Overview of Emails from FluentCRM

FluentCRM is an Email Marketing and Automation Tool that integrates with the WordPress email delivery system which can be extended by additional SMTP plugins like FluentSMTP and processes the automation emails, email campaigns, email sequences, and test emails.

Once you are done with configuring the settings of the FluentCRM, importing contacts into FluentCRM, and segmenting your contact, you are ready to send an Email Campaign, Email Sequence, and Automation Emails. You can run email campaigns to send your marketing messages to the subscribers who opted for your marketing messages. In FluentCRM, an email campaign is a bulk email marketing campaign that is sent to many contacts at once instantly or in a scheduled time defined by you. This is as easy as adding a template, adding the content, designing the template, selecting your audience group, and then sending it off to your subscribers.

Emails Sent from FluentCRM #

There are a few places where Emails can be composed. Below you will find some screenshots of such places. The Email Editing guide is discussed in detail after discussing related settings in the Email Editor section.

Email Templates #

crm email compose template
Composing Emails in Email Template

From Emails ➜ Email Templates you can create a template that can be used later around the FluentCRM. More about templates are discussed in Email Templates.

Email Campaigns #

crm email compose campaign
Composing Emails in Email Campaign

From Emails ➜ All Campaigns, you can create an email campaign. More about templates are discussed in Email Campaigns.

Email Sequences #

crm email compose sequence
Composing Emails in Email Sequence

From Emails ➜ Email Sequences, you can create an email sequence. More about sequences are discussed in Email Sequence.

Automation Custom Email #

crm email compose automation
Composing Emails in Automation as Send Custom Email

From Any Automation, you can add a Send Custom Email action that will let you compose an email to be sent from the automation. More about sending custom emails are discussed in Send Custom Email.

Please read the following next chapters to learn more about emails from FluentCRM.

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