SureCart Automation With FluentCRM

SureCart Plugin makes e-commerce a breeze for businesses. It’s packed with features and has a user-friendly interface, allowing merchants to create stunning online stores, easily manage inventory, and ensure secure checkouts.

FluentCRM automatically integrates with SureCart and lets you automate some marketing automation triggers. Follow this guideline to know how you will run marketing automation for SureCart.

Marketing Automation Triggers for SureCart #

FluentCRM provides two triggers specifically for SureCart:

  • New Order Success

This trigger initiates the automation funnel when a new order is placed on SureCart. It allows you to target specific products, and product categories, or apply them to all products. By using this trigger, you can automate marketing actions based on new order placements.

  • Order Revoked

This trigger activates the automation funnel when an order is revoked. It enables you to respond to order revocations and perform necessary actions accordingly.

For the purpose of this documentation, we will focus on the New Order (Processing) trigger.

Setting up the Automation Funnel #

To configure the automation funnel for SureCart, follow these steps:

Go to Automation from the FluentCRM dashboard Click on the “Create a New Automation” button to proceed with the New Order Success trigger.

automation funnels fluentcrm 1 1

A pop-up box will appear to provide an Automation Funnel Name and select your desired trigger.

automations fluentcrm

Another pop-up will appear from the side here you can change the Automation Name, Internal description and choose the Subscription Status (Subscribed, Pending, or Unsubscribed). Choosing the “Pending” option adds contacts as pending subscribers.

In the Conditions section, specify the products for which this automation will run using the “Target Products” option. Leaving it blank will apply automation to any product purchase.

edit funnel fluentcrm 4

Action Blocks #

Action blocks are tasks triggered by your side. To add action blocks to your automation funnel, follow these steps:

Click on the Plus icon (+) on the Automation Funnel page then select the Add Action / Goal button.

edit funnel fluentcrm 3 1

A pop-up will appear, providing a selection of action blocks to choose from.

Choose the desired action block based on your requirements. FluentCRM offers specific action blocks for SureCart marketing automation.

edit funnel fluentcrm 5

For detailed instructions on using these action blocks, refer to our funnel action blocks documentation.

Goals/Trigger Blocks #

Goals/Trigger blocks allow you to measure specific user actions and automate the funnel based on goal completion. You can incorporate these blocks to track and trigger automation when users complete certain steps.

edit funnel fluentcrm 6

Please check our documentation if you want to use other goals or benchmarks.

Condition Blocks #

Condition Blocks provide conditional logic to automate different activities based on If/Else conditions. FluentCRM enables you to automate various activities based on two specific conditions for SureCart. Utilize conditionals to customize your automation based on specific scenarios.

edit funnel fluentcrm 7

If you want to use other conditionals please check out this documentation.

By following these steps, you can successfully run marketing automation for SureCart using FluentCRM.

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