Smart Links

If you ever used any affiliate link tracking or URL redirect then you are already familiar with this feature. Smart Links allow you to redirect your users or traffic to your target URL and in the process of redirecting FluentCRM will be able to apply Tag & List actions against your subscribers when they click on the FluentCRM Smart Link from an email, direct, on your site or from anywhere!

Configuration #

To get started on a fresh FluentCRM installation you will see the dashboard as in the screenshot below and click on Start Using SmartLinks or on the regular option Add New Smart Link.

Clicking on the Start Using Smart Links button will open a popup.

The available options for Smart Link are described below:

  • Link Title: Your link title so you do not forget it.
  • Target Full URL: Insert a valid URL that this link will direct to. Simply the redirect URL.
  • Apply Tags when clicked: These tags will be applied to the contact whenever this link is clicked.
  • Apply Lists when clicked (optional): These Lists will be applied to a contact whenever this link is clicked.
  • Remove Tags when clicked(optional): With this, you can remove tags on click.
  • Remove Lists when clicked(optional): These lists will be removed whenever this link is clicked.
  • Auto Login: Enable auto login for Smart Links in emails, allowing automatic WordPress user login and redirection to specified URLs upon link click.
  • Note (Optional): Feel free to add a note regarding this URL.

Now click on the Create Smart Link button and it will show a link.

smart links fluentcrm 1

Now use or place that Smart Link anywhere you want and when a user clicks a link in an email, on your site, or anywhere and your user will be applied with the tags and lists actions.

smart links fluent 1

If you create a Smart Link and forget to copy the link you can anytime come back to the Smart Links Dashboard and click on the copy button to copy the FluentCRM-generated Smart Link. You can also Edit the existing Smart Link or Delete it using the Edit and Delete buttons.

settings fluentcrm link copy 1

Expanding the Smartlink clicking the arrow right side of the Title of the Smartlink will show you some statistics. The Subscriber Clicks indicate the click came from the logged-in user and the Public User Click will count all the clicks for non-logged-in user clicks or anonymous clicks.

settings fluentcrm stat 1

Enable this feature for any smart links in emails. When a smart link is clicked, it logs in to the WordPress user and directs them to the target URL. This ensures security and privacy:

  • Higher level users (with publish_post Permission) will not be auto login. 
  • Smart links need to be clicked from the email campaign as each link is signed and unique for each contact.
settings fluentcrm auto login

That’s all about configuring a Smart Link. You can now place this link anywhere to get the benefits of this Smart Feature of the FluentCRM.

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Avatar for Schreiner Károly
Schreiner Károly

Good day! Let me ask you: if I remove a tag from a contact using the smart link feature, does the automation associated with that tag stop?

Or do we have to create a separate automation for that or something else?

Avatar for Camellia

Hi can you track the external link on email? example: I send email smart link that redirect to my paypal or stripe invoice , they will pay and this will trigger the CRM and it will start send some automatically email that i have already added. is possible doing that ?


Avatar for Bob Fox

One of the tutorials online by ___says that this feature only works if the person is logged onto your website.
How can this work if I paste the Smart Link on a Social Media page?