Webhook Integration

Receive data from any third party service with the help of FluentCRM incoming webhook without writing code or running servers. From the global settings select WebHook Settings from the left sidebar and click on Create Webhook.

Creating webhook feed #

FluentCRM Incoming Webhook Settings

A pop up will appear and you will need to provide the required details. Give the Hook a name at first, Choose lists and tags (optional) for the user who will subscribe through the webhook, and finally give a subscription status to the user. Mostly you want to give the Subscribed status.

Additional Data #

In your webhook source send a post request to the generated url. Send the data as key pair formdata or JSON object. You can specify the tags, lists and status in the webhook source and that will overwrite the defined value in the feed

TitleData KeyData Type
Tagstagsarray ex: [1,2,3]
Listslistsarray ex: [5,6,7]
Subscription Statusstatusstring ex: subscribed | pending | unsubscribed

Example POST request in postman #

Here is the example post request via postman


  1. Please can you tell how to connect FluentCRM to Convert Pro (or other form plugins)?
    The idea is to send data received in forms, to a list in FluentCRM. Trought a webhook, zapier…?
    Can you explain step by step?

  2. I made a form with elementor and there is an acceptance field in witch the person marks if he or she wants to subscribe for the funnel. if the person marks i want to put him or her on the funnel. if the person doesn’t mark, he or she will be subscribed only in the newsletter list.
    i don’t know how to set up the condition. can you help?
    ps: I’m from Brazil. Sorry for my mistakes… my English is not so good.

  3. If we want to do a GET request, can we use one of the incoming webhooks and it’s hash or would we have use a different hash or Headers?

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