Useful Code Snippets

Disable Email Open Tracking

add_filter('fluentcrm_disable_email_open_tracking', '__return_true');

Disable Email Link Clicks and short URLs

add_filter('fluent_crm/track_click', '__return_false');

Add Custom Contact Status

(Change “Withdrawed” to the custom contact status you want to display.)

add_filter('fluent_crm/contact_statuses', function($statuses){
      $statuses[] = "Withdrawed";

      return $statuses;
  },10, 1);

Add Custom Contact Type

(Replace “Student” with the new contact type and “This is a Student” with the description)

add_filter('fluent_crm/contact_types', function($types){

     $types['Student'] = __('This is a Student', 'fluent-crm');

     return $types;
 }, 10, 1);

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