FluentCRM Contacts Status

There are 5 types of Contact Status in FluentCRM. The status will be changed automatically based on the audience’s response, also you can change them manually.

Subscribed: Someone who has opted in from your lead sources and also confirmed the double opt-in email you sent. This can also be set manually on importing new contacts or individually.

Pending: Someone who has interacted with your lead source, but hasn’t opted in to receive your email or note confirmed the subscription yet. This is the default status of an audience coming into FluentCRM. All pending audiences will get a double opt-in email to confirm their subscription unless otherwise defined. This is required by GDPR policy and is very useful to avoid spammers and helps in list hygiene.

Unsubscribed: Someone who opted in to receive your email marketing campaign but currently opted out to not receive your communication emails.

Bounced: An email is marked as bounced if an email has not been received by the recipient’s mail server and reached the recipient. A bounced email means that your mail has not been delivered. This happens in various incidents like the mailbox quota for the recipient is full, temporary DNS error, Mailserver is unreachable, the email existed before but now is deleted or does not exist anymore, the email actually does not exist, etc.

Complained: If a user provides feedback to the email as complaints, spam, phishing, or even to the sender’s network owner these are categorized as Complaint Reports and the most harmful and sensitive for an email marketer or a business. To avoid such situations please use cleaned lists, opt-in confirmations, and other best practices, especially with the contents of the email.

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with double optin (user receives an email and click on the link), his status stays « pending ». any idea
I add that when clicking on the button of the email the user opens home page (I don’t know why as I never chose this)

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Nazir Himel

Hi Em, we usually create public snippet documentation with snippet examples for frequently used questions. We already have a public snippet doc for FluentCRM: https://fluentcrm.com/docs/useful-code-snippets/.

However, I hope you already understand that we get thousands of customer-specific queries. If we add all of them publicly, it would be hard for people to find frequently asked ones. If there’s more such requirements, you’ll surely see them in the doc I’ve shared above. 🙂

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Hi Jake, We only add snippets for the most common queries and now it looks like this is common too. We’ve added the snippets, you can check now! 😀