Opt-in forms – Advanced Configuration

Aside the pre-made templates, You can also add other input fields in the Opt-in forms and feed them to FluentCRM.

Adding new fields #

From the FluentCRM/Forms tab, click on the Action dropdown of your particular form and select Edit Form.

You will be redirected to a form editor, you can add a new input field by clicking on the plus icon beneath any field.

Add fields to the FluentCRM feed. #

From the FluentCRM/Forms tab, click on the Action dropdown of your particular form and select Edit Integration Settings.

All the other FluentCRM fields including the FluentCRM custom fields will be available for mapping below the basic field mapping. The left sidebar is FluentCRM fields and the right sidebar is user-submitted data from the form. Click the arrow-down sign to see all the mappable field items.

The “Other Fields: will have all other advanced FluentCRM fields including the custom fields. Map accordingly.

Check the checkbox “Enable Double Option for new contacts” so that FluentCRM will send a double opt-in email to the user as soon as the form is submitted. This is a required step for GDPR compliance if you are from the EU. We strongly recommend enabling this even if you are not from the EU to avoid spammers and fake emails. This will keep your email list clean.

Enable Conditional Logics if you want the feed to be triggered once a certain condition is matched.

Now click on Update FluentCRM Feed.


  1. I’m currently using BuddyPress to enroll new members to my site. At the moment only name and email is collected by Fluent CRM when I set up the automation to add new users to a list.
    I’d like to be able to add user role and country so I can further segment contacts as they join the site. I’ve added the additional fields in Buddy Press but it’s not integrating with the additional user profile fields i have created on BuddyPress (like country and current education level)
    I also use LearnDash, when members join they get automatic access to a Trial Course
    What is the best solution to the issue so I can further segment the users in Fluent CRM when they sign up while also triggering access to the LearnDash Course.
    Do I need to move to another plugin that can integrate with fluent forms and learndash?
    Many thanks

  2. I’m using 2 domains, one is for my personal brand and the other one is for my agency. I was considering setting up FluentCRM on my personal site and run it from there. However, I’d love to capture leads from my agency site as well. Is there an embed form that I could use, or maybe use it with the FluentForms plugin? Or is it impossible to use the same lists on multiple domains? Thank you.

  3. Hey there, probably a very noob question
    But how do I create a FORM that allow user to choose the list they want to be part of?

    I basically have 5 lists, which are 5 different topics and my users might want to subscribe to only one or eventually all.
    I can’t find a way to do that…?
    I then switched to have only 1 list but then use tag to separate the topics, but then when user go in “manage my subscription” (Update your preferences) I can’t find where to change the content of this page, and then it only shows the ONE list that I have, but then users can’t change the tag…?

    Any idea how to do that?!
    Hope it is something that is possible.. Also I would like to have only the email in the subscribtion, I don’t need to have the first name and surname.. Is it possible to customize that?

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