Troubleshoot: Guidelines on WordPress Error

FluentCRM is a WordPress Plugin. A typical WordPress contains various Plugins to work with different types of features and may sometimes create issues working with different plugins, hosting environments, Caching Mechanisms, etc.

There are many types of errors that can occur in WordPress, such as:

  1. Compatibility errors: These occur when a theme or plugin is not compatible with the version of WordPress or other themes/plugins that are installed.
  2. Database errors: These occur when there is a problem with the database, such as a connection error or table corruption.
  3. Permission errors: These occur when a file or folder on the server does not have the correct permissions set, preventing WordPress from accessing it.
  4. Caching Errors: This is a common error that occurs when something causes the PHP code in WordPress to fail, resulting in a blank white screen instead of the expected output.

For any further assistance with any issues, please reach out to WPManageNinja Support for FluentCRM, Fluent Forms, FluentSMTP, Fluent Support, Ninja Tables, and Paymattic Products.