Bounce Handling with SendGrid

If you use SendGrid email service then use this documentation to set up Bounce handling with FluentCRM.

First copy the Webhook URL at FluentCRM -> Settings -> SMTP/Email Sending Service Settings and Select SendGrid from the dropdown and copy the webhook URL.

Then Login to your SendGrid account then navigate to Settings -> MailSettings and click on Event Webhook

Then use the following data to setup the webhook

  • Authorization Method -> None
  • Http Post Url: Paste the Webhook Url copied from FluentCRM
  • Events to be POSTed to your URL: Select only Dropped and Bounced
  • Event Webhook Status: Enabled

Then at the bottom of that page click “Save”.

If you set up these two webhook correctly, so whenever an email mark as a complaint or Detected as a bounced, Then FluentCRM will change the contact status accordingly.

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