscription.

5. The topic will be pre-selected, in the Protocol select http or https (based on your server’s SSL status).

In Endpoint, you need to give your FluentCRM’s endpoint, grab the URL from your FluentCRM dashboard -> Settings -> SMTP/Email Service Settings section.

After putting the URL in the Endpoint field, check Enable raw message delivery and click on Create subscription button. You should see a success screen like below:

Configure Amazon SES to send bounce information to FluentCRM #

1. Go to Amazon SES console home, In the navigation pane, choose Verified Identities, and click on Create Identity.

aws verified identities

2. Create two identities, one for Domain and another for Email Address. You have to verify the domain and email address in order to set up the notification.

aws create identity

3. From the verified Identities list select the domain or email that you have just verified, In the navigation pane, choose Notifications, and click on the Edit button from the Feedback notifications section.

aws notification

4. Under SNS Topic Configuration, for Bounces, select the SNS topic that you created. Do the same for Complaints.

aws configure bounce

Now click on the Save changes button. Thats it!

You have to repeat the above two steps of adding the SNS topic for both the verified domain and email address separately.

Viewing Bounced Contacts #

If you want to view bounced contacts, go to FluentCRM Contacts. Then click Filter By Statuses and enable the Bounced checkbox.

view bounced contacts in fluentcrm

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Hello, we sent a letter to all members a few days ago, but in the dashboard, we only saw the number of single-digit open letters less than 10 per day.

In the past few days, I have also discovered that the test letter cannot be received after sending it.

I don’t know if there is a limit to the delivery volume per day, or where is it not set successfully?

Franc Karpo

I am stuck at Configuring Amazon SES to send bounce information to FluentCRM. When I go to Amazon SES console, my navigation pane doesn’t have a Domain option. It only has:

Push notifications
Text messaging (SMS)

I don’t know how to progress.


I am a new user and i am setting up the smtp. However, when I start doing this ‘ Configure Amazon SES to send bounce information to FluentCRM ’
I can’t find my domain in that section. Wish you could give some advice on it. Since I have been stuck in this part for few days………


HI, I have done all the settings properly.
But in the end, I still can’t use Amazon SES….

It says:
Fail to open dir: No such file or directory

Any possible solution from your team? It would be great if I can get your help soon…..

Thanks for your help


If a list subscriber deletes their email address or incorrectly updates their email address. How long should it take for a bounce to be recognized after an email has been sent to that subscriber?
I added a fake email address contact to a list. I wanted to see what happens after I tried to send a campaign which included the contact with the fake email address.
So far nothing. The contact is not flagged as bounced.
What is the process for bounces? When should the bounce ‘Label’ appear on the contacts records in FCRM?
BTW I have correctly configured the Amazon SES bounce handler (with the recent updated instructions) i.e. to add notification the registered Amazon SES email address (in addition to the domain).

What the best practice for setting up the Fluent CRM ?

Should it be done on a subdomain, such as “” or can it be on the main domain “” Pros? Cons?

I am mainly interested in two things:

1. Not having the FROM say: I do not want to see
From: Using PHPMailer 6.4.1 Why does the mail headers say: FROM: John Doe Using PHPMailer 6.4.1 ( Can this part which is saying “Using PHPMailer 6.4.1 ” be removed?

For setting the “FROM” address, I read an article below that confused me:

Choosing a MAIL FROM domain
The subdomain you use for your MAIL FROM domain has to meet the following requirements:

The MAIL FROM domain has to be a subdomain of the verified identity (email address or domain) that you send email from. For example, is a valid MAIL FROM domain for the domain

The MAIL FROM domain shouldn’t be a domain that you send email from. If you have to use the MAIL FROM domain in a From address, either disable email feedback forwarding and receive your bounces through Amazon SNS notifications, or ensure that your MAIL FROM domain is not the destination for feedback forwarding. To determine the destination of email forwarding feedback, see Email feedback forwarding destination.

The MAIL FROM domain shouldn’t be a domain that you use to receive email.

It says:

“The MAIL FROM domain shouldn’t be a domain that you use to receive email.”

If I am receiving email at [email protected]

Is this suggesting I need to setup a 2nd email box at [email protected] ?

Why does it say I need to set this up on a subdomain ?

Processing bounces, I am reading this article and getting really confused. It says that it has to be on a subdomain? Really lost right now…

Thanks for this thorough explanation!

We run Fluent CRM on a multisite using a folder structure (TLD/de/ and TLD/en/). How would the setup differ for such a scenario.
I am stuck now at the point of SNS Topic Configuration, since each multisite provides a different Amazon SES Bounce Handler URL. However, in the AWS SNS Topic Configuration I can only choose one of them.

I have followed it step by step but I have a problem at the end. For some reason marks the subscription as pending confirmation. I have tried to send the confirmation manually but nothing happens. Could there be a problem with the endpoint? In Using FluenCRM Pro and and FluentSMTP.

First of all, Thanks

I have more than one domain verified on SES. Can I use the same topic for more than one domain?

If the domain is verified in SES, do I need to verify any emails as well?

Thank you very much!

Carmine Santangelo

Mark Collard

Hey folks, just a heads-up – the screenshots you show here (and in many other help pages) are out of date. Amazon SES has many new page looks. So, could you update them here, it would make our jobs much easier?

Thanks for these tutorials.

after this setup, if the users email were in the email sequence, after the first hard bounce, will it auto be removed from the email sequnce and not to send them emails in the future?

FluentCMR is detecting “Verified Email Sender” that email no longer exist. That email was deleted a long time ago. Is there anything I can to make fluentCMR detected the new verified email sender I created.